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Game Of Thrones Phenomenon

It’s time for the Big Sports Fan to take care of the AND MORE part of the blog.  What better way to do that then to talk about the latest Episode of the immensely popular Game Of Thrones television show.  This was billed as being the greatest episode yet with the longest battle scene ever recorded on Television or the Big Screen.  To me it delivered.

I am not here to review the episode.  God knows how many websites or blogs or podcasts or youtube videos are reviewing this episode.  So if you are looking for an episode review you won’t find it here.  I do subscribe to a few of these youtube channels and I can say I do enjoy the content.  What I mean is these channels actually educate you and remind you of what is really going on.  They have all read the books and any other material that has been written regarding Game Of Thrones.  We all could use a refresher or insight to actually what is going on.  Especially for Game Of Thrones where the story is so complex and has the history that was created by George RR Martin.

I couldn’t wait for the reaction videos for Episode # 3.  Arya Stark slays the Night King.  Who saw that coming.  It was not even rumored.  Of the half dozen channels or outlets or whatever I do follow none had her killing the Night King.  I did find one who did suggest it and it was a new channel I just recently followed and didn’t see the video predicting it until after it actually happened.  But this channel four weeks ago did say this was a possibility.  To be fair he did have a couple of other possibilities.

I am really shocked that some of the channels are not happy about Arya killing the Night King.  We all like to be shocked and surprised.  Jon Snow slaying the Night King would not be a surprise.  Same with Daenerys.  I haven’t heard all the channels yet but I do sense that from what I have heard so far they are not happy by this. Is it that far fetched to think that Arya Stark who is a trained assassin could actually kill the Night King?

I haven’t read all the books which by the way the last two have not even been written.  So basically what these channels and outlets are doing is making predictions based off the book.  A book that has not been written yet.  We have been told that George RR Martin told the showrunners David Benioff and D B Weiss how he wants this to end.  None of us know what Martin told D & D.  Maybe Martin throw us a curve ball.  Maybe Martin gave his blessing for them to go in another direction.  Or maybe with three episodes left this is not over.

It is my opinion that these people who let’s face it are in the prediction business are just mad that their predictions did not come to pass.  Maybe they feel it cuts down their legitimacy as a channel or outlet.  Hey, I have news for you.  Your channel only exists because of this TV Show.  You now have a platform and a following you would have never had if this TV show did not exist.  So your predictions are wrong.  Big deal.  Most of the world had this wrong.  It in no way devalues the work you do.  But when you get very standoff in your videos this does not appeal to the general public.

One of the channels I follow did a very honorable and smart thing.  He started by saying I am in the prediction business.  I didn’t write these books.  I am just making predictions based off what we have already seen and what is in the books.  So I didn’t predict Arya killing the Night King.  As a predictor I know I won’t always be right.  I want to be right more than wrong obviously.  But I won’t always be right.  He then went on to say what he didn’t like about the episode.  But admitted Arya was his favorite character and he was happy to see her do the deed.  One channel is really mad cause her predictions were wrong and shit on the last 10 minutes of the episode.

I have also seen fans be mad because that the closure they were looking for was not given even though there are three episodes left at 80 minutes each which is roughly 4 hours.  Could it be that maybe these questions will be answered in those 4 hours?  It is also worth pointing out that this has now become a business, a franchise so to speak.  There will be prequel shows and if all the secrets are revealed now then would anyone watch the prequels.  I would definitely bet that a lot of people who love the TV show are not reading the books and will definitely watch the prequels.  I also bet that those who are not happy right now which included the fans that wanted closure or the ones who read the books or the ones behind these channels will still watch the prequels.  Because believe it or not those who have no plans on reading the books still need these channels to tie everything together as best they can.

So my point is people it’s a TV show that is damn entertaining.  This final season was so hyped up and long expected that it was bound to be disappointing or not meet expectations.  That is natural.  If you are asking me if I am disappointed in the show this season my answer is no.  I am just as hyped for episodes 4,5 & 6 as I was for 1 & 2.  And Episode 3 I was really amped to see.

I have the time to see a lot of channels on predictions and stories etc.  Some might say I am ruining this for myself as now I won’t be surprised.  So in a way, I am really happy Arya did surprise me.  Would we all have wanted to see Jon have a sword fight with the Night King?  Yes, we would.  But it didn’t happen.  Did we get the closure on the Night King?  No, we didn’t.  Did the Night King die easier than we thought?  Maybe.  This could all be part of the plan.

I also happen to think that while these channels are a great thing they are also a bad thing.  With so many predictions being made maybe George wanted a different ending that the books will not lead to.  Or maybe D & D who most likely have heard these predictions and wanted to shock everyone.  I have heard some of these channels and even fans making comments that the books are not going to end this way because it is not trending that way.  So now these people are predicting what one man is going to write in these books.  And people it is certainly a possibility that these books never get written at all.  The man is 70 years old.  Has he started writing the final books yet?  I know he is busy complaining about how the New York Giants draft their starting quarterbacks.

I did read an article that says “it is challenging” for him to finish writing his masterpiece and it will have its own surprises.  Well, think about it.  D & D have written their ending.  So maybe George was ok with this because his books will have a different ending.  Maybe he is banking on those who have not read the books to go out and now buy books so they for themselves can read his ending.  As much of a genius George is this is still a business.  I want to make this clear that I am not saying he is doing this for the money.  Admittedly I don’t know his origin and his whole career as a writer.  Truth be told I never heard of him until this series was on TV.  But that is just my two cents.

So the bottom line is for all of you that have these channels or websites or whatever you have please stop taking yourself so seriously.  You are here for entertainment first.  If it leads to you making some money off this show and channel then great.  We want to be entertained.  We want you to tie together all the loose ends that a lot of us just don’t understand. And yes we enjoy all your predictions.  But if your wrong in your predictions does that mean we feel you are less credible?  Not to me.  Get over yourself and just enjoy the opportunity you now have in front of you.

Obscure Movie Character 1

In this weekly column I present something I love and look forward to finding in every movie.  In many cases the star does not always make the movie.  There are secondary characters in movies that absolutely steal the show.  It can be a character that has a supporting role or a character that with just a few scenes in the movie makes them memorable.  To give you a point of reference Jeremy Piven was always this when he acted in a John Cusack movie.  So think along that kind of role.  One of Piven’s characters will eventually make this list but I won’t start with him.

My very first Obscure Movie Character appeared in 2 of the 8 movies in this series.  He was never killed off but as the main character of this series got rich and moved to the good part of town his character was not needed.  In fact I did some searching and it turns out he was killed but not in the movie just in the novelization.  This character only had a few scenes in each movie but they were all memorable at least to me.  When I found out there was an action figure made of this guy I bought it on EBAY.  He is the first of two I will choose from this series.

The Character is Tony Gazzo from Rocky I and II.  Mr. Gazzo is the loan shark who had a tough demeanor  but actually cared for Rocky.  He gave him money for his first date with Adrian.  He was in the church when Rocky married Adrian.  He gave him money to train for both Apollo Creed fights.  He was in the stands for both fights too and can be seen yelling for Rocky to go for it during Rockly/Creed II and hugging his girlfriend when the Rock wins the title.  Who could forget the famous exchange between he and Rocky when he asked Rocky to invest in condominiums.  Rocky said he doesn’t use them.  Boy did Mr. Gazzo have a soft spot for Rocky despite Rocky not physically harming the clients Mr. Gazzo told him to because they owed him money.  A great character in one of the most known movie series of all time.

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