Big Sports Fan Blurbs 10-25

Well it looks like the NY Jet roller coaster ride is back in full effect.  Two weeks ago this was a playoff team after walking into Atlanta and winning a game everyone expected them to lose.  Then after losing to the Steelers in a game most expected them to win here come the crazy Jet fans again screaming about the problems and warts of this team.  Now after winning against the Pats in a game where most expected them to lose they are now division contenders.  And what will happen next week?  After last week the fans were saying same old Jets.  Now this week it is another story.  This is tiring and needs to stop.  This team will have a hard time making the playoffs if they don’t win the division and they probably won’t.

So Jim Irsay got his wish and his new golden boy Andrew Luck beat Peyton Manning head to head.  Mr Irsay you have no class for saying what you did about Peyton.  He made your team relevant from day one.  There is no RCA Dome without Peyton.  There is no loyal fan base wthout Peyton.  So I guess in your mind if Luck wins 2 Super Bowls that makes him better than Peyton.   Even if Luck does not win 10 games every year and does not make the playoffs every year and is not a must see game every week.  Now of course Luck is the real deal.  And he is going to be a great quarterback based on what we have seen.  But come on Mr. Irsay.  Peyton is a legend, a sure fire hall of famer, one of the 5 greatest quarterbacks of all time and he was a model citizen and caused no trouble off thei field.

Poor Rex Ryan does not get any breaks and finally got one.   Boo Hoo.  Rex your still the head coach of this team and that is the only break you need.   That ridiculous penalty got you off the hook for trying that field goal when the whole world knew Folk was missing it.  if not for that penalty you would have lost the game and had to explain why you made that decision which would have been funny.  Besides stop talking about breaks and figure out why your 4th rated defense again let a team drive down the field late in the 4th qtr to tie the game and came within inches of losing.

Was that the worst penalty ever seen.  Seriously.  If that is a new rule and this is the first time it happened and to call it on overtime come on.  You mean to tell me no other team has been doing that all year long.  Now the Patriots have received alot of breaks throughout the last 10 years.  So no one is crying for them nor should they.  And yes they are dealing with alot of injuries but they still will win the division.  But the NFL is becoming a joke.  Every rule now is to promote scoring.  I get the injury factor but then why is an offensive lineman allowed to plow into the back of their own running back to push the pile for a first down or over the goal line when the running back is not going anywhere.  Why is a running back allowed to in the open field put his head down and blast a defensive player and not get penalized.  This a brutal game played by abnormally large and fast men and injuries do happen.  NFL equals No Fhysical League.

The Greg Schiano saga keeps on going.  I don’t know how he lasts the season.  Seriously.  His 1 and a half seasons as the Tampa Bay head coach have been a disaster.  I don’t even know why Tampa hired him.  Rutgers was mediocre at best when he was the head coach.  I know the Rutgers people will not agree with me.  Now with the Dexter Jackson situation.  If you believe what Dexter says about the incident where he was asked to leave practice.  Or about what he has done with local kids who do good in school and stay out of trouble and how Schiano wanted that to stop because it was bothering the professional players on the team.  This whole Josh Freeman nonsense.  What else can talk about.  This is team is bad and the supposed turn around he is predicting is no where to be found.

Let me say something about the World Series.  I haven’t watched much of the playoffs this year.  I just can’t get into it.  The games have looked to be great.  The Cardinals are the model franchise right now.  I would say the Rays too.  The only difference is the Cards have more money to spend.  But both teams let big players sign elsewhere or in the Rays case trade them away and they just dig into their well stocked farm systems and find good replacements.  It is incredible and is just what I hope my Mets can be.  As for Boston.  What they did is amazing.  Going from last to first.   They unloaded big money players and made really smart free agent signings to go with their home grown talent.  I am hoping the Mets assuming they sign players can be as lucky.

Lastly about fan violence.  Whether it is in the stands during the games or outside the park after the games or as I like to say keyboard cowboys who talk behind the vail so to speak on twitter or some other media outlet.  First the clowns who tweet nonsense about their fantasy teams wanting to kill Brandon Jacobs because he didn’t play and he is the most recent one.  Are you serious?  Get a life.  I am big into fantasy football but god damn.  You would never have the guts to say this to Jacobs’ face.  He is an immense man.  I remember years ago I knew this guy who traded for Mike Lansing down the stretch in his fantasy baseball pool.  Lansing played miserable for him.  He said if I ever see him I am going to tell him off.  So the next year the Rockies were in NY playing the Mets.  After a softball game we went to a bar.  While we were there we noticed Larry Walker sitting at the bar and with him was Mike Lansing.  We said to our friend now is your chance buddy.  He didn’t do anything.  It was a funny comment to make at the time but still.  Now for the fans who threaten the lives of a player who cost their favorite teams a game.  You need to find a different hobby or something.  Matt Schaub is the most recent one.  I remember Kyle Williams fumbling 2 punts against the Giants 2 years ago in the NFC Championship game.  The kid felt bad already knowing he played bad.  But to threaten his life over a game is way over the line.  If you can’t just watch a game and root for your team and it is good to show emotion but to fight or make threats over it you really need to look at your on character.  Now for the knucklehead Jet fan who clocked a female Patriot fan in the face.  What can you say really.  This goes on at every stadium all over the country.  Who knows who started it and why.  Bottom line is this guy has a checkered past and has  a history of violence.  Any parent will defend their child to the end.  But do I have to see his father crying saying my son is not a violent person and has no history of violence.  I am just quoting the newspaper I read.  Your son was in jail for killing another person.  No violence huh.  And based on the articles he only got 3 years because daddy was a Suffolk county cop.  Maybe this guy who has been a season ticket holder for years does this kind of thing a lot.  Not the hitting of women but a history of stirring things up in the stands.  I never heard of this guy before and again based on what I read in the papers Woody Johnson has posed for pictures with this guy in front of his Jet shrine of a RV.  and so has Rex Ryan wearing his “I’d Hit That’ T Shirt.  You can’t make this stuff up.

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