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Top Ten College Football Rankings 10-8


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 6-0 Last Week (1) Still the best team in the country. LSU game is pivotal as always

  1. Clemson Tigers 5-0 Last Week (2) Plays first game since the almost defeat against UNC

  1. Georgia Bulldogs 5-0 Last Week (3) The Bulldogs are in a great spot and can withstand a regular-season loss.

  1. LSU Tigers 6-0 Last Week (4) LSU Plays big game vs Florida this week

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes 6-0 Last Week (5) I won’t move them up until they beat a big team or someone above them loses.

  1. Florida Gators 6-0 Last Week (9) Big jump for the Gators. But they could be on the outside if they get smoked this week vs LSU

  1. Oklahoma Sooners 5-0 Last Week (7) Big game this week vs Texas

8.  Wisconsin Badgers 5-0 Last Week (8) Ohio State game is on the horizon

  1. Notre Dame 4-1 Last Week (10) Needs to keep blowing out their opponents

  1. Penn State Nittany Lions 5-0 Last Week (UR) Haven’t beaten anyone yet. Big games are coming.


Virginia Cavaliers 4-1 Can win out and possibly play in a New Years bowl game. But lost last night.

Cincinnati Bearcats 4-1 & SMU Mustangs 6-0-With UCF already having a loss this could be the year some other team gets a crack at a big new years bowl game.



After the first month of the season, it is time for my top ten teams plus two bonus teams.


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 5-0. The best team in the country

  1. Clemson Tigers 5-0. If Clemson loses a game this season they should not make the playoffs.

  1. Georgia Bulldogs 4-0. Should have lost to Notre Dame

  1. LSU Tigers 4-0. As always on a collision course with Alabama.

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes 5-0. Doing just fine post Urban Meyer

  1. Auburn Tigers 5-0. The forgotten team in the SEC WEST

  1. Oklahoma Sooners 4-0. Could they have the Heisman winner for the third straight season?

  1. Wisconsin Badgers 4-0. Can they get over the Ohio State hump this year?

  1. Florida Gators 5-0. The fun will end the next two weeks with games vs Auburn and Georgia.

  1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 3-1. Should have beat Georgia. They can run the table and get back into the playoff talk.


These teams can’t make the playoffs but could be in the top 10 soon and play in a New Years Day Bowl Game.

Virginia Cavaliers 4-1. Weak remaining schedule in a weak ACC.

Central Florida Knights 4-1. Need to get into a power conference.

NCAA Rankings

ANother week goes by and more teams drop and the playoff picture gets clearer.  We knew one top 4 team was going to lose this week.  Still more games to play.


Alabama last week # 1.  Just aced their test at LSU by pitching a shutout.  No doubt the Crimson Tide is the best team in the country.


Clemson last week #2.  Classless Dabo hangs 77 points on the board.  No style points will get you into the top spot.


Notre Dame last week #3.  Brian Kelly needs to have a dominate performance from start to finish next week at home against FSU.


Michigan last week #5.  Revenge tour continues and could also see a playoff date against ND.


Georgia last week #6.  Will play Bama in the SEC title game.  Must run the table before the Bama game.


Oklahoma last week #7.  Change defensive coordinators same weak defense.


Central Florida last week #8.  Give them their due.  21 straight wins is not easy even against non power conference teams.


Ohio State last week 9.  Not a great performance.  Still alive in the playoffs.


Washington State last week un ranked.  Imagine the interviews we would have with Mike Leach during the playoffs.


West Virginia last week un ranked.  Needs to win out and get help.


We all expect Alabama to be in the playoffs no matter what right.  Even if they lose a game and still win the SEC championship game.  What if they go udefeated and lose the SEC championship game.  Would they still make it over these 4 teams if they run the table Notre Dame, Clemson, Michigan and Georgia the latter 3 all winning their conference championship games and obviously a Georgia team that just beat Alabama.  That to me is the biggest question I have right now.  Oklahoma should be in the top 6.  What happens if they run the table?  Do they get in no matter what happens to the top 4.  Probably not.  Oklahoma State can disrupt both Oklahoma and charging West Virginia.  I do expect each to lose another game this year.  UCF unfortunately has no shot at making the playoffs.  I will keep saying this until someone tells me it’s not possible.  Why can’t they get into the ACC?  I know there are already 14 teams in this conference.  Or better yet put them in the Big 12 which only has 10 teams.


