AL Divisional Series Picks


After two classic Wildcard games how can the Divisional Series live up to them.  Each has their own story lines and side bars.  So let’s get to it.


Where to begin here.  The fight that happened in May has now been refreshed in all of our minds.  With a trip to the ALCS on the line do we need more juice to this series.  The Blue Jays had the Royals on the ropes in the ALCS last year but is this team better this year?  Maybe Aaron Sanchez has made this rotation so much better.  Texas has 2 big time arms at the top of the rotation and has a lineup that can mash with the Blue Jays.  I can see this series going 5 games with each team winning on the road.  I often wondered how Texas did it this year but their lineup has quality hitters all over it.  The rotation is not deep but their offense keeps them in every game.  Toronto’s lineup has bigger stars who if they get hot can carry the team.  And if two get hot then it is almost impossible to beat them.  We all know when Toronto gets hot they can run off long winning streaks.  Their rotation is probably deeper too.  This is a toss up series mainly because we never know which Toronto team is going to show up.

I am taking Toronto in 5.

blue jays 3


The other series has the Redsox vs the Indians.  Boston might be too strong for the Indians.  Boston has the best offense in the league and a shut down closer.  Rick Porcello is starting game one tonight which should be no surprise since David Price is not a big game pitcher.  If Boston does now win it will be because of their starting rotation.  Cleveland does not have its best starting pitchers which will kill this team in this series and beyond if they make it.  They can hit really well too.  I just don’t see them winning this series without any starting pitching.

Redsox in 3

Redsox 2


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