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NFL-One Question For Every Team Heading Into Training Camp




QUICK NOTE-3 of the Fab Four QB’s from the 2018 draft now play in this division. (Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen)

BUFFALO BILLS-Have the Bills added enough around Josh Allen to be competitive?

MIAMI DOLPHINS-Does the Josh Rosen trade take them out of the Tua sweepstakes?

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-At what point do the Pats finally bring in the successor to Tom Brady?

NEW YORK JETS-Will the dysfunction ever end with the Jets?



QUICK NOTE-Outside of the Bengals this has become an interesting division.

BALTIMORE RAVENS-Are the Ravens now sold on Lamar Jackson as their QB of the future?

CINCINNATI BENGALS-Where is this franchise heading?

CLEVELAND BROWNS-How will a first-year coach handle a team full of colorful personalities?

PITTSBURGH STEELERS-Is the circus finally over?



QUICK NOTES-Could this be the deepest division in the NFL.

HOUSTON TEXANS-Will the Texans make the next step?

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS-After a great 2018 draft can they match that this year?

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS-Can Nick Foles get this team back in contention?

TENNESSEE TITANS-Is this it for Marcus Mariota?



QUICK NOTES-What would happen to this division if Tyreek Hill gets released by the Chiefs

DENVER BRONCOS-Is Elway any closer to getting his QB of the future?

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS-Did they replace Tyreek Hill in this draft?

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS-How will this team react after a 12 win season but getting embarrassed by the Patriots in the playoffs?

OAKLAND RAIDERS-With two first round picks next year does this put the Raiders in the Tua sweepstakes?



QUICK NOTES-Who is the best team in this division?

DALLAS COWBOYS-Is Dak the franchise quarterback the Cowboys desperately hoping he is?

NEW YORK GIANTS-What is their plan?

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES-Can Carson Wentz finally stay healthy?

WASHINGTON REDSKINS-Was Duane Haskins really the quarterback they wanted?



QUICK NOTES-Back to being the Black and Blue division.

CHICAGO BEARS-How will they recover from the missed field goal in the playoffs last year?

DETROIT LIONS-Will Matt Patricia be able to build the Patriot model in Detroit?

GREEN BAY PACKERS-Can a new coach and revamped defense get Rodgers another ring?

MINNESOTA VIKINGS-Are they contenders or pretenders?



QUICK NOTESThe division of aging and injury prone quarterbacks.

ATLANTA FALCONS-How much does Matt Ryan have left?

CAROLINA PANTHERS-Can they ever keep Cam Newton healthy?

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-Are they over the missed call in the playoff game last year?

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS-Does another bad season mean Winston is gone?



QUICK NOTES-Are the Rams really so much better than the rest of this division?

ARIZONA CARDINALS-Will they regret taking another QB in the top part of the draft?

LOS ANGELES RAMS-What’s next for Todd Gurley?

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS-Is it go time now for the 49ers?

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-Are they still good at drafting middle round players?

NBA Conference Semi Finals Predictions

Time for my picks for the next round.  I know one matchup is not set yet but I will put my predictions for both possibilities anyway.

Sixers in 6

Bucks in 6

Warriors in 7

If it’s Blazers and Nuggets then Nuggets in 7

If it’s Blazers and Spurs then Spurs in 7


NHL Playoffs


After the first round with some upsets, I went a bad 3-5.  I am hoping to rebound big time in the next round.


Take the Islanders in 6

Take the Bruins over the Bluejackets in 7

Take the Blues over the Stars in 6

Take the Avalanche over the Sharks in 7


Here are my picks for the first round of the NBA Playoffs 2019.  The West is really stacked as the # 8 seed was 14 games over .500 and the #8 seed in the East is just .500 . In fact the 8th seed in the West woudl be the 5th seed in the East.  Additionally, 9 games separate the # 1 team from the #8 team in the Western Conference.


Philadelphia 76ers over the Nets in 7 games

Toronto Raptors over the Orlando Magic in 6 games

Golden State Warriors over the Los Angeles Clippers in 4 games

Denver Nuggets over the San Antonio Spurs in 6 games

Indiana Pacers over the Boston Celtics in 6 games

Oklahoma City Thunder over the Portland Trail Blazers in 7 games

Milwaukee Bucks over the Detroit Pistons in 5 games’

Houston Rockets over the Utah Jazz in 7 games

The Race For The Stanley Cup NHL Playoffs 2019

Admittingly I am not the biggest hockey fan.  I do pick hockey games during my plays of the day but I use a system to make those picks and very rarely stray off the system.  I do like to watch the NHL Playoffs.  So here are my picks for each series and the # of games.

Take The Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games

Take the New York slanders in 7 games

Take the St. Louis Blues in 6 games

Take the Nashville Predators in 5 games

Take the Vegas Golden Knights in 7 games

Take the Boston Bruins on 6 games

Take the Washington Capitals in 5 games

Take the Calgary Flames in 5 gamesTORONTO

New York Mets Becoming Big-Market

The New York Mets signed ace pitcher Jacob deGrom to a huge contract extension in the amount of five years for $137.5 million. The Mets kept someone who is arguably their best player and the face of the franchise. In an off season where the Mets did nothing like they normally do, this was the tip of the iceberg. Extending deGrom was the biggest move by far, but look at what this franchise has done leading into the season. Are the Mets becoming a big-market team?