Baseball Musings 11-3

mlbWe all know baseball is a 12 month season.  With trades and signings and lots of player movement General Manager’s don’t get much rest.  Once the World Series ends the offseason officially gets under way and already there is transactions to talk about.

adam lindmarco estradaAn under the radar trade that I think helps both teams in the Brewers trading Marco Estrada to the Toronto Bluejays for Adam Lind.  Lind is a good hitter who just can’t stay healthy.  The Bluejays have players like him already on their roster.  By moving him they shed some salary and add a good serviceable pitcher in Estrada.  The Brewers have a solid pitching staff and need to add more players like Lind.  Assuming he can stay healthy this is a good move for both teams.

joe maddonSo Joe Maddon was introduced today as the new manager of the Chicago Cubs.  He is a fine manager who successfully navigated his way through 9 seasons while having a very small payroll.  Perhaps the finest manager in the game as he made more with less than anyone else.  But with that how do the Cubs world series odds go from 50-1 to 20-1 once the hiring was made official?  The Cuba have no pitching.  Perhaps Maddon  can pitch.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue JaysHall Of Famer Paul Molitor was named the new manager of the Minnesota Twins.  Molitor is from St Paul Minnesota who attended the University Of Minnesota and played three years with the Twinkies.  He played the game the right way but he is another in a new trend of players never before managing a team becoming a first year manager at the major league level.  See Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson and Robin Ventura.  it has even splilled into the NBA with Jason Kidd and Derek Fisher.  None of these guys have had extended success yet,  In fact the ones who have had 2 or more years at the big league level failed miserably.  Good luck Paul.

And of course it’s time for MLB teams to make qualifying offers to their impending free agents.  What this means is that the player has a certain amount of time to accept the offer.  If they don’t that team will not be able to resign them until a certain period of time elapses.  However once the player signs with another team then that team must forfeit a draft pick to the former team.  So there is lots of players getting qualified offers this week.  These are only one year deals.  The player once they don’t sign risk the chance that they won’t get a offer from another team for the same amount of money.  Some of the big names to receive qualifying offers are James Shields, Melky Cabrera, David Robertson, Michael Cuddyer, Pablo Sandovar, Frankie Liriano, Nelson Cruz and Russell Martin.  This is the first shot in a long winter or shaking and moving.

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