NCAA Rankings

Anther week goes by and there is some movement on the back end of the top 10.  But the top 4 remain the same.  This coming weekend has some huge matchups that will determine alot of what happens going further.


Last week # 1.  Everyone is playing in their world.  They play LSU this week.  Bama running the table ensures only one team from the SEC makes the playoffs


Last week #3.  I will bump Clemson up from 3 because of their dominance of a not vintage Florida State.  I will judge Clemson and ND by their victories of common opponents should both be undefeated by the end of the season.


Last Week #2.  Hard to drop the Irish.  The score does not indicate how dominate ND was against Navy.  It was 27-0 at half and ND could have scored at will.  Let’s not embarrass a service academy.  But ND needs some convincing wins down the stretch.


Last Week #4.  Keeping LSU at 4 for one more week despite not playing.  They play Alabama in Death Valley this coming week in for them an elimination game.


Last Week #5.  Michigan stay at # 5 this week.  The Wolverines control their own destiny.  Don’t over look Penn State while waiting for the big game against OSU in November.


Last Week #6.  Despite soundly beating a top ten team I am not moving up Georgia.  The Bulldogs also control their own destiny but have to beat upstart Kentucky in Lexington this week before dreaming of playing Alabama in the SEC championship.


Last Week Un Ranked.  WIth Texas losing Oklahoma now is back in the playoff picture.  A one loss Oklahoma team as the Big 12 champion might not get in but they need to handle their own business before entering that discussion.


Last Week #9.  I feel bad for UCF.  They still have no shot at the playoffs.  They need to get some power 5 teams on their schedule.  How Applachian State was ranked going into this week (will drop now that they lost)without a big win just a crushing loss to Penn State and no one else from the American Athletic Conference is ranked is a joke.


Last Week #7.  I am dropping them because something seems off.  And Purdue just lost their 4 game this past week.


Last Week Un Ranked.  Welcome to the top ten WIldcats.  Sorry but after Georgia beats you this coming week you will never be here again.

NCAA Rankings

After last weeks shakeup I have the same teams in the top ten just the order has changed.  Lots of football to be played but one big piece fell.  So here we are.


Last week #1.  Another dominant performance.  No other team should get a 1st place vote.


Last week #2.  Even though they were idle I see no reason to move them down.  Although you could make a case for the # 3 team to move ahead of ND.  Ohio State’s loss directly benefits the Irish more than any other team.


Last week 4. Clemson moves up to the spot vacated by OSU’s loss.  You could make the case for them being #2.


Last Week 5.  Nov 3rd LSU is playing for its potential spot in the playoffs at home vs Bama.


Last week 7.  Big jump for the Wolverines.  Setting up a winner take all game vs OSU in November.


Last week 6.  Georgia had a much needed bye week to re group.  The bulldogs play the Gators in basically an elimination game this coming week.


Last week 3.  Huge loss by the Buckeyes this week.  Could have made a case if they were undefeated and lost the game to Michigan to get into the playoffs.  Now it’s winner take all.


Last week 8.  Favorable schedule down the stretch.  Probably needs a few teams to lose like ND.


Last week 9.  I really feel for them.  Cincinnatti losing yesterday hurts them.  Also this is not a vintage Navy team.  Realistically no shot at the playoffs.


Last week 10.  Elimination game this coming week against Georgia.

NCAA Football Rankings

After another week of upsets with 4 top ten teams losing and 3 of them getting booted out of the top ten here is my rankings with still lots of football to be played.


If Alabama is not your number one team then you are either a homer or a hater.  They should get every first place vote in every poll. While it’s true they have not been tested but those games are coming.  Every game they have played in has been over by half time.


Now you can say this is a homer pick and your right.  But what unbeaten team has as good a win as Michigan?  No one does right now.  Beat soundly an undefeated Stanford team and dominated Virginia Tech in Blacksburg all games Notre Dame was expected to lose.  Now how could they move up while struggling at home to beat Pittsburgh.  Check Pitt’s history.  They have a habit of beating undefeated teams.


