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1 New Orleans Saints 7-1 Last Week (2) Destined to be in the Super Bowl

2 San Francisco 49ers 8-0 Last Week (3) Can really put a stranglehold in the division with a win over the Seahawks

3 New England Patriots 8-1 Last Week (1) Still on track to have the best record in the AFC

4 Baltimore Ravens 6-2 Last Week (6) Eye opening win vs the Patriots

5 Seattle Seahawks 7-2 Last Week (7) Must win in SF if they want to win the division

6 Green Bay Packers 7-2 Last Week (4)-Rodgers said it. Humble Pie.

7 Houston Texans 6-3 Last Week (9) Ready to take off in the division.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 6-3 Last Week (10) Mahomes is back but is a first-round bye gone.

9 Buffalo Bills 6-2 Last Week (UR) Just keep beating the teams your supposed to.

10 Philadelphia Eagles 5-4 Last Week (UR) My pick to win the NFC EAST





1 New England Patriots 8-0 Last Week (1) Best team in the NFL until further notice

2 New Orleans Saints 7-1 Last Week (2) Will Brees get his second ring this year?

3 San Francisco 49ers 7-0 Last Week (3) That defense is nasty.

4 Green Bay Packers 7-1 Last Week (4) Very favorable second-half schedule

5 Indianapolis Colts 5-1 Last Week (5) Played very well despite Luck’s surprise retirement.

6 Baltimore Ravens 5-2 Last Week (6) Brutal second half starts with the Patriots Sunday night.

7 Seattle Seahawks 6-2 Last Week (9) Still my pick to win the best division in the league.

8 Minnesota Vikings 6-2 Last Week (UR) I still question Kirk Cousins in a big game.

9 Houston Texans 5-3 Last Week (UR) Losing Watt hurts big time.

10 Kansas City Chiefs 5-3 Last Week (7) Let Mahomes get healthy first.



Oakland Raiders 3-4 Extremely winable second-half schedule.

Detroit Lions 3-3-1 Should have a better record.

Philadelphia Eagles 4-4 Still my pick to win the weak NFC East Division.



1 New England Patriots 7-0 Last Week (1) Best team in the NFL until further notice.

2 New Orleans Saints 6-1 Last Week (2) Bridgewater is 5-0 as a starter

3 San Francisco 49ers 6-0 Last Week (3) This team is for real.

4 Green Bay Packers 6-1 Last Week (4) Packers have a defense now. Rodgers starting to roll.

5 Indianapolis Colts 4-2 Last Week (8) I am surprised at how good this team has played.

6 Baltimore Ravens 5-2 Last Week (6) Lamar Jackson is for real.

7 Buffalo Bills 5-1 Last Week (7) This team is going to the playoffs

8 Kansas City Chiefs 5-2 Last Week (9) Need to make sure Mahomes is healthy.

9 Seattle Seahawks 5-2 Last Week (5) Rough home loss against the Ravens.

10 Carolina Panthers 4-2 Last Week (10) It will be interesting to see what happens when Newton comes back.


Oakland Raiders 3-3 Raiders are a feisty team. Outside chance of making the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings 6-2 I think this team is playoff-bound.




  1. New England Patriots 6-0 Last Week (1) With Mahomes injury Patriots roller skate to the best overall record.

  1. New Orleans Saints 5-1 Last Week (2) The Saints keep rolling with a backup quarterback.

3.  San Francisco 49ers 5-0 Last Week (4) This team gets better every week.

4.  Green Bay Packers 5-1 Last Week (3) Pack has a defense to go with Rodgers.

5.  Seattle Seahawks 5-1 Last Week (6) Russell Wilson is having an MVP season.

6.  Houston Texans 4-2 Last Week (8) WIth a win against the Colts, The Texans can run away with the division.

7.  Buffalo Bills 4-1 Last Week (7) The Bills are a real solid team. But not great.

8.  Indianapolis Colts 4-2 Last Week (9) Playing better than I expected them to.

9.  Kansas City Chiefs 5-2 Last Week (5) Holding their breath that Mahomes injury is not long term.

  1. Carolina Panthers 4-2 Last Week (10) Quarterback controversy is imminent.

Baltimore Ravens 4-2. Will open a lot of eyes with a win in Seattle this week.

Minnesota Vikings 4-2. Trap game in Detroit this week.




After 4 weeks it’s time for my top ten NFL teams plus two bonus teams.

