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Famous and unknown mascots from around the world.

Mascot Of The Day 12-1


Marvin The Miner from the Colorado School Of Mines.

Colorado School of Mines (also referred to as “Mines” and “CSM”) is a small public teaching and research university in Golden, Colorado, devoted to engineering and applied science, with special expertise in the development and stewardship of the Earth’s natural resources.

The Colorado School of Mines brands itself athletically as “Colorado School of Mines”, and its intercollegiate sports teams are known as the Orediggers. The Orediggers compete as members of NCAA Division II and the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference for all 18 varsity sports. The Oredigger athletic teams include baseball, football, wrestling, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s and women’s soccer, softball, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, men’s and women’s indoor/outdoor track and field, and women’s volleyball

marvin the miner marvin the miner2 marvin the miner3

Mascot Of The Day 11-29


Today’s mascot of the day is Paydirt Pete.

Probably the first so-called mascot was a student dressed as a prospector leading a burro named Clyde. Some years after Clyde began making appearances at football games, then-president Dr. Joseph Ray became disenchanted with the animal’s appearance. In a letter to the dean of students, Dr. Ray demanded that something be done about that “sorry-looking, pot-bellied creature, not fit to represent the Miners.” Clyde was surveyed out in 1966 and replaced by Henry, another burro.

The name Paydirt Pete originated from a 1974 contest to give a name to the mascot. The name Paydirt Pete was selected from over 500 entries. The first animated Paydirt Pete was given a face in 1974. It was recreated in 1980. This was a lovable little ol’ Miner which probably led to his being dubbed “Sweet Pito.” At any rate, ol’ Sweet Pito was not a very popular mascot and, like Clyde, he made a quick exit in order for the present Paydirt Pete to arrive on the scene.

This Paydirt Pete’s meaner looking, has a major-league swagger and has become something of a goodwill ambassador for the school, as well as appearing at UTEP sporting events. This Pete stuck until the late 1990s and was built and designed by El Pasoan Richard Glass. Sometime after Pete made his appearance, he decided to kick the smoking habit and the cigar, which jutted to one side of his mouth, was removed. The next rendition of Paydirt Pete was introduced in the fall of 1999, along with a brand-new UTEP athletic department logo, when again complaints surfaced similar to those against “Sweet Pete”. In the spring of 2005, the current rendition of Paydirt Pete was unveiled at a home basketball game.

pay dirt pete 3 pay dirt pete 2 pay dirt pete 1

Mascot Of The Day 11-27


Today’s mascot comes to us from the University of Montana.  He is modeled after a grizzly bear, in reference to the nickname of the university’s athletic teams, the Grizzlies.  He is Monte the Bear.  Montana used to use live bear cubs as their mascots.  However, live bears cubs were visibly uncomfortable during games, especially as the crowd grew loud. They would often be held in chains.  Outside the sports arenas, the bears were occasionally subject to kidnappings, publicity hoaxes, and animal rights protests. One ran away successfully.  Following a particularly poor football season in 1956, a rumor started that the school was euthanizing the bears


monte 3 monte 2

Mascot of The Day 11-22


Today’s mascot of the day comes to us from The University Of California Davis Aggies.  Gunrock the Mustang is the official mascot. He is named after Gun Rock, who was born in 1914 and was the offspring of English Triple Crown winner Rock Sand and race mare Gunfire.   In 1924, he was adopted as the official mascot of the men’s basketball team and accompanied the team to games and rallies. Later, a traditional mascot was created and named Gunrock by the students. That mascot persisted into the 1970s, when he was replaced by Ollie the Mustang. Ollie did not last long, as a period of confusion about the school’s mascot and nickname set in, lasting into the first decade of the 21st century. In 2003, after the school’s official mascot was officially identified as the mustang, the name Gunrock returned.


Gun Rock 1 Gun Rock 2 Gun Rock 3

Mascot of The Day 11-20

Mascot Of The Day 11-20

Today’s mascot comes to us from Grand Valley State University.  In 1965 the universities first 3 teams were getting ready for their debut in intercollege athletics.  The university asked the general public for help in creating a name and mascot.  Six names were put up to vote but the winner was a write in vote–Lakers.  That name was given by a student.

I am Louie The Laker

louie the laker 4 Louis The Laker louie the laker 3 louie the laker 2

Mascot Of The Day 11-17

Mascot Of The Day 11-17

Today’s mascot is Josef the Mountaineer.  Josef is a proud member of the Appalachian State Mountaineers.  The name comes from mountain talk “yourself” the idea being that if you are a fan or friend and have a heart of black and gold, you are Yosef.  Yosef was born in 1942 as Yoseff.  By 1947 one f was dropped.  His musket fires after every Appalachian State scores a touchdown.

yosef 2 yosef the mountaineeryosef 3


Mascot Of The Day 11-14

Mascot Of The Day 11-14

Today’s Mascot Of The day comes to us from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Tim The Beaver gets his name by spelling MIT backwards.  The mascot is a beaver because they are natures engineers and the team nickname is the Engineers.  This decision was made on January 17th 1914.


Tom The Beaver2 Tom The Beaver

Mascot Of The Day 11-7

Mascot Of The Day 11-7

Today’s Mascot of the day comes to us from The College Of William & Mary.  Originally the school’s nick name was the Indians and the logo was green and gold feathers.  However in May 2006 the NCAA deemed the name and logo offensive to Native Americans.  The school changed their nickname to the Tribe and changed the logo to a green and gold frog.  In 2009 a committee was appointed to find the logo that “unifying, fun figure on campus” as well as making sure that the new mascot “looked good on T-Shirts and in costume.



Mascot Of The Day 11-4

Mascot Of The Day 11-4

Today’s mascot of the day is Corky The Hornet.


Corky as he is known is the mascot for Emporia State University located in Kansas.  The school was originally named The Kansas State Teachers College and the team nickname was the Yaps.  Many people didn’t like that name so legendary coach Vic Trisler changed the name to the Yellow Jackets but because of the lack of newspaper space it was then changed to the Hornets.  In 1993 Corky was designed by a student, Paul Edwards in a contest.  Edwards would eventually work for Disney as an animation artist.

Emporia State is in the MAIA Conference