You can flip Ohio State and ND if you want.  The Buckeyes are a team that has gone through alot.  Playing without Urban Meyer for 3 games.  Winning in TCU and Penn State sending their seasons into a tailspin.  In fact once the season plays out and if both ND and OSU are undefeated then the Buckeyes will be ranked higher.


Clemson is firmly in the 4th spot.  I won’t mover them up despite their history the last few seasons because they have not beaten anyone yet.  Bama dominated A&M even though it was at home but do you have any doubt they would have done the same thing on the road?  And Clemson benefited from a mistake call from the referee to win that game.

These are the clear cut top 4 no matter the order you put them in.  All are undefeated.  The next 6 gets tricky.

#5.  LSU has a great resume and just dominated Georgia in every phase of the game.  Their lone loss was at Florida who enters the top ten this week.  There is still more work to do here and they can’t lose another game this season and with Alabama still on the schedule and road games at Arkansas and Texas A&M their work is cut out for them.


You could drop Georgia more from 2 if you want.  But yesterday they were blown out.  The bye comes at the right time for them.  The back end of the schedule breaks nicely for them.  A game against Florida will be a great win for them and after that I expect them to run the table all the way to the SEC title game where a win is the only way they get into the playoffs.


I have the Wolverines moving up several spots this week after dismantling Wisconsin.  SInce their opening day loss at ND they have been blowing everyone out except for the game in Northwestern.  Alas there is much work to do starting with a game at Michigan State and also Penn State before they play the Buckeyes in late November.


I only have the Longhorns moving up 1 spot.  I am not sure how good Oklahoma is and they are not in my top 10.  TCU was already broken by the time Texas beat them.  I need to see more from Texas.  I give them credit for maintaining enough poise to win that Oklahoma game 2 weeks ago despite them blowing a large 4th qtr lead.  I just need to see more.


I really feel bad for UCF.  I am moving them up one spot this week despite struggling against an inferior team.  Let’s face it they need to blow everybody out and have to hope that Cincinnatti and South Florida play them with one undefeated and the other having one loss to get any kind of respect.  Still it will not be enough.  Their fan base can cry all they want.  There just isn’t any real competition for them in their conference.  I am sure they have tried to schedule a game vs a power 5 team but no one is biting yet.  The self proclaimed defending champion won’t ever know how good they are until they somehow get into a power 5 conference.  the ACC should come calling.


I have to go with the Gators here.  After losing to Kentucky they have done nothing but win.  I am not sold yet on them and the game at Georgia will be huge for both teams.  It’s an elimination game for both teams.


NCAA National Championship Game

Georgia Alabama

In the all SEC National Championship we have the Georgia Bulldogs against the Crimson Tide of Alabama.  The biggest debate was who was going to get the 4th spot in the playoffs.  Would a 2 loss Big Ten Champion Ohio State get the spot or perhaps an undefeated UCF team playing a light schedule get in.  No we had one loss non conference champion Alabama getting the nod.  While no one can ever question the talent that Alabama possesses it’s the year they had.  The SEC was top heavy this year and he rest of the conference was weak,  Clemson was the one seed but you can argue they didn’t deserve to be the one and Alabama soundly won the trilogy game between the two programs.  Hopefully we won’t have to see this again.  Georgia won a classic double overtime game against Oklahoma.  A game that could have easily gone the other way as the Sooners blew a big lead and played scared at the end of the game.
As for this game I think Bama is the better team and they might be tired if hearing they don’t belong in this game and come out strong.  It will be close but I have Bama winning 34-24.  But a Bama blowout will go a long way to silence alot of people on the subject of Bama not belonging in this game.

Football Picks Thursday Night

In College

I can’t believe I am picking this game.  Well I am not picking a winner I am picking the over of 57.5 in the Temple/Memphis game.

Memphis Temple

In the NFL

I am only picking this game because it’s Thursday night and I might as well pick it.  You would think the Cardinals would right the ship somehow.  But with Carson Palmer out and Drew Stanton in oh boy.  Plus the 49ers are a bad team.  So sticking with my theme above I am going with the under of 43.