  1. New England Patriots 4-0. The best team until someone knocks off the two-time defending champs.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 4-0. Chiefs with three wins on the road already

  1. New Orleans Saints 3-1. When you lose Drew Brees and beat two playoff teams you know your team is good.

  1. Green Bay Packers 3-1. Aaron Rodgers finally has a defense.

  1. Chicago Bears 3-1. Their defense will carry them through the loss of the quarterback.

  1. Seattle Seahawks 3-1. A very gritty team led by Russ Wilson.

  1. Los Angeles Rams 3-1. Jared Goff is regressing.

  1. San Francisco 49ers 3-0. How good is this team?

  1. Dallas Cowboys 3-1. Finally played a real team and lost.

  1. Buffalo Bills 3-1. How long is Josh Allen going to be out for?


Los Angeles Chargers 2-2. Time is running out on Philip Rivers


Houston Texans 2-2. Bad start for an explosive team.


2019 NFL Predictions

I am a day late but trust me whatever has already happened thus far won’t change my 2019 NFL Predictions.


  1. New England Patriots-Adding Antonio Brown makes this offense potentially unstoppable.
  2. Buffalo Bills-Not as bad a team as you think.
  3. New York Jets-I will be waiting for Le’veon Bell to become a distraction.
  4. Miami Dolphins-I have never seen a team have a fire sale like this one is having.



  1. Pittsburgh Steelers-Should be better this year with no drama.
  2. Baltimore Ravens-WIll sneak into second place when the Browns under achieve.
  3. Cleveland Browns-Too much talk by a team and a quarterback who have not accomplished anything.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals-Rebuild is long overdue.


  1. Houston Texans-The most talented team in this division.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars-In second place by default.
  3. Indianapolis Colts-No Luck means the Colts are out of luck.
  4. Tennessee Titans-Make or break season for Marriota.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs-Unfinished business.
  2. San Diego Chargers-Time is running out on Philip Rivers playing in the Super Bowl.
  3. Denver Broncos-Has John Elway found his QB of the future?
  4. Oakland Raiders-Must have a better team when they finally get to Vegas.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles-Only if Carson Wentz stays healthy.
  2. Dallas Cowboys-Posied to make a mistake and overpay Dak.
  3. New York Giants-It’s when and not if Daniel Jones gets the keys to the car.
  4. Washington Redskins-Better hope Haskins is the real deal.


  1. Green Bay Packers-They might have finally given Aaron Rodgers a defense.
  2. Chicago Bears-If only they had a placekicker last year
  3. Minnesota Vikings-Looking for redemption from a bad 2018 season
  4. Detroit Lions-Can Matt Patricia get this franchise back on course?


  1. New Orleans Saints-It’s Super Bowl or bust after last season’s debacle.
  2. Atlanta Falcons-Only because I don’t believe in the other teams in the division.
  3. Carolina Panthers-Can’t take this team seriously until Cam Newton plays a whole season.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Should be the last year for Winston.


  1. Los Angeles Rams-How do they react after the way they played in the Super Bowl last season.
  2. Seattle Seahawks-Getting Clowney should give them a jolt.
  3. San Francisco 49ers-Need to stay healthy especially Jimmy G.
  4. Arizona Cardinals-Just get Kyler Murray all the reps at quarterback.



Steelers over Ravens as this rivalry rekindles

Texans over the Chargers


Brady, Belichick, and Brown too much for Texans

Steelers upset the Chiefs in arrowhead


Steelers won two wars but can’t win the last one vs the Pats. Pats go to their fifth Super Bowl in six years.



Rams win a tough one.

Philly won in Chicago last year. This year the Bears return the favor.


Saints are on a mission

Rodgers and Packers too much for the Rams


Two all-time great quarterbacks duel it out with Brees getting the nod.


One more ring for Brady and Belichick.



NFL Over Unders 2019

















NFL-One Question For Every Team Heading Into Training Camp




QUICK NOTE-3 of the Fab Four QB’s from the 2018 draft now play in this division. (Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen)

BUFFALO BILLS-Have the Bills added enough around Josh Allen to be competitive?

MIAMI DOLPHINS-Does the Josh Rosen trade take them out of the Tua sweepstakes?

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-At what point do the Pats finally bring in the successor to Tom Brady?

NEW YORK JETS-Will the dysfunction ever end with the Jets?



QUICK NOTE-Outside of the Bengals this has become an interesting division.

BALTIMORE RAVENS-Are the Ravens now sold on Lamar Jackson as their QB of the future?

CINCINNATI BENGALS-Where is this franchise heading?

CLEVELAND BROWNS-How will a first-year coach handle a team full of colorful personalities?

PITTSBURGH STEELERS-Is the circus finally over?



QUICK NOTES-Could this be the deepest division in the NFL.

HOUSTON TEXANS-Will the Texans make the next step?

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS-After a great 2018 draft can they match that this year?

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS-Can Nick Foles get this team back in contention?

TENNESSEE TITANS-Is this it for Marcus Mariota?



QUICK NOTES-What would happen to this division if Tyreek Hill gets released by the Chiefs

DENVER BRONCOS-Is Elway any closer to getting his QB of the future?

