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NHL Playoffs


After the first round with some upsets, I went a bad 3-5.  I am hoping to rebound big time in the next round.


Take the Islanders in 6

Take the Bruins over the Bluejackets in 7

Take the Blues over the Stars in 6

Take the Avalanche over the Sharks in 7

The Race For The Stanley Cup NHL Playoffs 2019

Admittingly I am not the biggest hockey fan.  I do pick hockey games during my plays of the day but I use a system to make those picks and very rarely stray off the system.  I do like to watch the NHL Playoffs.  So here are my picks for each series and the # of games.

Take The Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games

Take the New York slanders in 7 games

Take the St. Louis Blues in 6 games

Take the Nashville Predators in 5 games

Take the Vegas Golden Knights in 7 games

Take the Boston Bruins on 6 games

Take the Washington Capitals in 5 games

Take the Calgary Flames in 5 gamesTORONTO