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if Mike Francesa mentions the Book “League of Denial”  one more time I am going to puke.  We get it.  The NFL didn’t release this info.  We pretty much know why.  Who doesn’t know concussions are a problem in the NFL.  I know the writers of the book were on your show last week.  I am sure the book is a great read.  But please stop mentioning the book.  We don’t need you to keep saying over and over will they or why didn’t any of the pre game or post game NFL shows mention this book.  We don’t need to know why but I am sure Mike will tell us.


So Greg Schiano is telling the Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans to be patient.  Schiano will get the Bucs to win just please be patient and hang in there.  So is he saying that he will win like he did at Rutgers?  I am sure Schiano is a good man and a pretty knowledable football coach.  All the good he has done with Eric LeGrande is very inspiring and loyal.  But he is better suited for college.   Let’s not forget that he was only one game over .500 at Rutgers.  Evan after winning the biggest game in school history on a Thursday night against Louisville.  He got his team to follow that up with a loss the next week.  He never won a Big Least Championship and never went to a BCS bowl game.  I always felt he was over rated.  I feel he will regret going to Tampa Bay.  He should have went to Michigan like he was rumored to go to a few years back.


Well now Brian Cashman.  How is this for a turn of events.  I would rather have AROD than the 25 million.  Yeah right.  Does anyone believe that?  I don’t.  That 25 million can possibly buy Beltran, Wieters and another player.  That statement should tell you right now that AROD is not going anywhere.  He will not be suspended for 211 games.  Oh he will have to serve some of that.  Would Cashman be saying this if he knew AROD was going to be out for one whole year and then some.  It always amazes me that when AROD said he was healthy and ready to play Cashman comes out and bashed him, tells him to shut up and says that any such information or declarations will come from the Yankees.  But when Derek Jeter says it not one person says a word.  How many times did Jeter say it this past season.  Only to come back too soon and go back on the IR.  Talk about a double standard.  AROD at least made an impact this season.  When he actually played he was pretty effective at times.  And I am sure he made the Yanks money off the field in ratings etc.  It is just funny to me that AROD gets killed and for the same thing no one says a thing about Jeter.  Yeah I know the kind of muscle the kind of reputation and the kind of credit Jeter has in this town and with the Yankees.  But please.  Enough already.  AROD will never walk away from the money and he won’t serve 211 games either.


Ravens and Packers are arguing over the Randall Cobb hit.  What a surprise.  I saw it live.  I have Cobb on 2 fantasy teams.  This is a devastating injury on all counts.  Of course Rodgers is mad.  This is one of his best playmakers.  Was the hit a little low?  Yeah probably.  But where are the defenders supposed to hit these players.  You can’t go up high.  Now you can’t go low.  There was no intent to injure Cobb.  It was just a tough football play and if Cobb got up and walked back to the huddle there would be no conversation about this.  But if a running back breaks out in the open field and drives his head and shoulders into a little defensive back knocking him out no one cares.  I have no problem with an offensive player dishing out some punishment.  I do understand the health issue here with concussions and injuries but at the same time this is a very physical and violent game played by abnormally large and athletic men.  Injuries are a part of the game.


Maybe next season is finally the year Carlos Beltran gets his wish to play for the Yankees.  After he signed his last 2 contracts he would have given the Yanks a discount.  Funny that the Yankees would pass on a discount twice for a player who has been as consistent as any player in baseball the last 10 years.  Not to mention he has been a devastating post season player.  Except for Game 7 2006 with the Mets.  I liked him with the Mets.  I always felt he was given a bad rap and was mis understood.  He played hard and got injured.  But Met fans are often narrow minded, impatient and don’t really get it some times.  Sandy Alderson might have struck gold in getting the Giants to give up Zack Wheeler for a 2 month rental.  And this is what the Cardinals do.  They give away players before the decline gets bad see Albert Pujols.  He would look good with the Yankees.  That is a great fit and maybe Beltran will finally get his wish.


Enough with Kobe Bryant already.  How many more times do we have to hear Kobe say how fast he is healing only to hear The Lakers themselves dispute it.  If today was the playoffs I would play is the latest Kobe quote.  We won’t know anything until we see Kobe on the court.  But what we do know is that Kobe will get obsessed with this comeback and work his ass off to get back in the lineup.  And why is Kobe in a rush to get back?  This Laker team is bad and old and I know they are hoping that one of these free agent stars will want to play with Kobe.  Just like Dwight Howard did.


Well it didn’t take long for the Jet bandwagon to get lighter.  This is rather symbolic for this franchise and fanbase. They always have to over react.  This team was not supposed to do anything this year.  So after getting a huge break against Tampa Bay in a Week 1 win , then beating a bad Bills team in week 3 and last Monday night shocking the Falcons  the Jets Nation was getting giddy and confident.  Let’s not forget this is a rookie quarterback and there will be more lows than highs.  This team has flaws and needs to be left alone to work through this and grow as a unit.

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