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS-Did they replace Tyreek Hill in this draft?

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS-How will this team react after a 12 win season but getting embarrassed by the Patriots in the playoffs?

OAKLAND RAIDERS-With two first round picks next year does this put the Raiders in the Tua sweepstakes?



QUICK NOTES-Who is the best team in this division?

DALLAS COWBOYS-Is Dak the franchise quarterback the Cowboys desperately hoping he is?

NEW YORK GIANTS-What is their plan?

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES-Can Carson Wentz finally stay healthy?

WASHINGTON REDSKINS-Was Duane Haskins really the quarterback they wanted?



QUICK NOTES-Back to being the Black and Blue division.

CHICAGO BEARS-How will they recover from the missed field goal in the playoffs last year?

DETROIT LIONS-Will Matt Patricia be able to build the Patriot model in Detroit?

GREEN BAY PACKERS-Can a new coach and revamped defense get Rodgers another ring?

MINNESOTA VIKINGS-Are they contenders or pretenders?



QUICK NOTESThe division of aging and injury prone quarterbacks.

ATLANTA FALCONS-How much does Matt Ryan have left?

CAROLINA PANTHERS-Can they ever keep Cam Newton healthy?

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-Are they over the missed call in the playoff game last year?

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS-Does another bad season mean Winston is gone?



QUICK NOTES-Are the Rams really so much better than the rest of this division?

ARIZONA CARDINALS-Will they regret taking another QB in the top part of the draft?

LOS ANGELES RAMS-What’s next for Todd Gurley?

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS-Is it go time now for the 49ers?

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-Are they still good at drafting middle round players?

A Tale Of Two Cities

A Tale Of Two Cities:  Odell Beckham & Le’Veon Bell Fall Out

So now that it’s almost 24 hours since the Odell Beckham trade and the Jets signing of Le’Veon Bell I want to offer a fresh take on things.

Let’s start with the New York Jets.  This was to be their offseason.  The offseason where they had a boat load of money to spend on free agents.  The amount was somewhere in the 100 million range.  The Jets also own the # 3 overall pick in the draft.  Oh and they have a brand new coaching staff.  But it is now time to build around their young quarterback Sam Darnold.

You never know what twists and turns can happen once the offseason “legal tampering” period begins.  You never know who is talking to what teams before the “legal tampering” period actually begins.  It had to be fresh in the Jets’ minds that Kirk Cousins had spurned their offer and most likely used it to get a better offer from the Vikings when Anthony Barr did the same thing this year.  So when it came down to the Le’Veon Bell offer the Jets put a hard deadline on him to accept the deal or it will be pulled.  I give the Jets credit for that.  It was the necessary move to make sure they got their man and were not used again.

But the Jets played a very dangerous game.  In an off season and at a time where the Jets are thinking of making a big jump to the next level this was a move that absolutely needed to be made.  With the Patriots winning another Super Bowl and looking at all of the draft picks they have this year Bill Bellichik will do what he always does and just re tool.  So the demise of the Patriots is still not upon us.

Not only are the Jets looking to over throw the Patriots but I am sure they had a close eye on other AFC teams.  The Chiefs are an offensive juggernaut and have Patrick Mahomes who is the best young quarterback in the game.  They also have a top 5 Wide Receiver in Tyreek Hill and maybe the best Tight End in all of football in Travis Kelce.  You have a team like the Los Angeles Chargers who won 12 games last year and are a very good team.  You have the Baltimore Ravens with their hybrid quarterback Lamar Jackson now building around him.

Now you have the team, the Cleveland Browns and the quarterback, Baker Mayfield who will be forever linked with the Jets and Darnold making major moves.  In fact, the Browns are now one full step above the Jets in terms of on the field talent.  The Browns will have their own issues to deal with but talent wise there isn’t another team that has the offensive firepower they do.  The Jets in my opinion were backed into a corner.

It really was a perfect match with Bell.  The Jets had to absolutely sign him.  Nothing was done to take the load off Darnold.  Jameson Crowder does not do it for me.  If Bell’s head is right, he is a great player and should be as fresh as he ever has after taking a year off.  My only concern is that Bell just went to the team that offered him the most money.  Also he would have made more money last year if he re-signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I wonder how motivated he is.  Immediately the talk became of who is the best running back in New York.  The Giants have Saquan Barkley and the Jets have Bell.  As Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno correctly pointed out Bell has to do it in NY like Barkley did.

As for the Giants they are a different story.  A day after the trade that shocked the world the Giants have some serious work and some serious decisions to make.  Beckham was traded for a first and third round pick and Jabril Peppers.  So one year after not drafting a quarterback instead taking Barkley who turned out to be the stud player they hoped he would be this team is at a serious crossroads.