49ers 3cardinals2


College Football Blog 1-4



college football playoff trophy

The playoffs started and well the results of the 2 games were surprises.

Ohio State 1

The Ohio State Buckeyes shocked a lot of people with their performance against Alabama.  Down 20-6 Urban’s boys flipped the script and dominated the game the rest of the way to win 42-35.  Meyer with this win seems to have cemented his legacy no matter what Ohio State does in the finals as if his legacy needed to be defined.  The Buckeyes were on the bubble as the 4th playoff team and got in because of their brand and the reputation of Meyer.  None of that matters anymore as they beat Alabama and the suddenly over rated SEC West.  We were focusing on third string quarterback Cardale Jones probably for far too long.  Jones may have been the third string qb but he also may have been a highly sought after recruit who was a 4 or 5 star player in high school who got below 2 other players on the depth chart.

oregon 2

The Oregon Ducks layed the smack down on the dis respectful Florida State Seminoles(more on that later) to the tune of 59-20.  Oregon played faster, crisper and more cleaner in this game with little mistakes.  The Noles who toed the line all year long finally ran into a buzzsaw and could not overcome their mistakes.  The Ducks now will be the favorites against the Buckeyes.  Their offense strikes quick and goes for the knock out punch when they get a chance.  Heisman winner Marcus Mariota showed the world why he won that award and why he will be the first pick in the NFL draft.  But let’s give a lot of credit to the Duck defense.  They were attacking and tenacious and forced the Seminoles to turn the ball over 5 times.

fsu 2

When you win 29 games in a row and especially after this year where the Seminoles avoided defeats almost every week I suppose you get a chip on your shoulder especially when the playoff committee didn’t really respect them.  There was star quarterback’s Jameis Winston’s continued off the field incidents to deal with.  As well as other players issues.  There was Jimbo Fisher’s insane and idiotic description of his team and his qb as classy and good citizens.  This is on top of the many games won where this team pulled losses out of the fire and turned them into wins.  But classless is not a strong enough word to describe the post game performance by this team.  Firstly the majority of the team ran right to the locker room after the game instead of shaking hands with the Oregon players.  Let’s not boo hoo and give this team a break cause they had their 29 game win streak snapped.  I can remember several times after wins FSU players dancing and whooping it up after wins with the other team still on the filed already crushed when the Noles pulled yet another miracle win.  if you are going to act that way after wins you need to take your medicine when you lose.  The lead is from head coach Jimbo Fisher and his band of good Samaritans.  Then there is Winston.  He is a great player with alot of talent.  No doubt about it.  But his post game comments are ridiculous.  To say that game could have gone either way when you lose by 39 points is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life and shows a lot about his character or lack of it.  At least he didn’t run back to the locker room after the game like the rest of his team mates.


Make no mistake about it.  The SEC West showed nothing.  We heard all year long how rough and tough these teams are.  7 teams played bowl games and 5 lost which includes Alabama, Auburn, LSU and both Mississippi teams.  In fact we were one Missouri win in the SEC championship game from not having a SEC team in the playoffs altogether.  Is this the end of the SEC dominance?  No but Urban Meyer will get players as will new Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.  Other schools will start to get looks too.  Once SEC fans were saying 3 teams deserved to be in the playoffs.  Now the SEC is left licking their wound.

tcu 2baylor 2

TCU and Baylor have been linked together because as co winners of the Big 12 both were shut out of the playoffs.  Baylor was ranked 5 and beat TCU and should have been named Big 12 champion.  TCU was ranked 3 and beat Iowa State by 50 points and dropped to 6.  Both have legitimate gripes for not being selected to the playoffs.  TCU handled their business the right way.  Coach Gary Patterson expressed disappointment in not making the playoffs and didn’t bitch and moan and got his team ready for a bowl game vs Ole Miss and blew them off the field.  That is the kind of statement you want your coach and program to make.  Now take Baylor Coach Art Briles who bitched and complained and moaned about not making the playoffs who voted his own team ahead of Alabama.  Briles showed no class and his team could have made a statement by beating Michigan State and instead they choked up a 4th quarter lead and lost.

