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Meet the Teams Of The All Star Fantasy Baseball League

All Star Fantasy Baseball League

What do you do when you are bored and have lots of time on your hands?  You create an entire baseball league where you simulate games.  This is how crazy of a mind I have and how fast I can work when I put whatever is left of my mind to work.  This is an idea I literally came up with last week and after a week plus of planning I am ready to go forward with it.  What is my idea you say?

It is called “All Star Fantasy Baseball League” or ASFBL for short.  This is not a league where real major league baseball players are being used.  There is no website being used to simulate games.  I will leave that secret to myself.  So who is playing in this league?  That’s a great question and I will answer this for you right now.

I can remember when I was younger playing a baseball video game and damned I don’t remember what gaming system it was on or what was the name of the game.  But me and my brother had a good time just creating our own teams using the current wrestlers who we would watch every week.  I can remember saying when we created Hacksaw Jim Duggan he had to be a super power hitter because he would be swinging a 2×4.  It’s safe to say we had more fun making the teams than actually playing the games being kids our attentions swayed easily onto another thing.

So that is where the first seeds were sewn.  It took many years for me to come up with a new idea or way to get this rolling.  And it really happened by chance as these things usually do.  Running this website that no one sees lol, I am always looking for fun and entertaining things to write about.  So I remember starting a list that I never actually finished.  I thought what if I created a baseball team based on fictional characters from fictional baseball movies.  And we know there is a ton of them to pick from.  So I compiled a list of characters from the movies and wrote them out and created a team.  I soon saw that I could create two full teams both equipped with an owner, a full front office and coaching staff, announcers, trainers etc.

Then I got to thinking what would happen if these teams played against each other.  Hmmm.  What fun is playing the same team over and over?  That is when I remembered what I had done years ago with my brother and I thought since so many years have passed I can make a few teams out of wrestlers.  That is when I decided to make this a 6 team league.  This league will play 45 games with the top 4 teams making the playoffs.  Each playoff series will be a best of 7 until we get our world champion.

I will write a story about each game and keep posting it on the website which will by then have its own page designated for this league.  This sounds like a lot of fun and I really can’t wait to get started.  Each team has its own logo naturally.  I will list all the teams and rosters on separate posts in the next couple of days.  The teams are listed below:

Team 1 Wild Things is made up of characters in baseball movies

Team 2 Legendary is made up of mostly retired wrestlers and those who wrestle occasionally in the WWE

Team 3 Outlaws is made up of male wrestlers who are rule breakers in the WWE

Team 4 Wonderboy is made up of characters in baseball movies

Team 5 Brotherhood is made up of male wrestlers who are fan favorites in the WWE

Team 6 Girl Power is made up of the female wrestlers in the WWE

Does this sound interesting?  Or do you just think I am crazy?  My personal favorite team is Girl Power.

And I as am writing this what movie is on TV?  Major League.  One of the teams is named after a major character in the movie.  Is that a coincidence?  I don’t think so.