Now this trade is the hottest topic in NY sports in a long time.  Some hate it and some like it.  Beckham is a tremendous talent.  No question about it.  His off the field antics are a bit too much and apparently the Giants just had enough.  Do I really need to list them out?

Let’s start with taking all of the receivers to Miami the same week where most of them would be playing the biggest game of their lives.  Eli was on point in the first half and Beckham had 2 key drops with one being a touchdown.  So in the biggest game he ever played in Beckham was a failure. There was the interview on ESPN with Little Wayne by his side.  What.  This was after he got his money and he still said he was not happy in NY.  How many times did he act up on the sidelines?

It comes to that age old saying.  We were losing with him and we can lose without him.  To tell you the kind of guy Beckham is he has already rumored to be looking for a new contract one year after signing his extension.  I say good riddance.

Are the Giants a better team after this trade?  Of course not.  You would be a fool if you think that.  They have not replaced the production Beckham gives them yet.  I say yet because we need to see the finished product.  That finished product will come out of the draft and not by signing free agents.  Next offseason the Giants will have 100 million in cap space to play with.

Giants fans are asking where is the direction of this team heading?  It looks like they are now regularly late to the dance with all of their moves. Is Eli Manning still going to be the quarterback this year?  And if not why wasn’t he already released so he could sign somewhere else and more importantly the Giants could sign players for the upcoming season.  It is clear the Giants are in full blown rebuild mode.

I have to stress again before you pass judgement on this trade and the plan GM Dave Gettleman has please wait for the finished product.  There are moves to be made.  The Giants own 12 draft picks this year with 4 coming in the top 100 picks and 2 in the top 17 picks.  There could be trades being discussed right now and if it were me there is one team I am on the phone with right now.

I would be calling the Arizona Cardinals and asking about the availability of Josh Rosen.  I would even offer my 3rd round pick.  What we don’t know is how this GM viewed Rosen before last year’s draft.  Clearly Barkley was his man and he was not wrong.  But it is possible they also liked Rosen.  We don’t know.  I would not in any way shape or form trade any of my first round picks for Rosen.  I don’t even want to trade my second rounder for him.  If the Giants need to ante up another pick that is not in the first 2 rounds I seriously do consider making this trade.

Next I have 3 picks in the top 37 of this draft.  Hopefully I have Rosen already secured so I can draft a defensive edge rusher with the 6th pick.  With the 17th pick I can just look for the best player available and the Giants do have some holes to fill specifically at defensive back and now wide receiver.  That is 3 top players your adding to your team along with Rosen.

There are a few good veteran wide receivers on the market to sign.  Clearly no one can replace the production that Beckham had.  But you can get a couple of players to be leaders and to teach the younger receivers how to really play the game and also still be productive enough to be effective.  I like Golden Tate and Michael Crabtree.  I do look for the Giants to draft a receiver or two this year.

Next up I check over my roster for any player who might not fit the direction this team wants to go and ship them out for draft picks.

It’s all out there for Gettleman to make it happen.  He is now fully entrenched on the hot seat and he must draft wisely and fill all the holes.

NFL One Liners Week 10

Bills–The Resurrection of Matt Barkley

Dolphins–Sacked by the Pack

Jets–Any other organization fires their coach off that performance.  Only a miracle saves Bowles

Patriots–Cheap organization slapped back into reality by the Titans

Bengals–Fired their defensive coach after the Saints rolled them

Browns–Baker shows the most fire of all the rookie QB’s

Ravens–Must win time to save the season

Steelers–Statement win against the Panthers and not the Bell mess is officially over.

Colts–This team could be really good in a couple of years.

Jaguars–Officially on life support

Texans–Will cement themselves as a serious contender with a win in Washington on Sunday

Titans–Suddenly this team has opened some people’s eyes.

Broncos–Defense is good enough to win games

Chargers–Keeps on staying under the radar

Chiefs–Potential Super Bowl matchup Monday night against the Rams

Raiders–Officially the worst team in the NFL

Cowboys–Shocking win in Philly.  Is Garrett on the hot seat?

Eagles–Must win game at Saints this week

Giants–G Men probably have 2 more wins in them this season

Redskins–The worst first place team in the NFL

Bears–Battle for first place in Minny on Sunday night

Lions–Looking to be a spoiler

Packers–Tough Thursday night game in Seattle

Vikings–Big game against the Bears with banged up receivers

Buccaneers-The battle for a better draft pick bowl in NY against the Giants this week

Falcons–Just when you think they turn the corner they get killed in Cleveland

Panthers–Will that beating in Pittsburgh last Thursday hurt their psyche

Saints–Rolling towards the Super Bowl.

49ers–They play hard every game.  But low on talent

Cardinals–Actually played the Chiefs well defensively

Rams–Where is the defense?

Seahawks–They are in every game