College Football Blog


Now that the first ever playoffs are set there is still some issues left to discuss.  I will go discuss the 6 teams that made up the top 6.  What we have learned from this first year is that the week to week rankings don’t mean squat.  How does TCU win by 50 points and drops 3 spots to # 6.  I would expect the committee to do things differently next year.  But this is already a success because we get the undefeated defending champs and the 2 teams that all of us except for Art Briles and the Big 12 conference feel are the best in the country.  What we also must remember is that this is not the BCS rankings or the AP or the Coaches Poll and there is no formula being concocted.  If we still had the AP poll relevant then TCU would not have dropped 3 spots after winning buy 50.  Even though they won’t admit it but they may have chosen OSU because of their brand name and of who their head coach is.  If Texas or Oklahoma were in TCU’s or Baylor’s spot are they getting shut out of the tournament?  We all knew the 5th team would complain about not getting in.  Look at the basketball tournament.  68 teams make it and there is always that one or two teams who say we should have made it.

alabama 3# 1 seed Alabama.  You can argue that Oregon could have been # 1 and Bama # 2.  But does it really matter.  We got the best 2 matchups anyway.  Alabama finished really strong with blow out victories in their last 2 games.  It’s not debatable that the SEC West has the overall best collection of teams in any division or conference.  We knew they would beat each other up all year long which they did.  We came one Missouri win from having a playoff without a SEC team in the mix.

oregon 2# 2 seed Oregon Steamrolled their way to the playoffs.  No one can dispute their spot in the tournament.  The Ducks with the 2014 Heisman Trophy Award winner avenged their only loss by destroying nemesis Arizona in the Pac 12 Title game.  Now we get the match up the last 2 Heisman Award winners on Jan 1.  But beware Oregon.  if you have the chance you need to put the Seminoles away if you have the chance.  What we have learned is that FSU knows how to find ways to win.  Plus they have the speed to play defense with the Ducks high powered offense.

fsu 2#3 seed Florida State The way the committee has bounced them around you would wonder if they would have been more on the bubble if they weren’t the defending champs.  Every week is a close call and their opponents leave the field thinking they should have won.  They remind me so much of Notre Dame from 2 years ago.  They went undefeated because of their defense and got killed in the National Championship game against Alabama.  This is different.  FSU are the defending champs.  FSU is a power team in the country.  Whether you like thme or hate them, whether you like Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston or you hate them they deserve to be here.  In a game where we will see the last 2 Heisman winners I expect a shoot out.  That chip on the shoulder of the Seminoles keeps getting bigger each week.

osu 3#4 seed Ohio State Now on their 3rd string quarterback they are in the playoffs basically because of a blowout win over Wisconsin in the Big 10 Title game and also because Urban Meyer is the head coach and they are an established brand.  This is why rankings are so absurd especially early in the season.  The Buckeyes would have been ranked higher initially if Braxton Miller didn’t get hurt in August.  They would not have lost to Virginia Tech either.  But Meyer had to break in a new QB who had not worked with the first team all spring.  Is it debatable who the better QB is?  Absolutely.  Would Miller have this team in the same spot.  We don’t know.  But what we do know is that OSU would have been ranked higher initially and that means we probably are not having so much debate about the top 4.


baylor 2# 5 seed Baylor

tcu 2#6 seed TCU
I will lump these two together because they have the same argument and are from the same conference.   Art Briles made a fool of himself but I get it.  Your fighting for your team and your program.  But here is what you need to do.  Both teams.  1.  Schedule better non conference opponents.  All the other teams play at least one legitimate non conference opponent.  I know the SEC has to stop with these mid November cup cake games.  2.  Tell your conference chairman or whoever to get yourselves a title game and not name co champions.  Let’s face it the Big 12 would have been lucky to get one team in let alone 2 so I am not sure what the benefit is to have co champions when the league rules state Baylor should have been declared the champion.  3. Most importantly on Jan 1 Baylor go out and beat Michigan State and TCU go out and beat Ole Miss.  Prove you belong.  I do feel for TCU more so because I have seen them play big in January 1 bowl games before.  But the problem is they lost to Baylor in a game they gift wrapped to them otherwise they are in the playoffs.