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Cool logos from the past.

Logo Of The Day 11-27

Logo Of The Day 11-27

Today’s logo of the day comes to us from the ABA league.  We started in Houston as the Mavericks in 1967.  After 2 unsuccessful seasons we moved to North Carolina to become the Carolina Cougars.  After the 1973-1974 season we moved again to St. Louis to become the Spirits of St. Louis.  We were the one of two teams from the old ABA to not join the NBA when the league folded in 1976.


Houston Mavs 2 Houston Mavs 1


carolina cougars 3 carolina cougars 2 carolina cougars 1


Spirits Of St Louis

Logo Of The Day 11-22


The Baltimore Bombers were a proposed National Football League expansion team located in Baltimore, Maryland. When the NFL was awarding expansion teams to two cities in 1993, Baltimore was among the cities vying for a team. In their proposal, the potential owners of the team had settled on the “Baltimore Bombers” as the team’s nickname in honor of the B-26 Maruader, a World War II bomber designed by the Glenn L Martin Company, and produced in Baltimore. Leonard “Boogie” Weinglass, founder of the retailer Merry Go Round, was one of the potential owners of the Baltimore expansion team.

Baltimore Bombers

Logo Of The Day 11-20

Logo Of The Day 11-20

I was a member of the ABA who played in 2 other cities and had several nicknames.  But when I moved to this city we never played a game.  We started in the 1967-1968 season and our last official season was 1974-1975.  We were sold after this season and played 3 exhibition games before we had to fold due to poor attendance.  The league took over this franchise following the 1974-1975 because the prior owners failed to sell 4,000 season tickets.  I was bought by a group of businessmen for 1 million dollars are were moved to our new city.  The commissioner Dave DeBusschere suddenly awarded the franchise to a group in Memphis but the next day that deal fell through.  Our original name was changed due to public outcry.  Due to mounting financial problems and the lack of attendance we were forced to disband.  Players and personnel weren’t getting paid not even their per diem meal money.  Below I will show all the logos this team has from the beginning.



New Orleans Buccaneers–Memphis Pros–Memphis Tams–Memphis Sounds–Baltimore Hustlers–Baltimore Claws

New Orleans Bucs 1 New Orleans Bucs 2

Memphis Pros Memphis Pros 2

Memphis Tams

Memphis Sounds

Baltimore hustlers

Baltimore Claws 3 Baltimore Claws Baltimore Claws 2

Logo Of The Day 11-17

Logo Of The Day 11-17.

My logos come from a now defunct basketball league.  I was known by 3 different names during my time and also split home games between two different cities in my home state.  My first year was 1967 and my last year was 1972.  We had the best record in the league our first year which was also the first year of the league.  But due to bad attendance I was sold and moved to my second home.  Before we moved we sold the rookie of the year to another franchise to pay off debts.

In our first year with our second home we played games among a few different arenas in our city with one of them being an old hangar,  it had no air conditioning so the doors were opened letting in the ocean breeze.  The players had to adjust their shots to account for the currents from the ocean.

After the 1969-70 season the city was dropped from our team name and we were only known by our nickname.  We played our home games in two different cities on 2 different sides of the state.

Our attendance kept slipping and ownership






The Minnesota Muskies-Miami Floridians-Floridians

Floridians 1 floridians 2 floridians 3 Muskies 1

Logo Of The Day 11-14

Logo Of The Day 11-14

My team was moved twice since I was known as this team.  Now on our third city we have been a very successful NHL franchise winning multiple Stanley cups and sporting perhaps the finest player of all time at his position.  Our first year in the NHL was 1974-1975 season.  We stayed in this city for 2 seasons before moving to our next one for 6 years then onto where we reside now.  Originally we started in the Midwest then moved more west finally ending up on the North East Coast.  We were part of the 1972 expansion with another city Washington.  Expanding at this time is now seen as a mistake because of the lack of the number of quality players players available.  Our current franchise does not acknowledge any of the players who played in the 2 cities prior to their current one.  However there is a picture of both arena’s on a mural of our home rink.






I am the Kansas City Scouts now known as the New jersey Devils

KC Scouts 1 KC Scouts 2 KC Scouts 3 KC Scouts 4

Logo Of The Day

Today’s Logo Of The Day comes to us from a now defunct league.  A lot of this leagues players wound up in the other real league for this sport which is Football.  Our only recognizable player was Rick Neuheisel.  I was awarded a franchise in 1984 after the two cities the league really wanted fell through.  My owner Clinton Manges was in the oil business and never paid a fee to join the league instead paying for expenses right out of his own pocket.  When his oil fortune collapsed so did the checks he was paying to his players.  Years later Neuheisel said players would race each other to the bank knowing checks would bounce.  Players often stayed with fans who felt badly that the players were not getting paid.  In fact when Manges died in 2010 several players and staff still hadn’t been paid.

We were only in the league for 2 years.

San Antonio Gunslingers

san antonio gunslingers

Logo Of The Day 11-6

Logo Of The Day 11-6

I was a member of a now defunct league.  I wasn’t one of the teams that made the cut for the merger.  Even though we were the most successful franchise in the league.  My state is more known for their college basketball teams.  Artis Gilmore is our most famous player.  One of our owners also owned Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The team folded in 1976 after not getting selected for the merger by the same owner who used the 3 million he got in the sale to buy the Buffalo Braves of the NBA.  The Braves now are known as the Los Angeles Clippers.






The Kentucky Colonels

colonels 2 colonels

Logo Of The Day 11-4

Logo Of The Day 11-4

My team was moved to another city where my name was changed.   I came into this league during a merger in the 60’s.  I won the championship in my old league but not in my new one.  During my time in the league we played our home games in a dome.  We were part of probably the most embarrassing game in the history of this league by blowing a huge lead in a playoff game to lose and get knocked out of the playoffs.  Our head coach was a Bum and another head coach  would often leave a ticket for Elvis Presley at home games.  This same coach coined the famous phrase as NFL stands “Not For Long” while discussing In his words a bad fucking call with a referee.  Some of our best players were named Campbell, Moon and some guy named White Shoes.








oilers 2 oilers 3 oilers 4

Logo Of The Day 11-3

Logos are used for just about anything.  Whether it’s sports or business or food or cars etc you get the picture.  Some are memorable for the right and wrong reasons.  But we all have our favorites.  Sports teams often change logos or create new alternative ones.  Some sports teams are no longer in around and those become timeless treasures.  Whatever the case may be we all love logos so see if you can figure out what this logo is before looking at it.


I am a sports logo.  My team was moved to another city.  I was the only professional sports team in this city in the modern era.  I was not part of the official professional sports league until a merger came about in the 1978-1979 season.  My team never won a championship until we moved to our new city.  My sport is not a true American sport but a International sport that is very prominent in the Olympics.  We made news when we drafted one of the biggest stars ever in the sport who had previously told us he would never sign with us.  The players we got in that trade paved the way for the championship we won after we moved to this city in the United Stated.  However we made even bigger news when we had 2 deals with 2 different teams for that player with one residing in the “World’s Most Famous Arena” located in the media capitol of the world.  I am originally a Canadian city playing in Canada’s favorite sport.  Our notable players include, Joe Sakic, Owen Noian, Petr Forsberg & Mats Sundin.