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AEW Dynamite Review 9-9


The show begins with a funny promo between Chris Jericho and MJF. I like segments like this. It was quick and every word had an impact. The ending was so predictably funny. These two are destined to work together. The match will not be nearly as good as the promos which is not a bad thing. They both have an old school style in the ring. But the magic will be in the promos.

Thumbs up

Lucha Bros vs Jurrasic Express

TV shows are not to have good matches but they need to have storylines. Jurassic Express went over the Lucha Bros and I am not so sure that was a good thing. I like Jurassic Express but the Lucha Bros are on another level. But the problem is all four of these men and for that matter, everyone on the outside of the ring like The Butcher, The Blade, and Marko has zero mic skills.

I don’t know too much about Eddie Kingston but I heard he is a very good promo. I have to say that is correct but his promo after the match was the worst one I have seen from him so far. Kingston gave the TV audience the wink when he first came out with the four other guys so that means something is up. However, he should have been pushing that he was never eliminated from the Battle Royale instead of this rah we are family and shake hands speech. Plus he needs to stop screaming his promos, especially when there aren’t any crowds.

Thumbs down 1

Jake Roberts/Murderhawk Promo

As a talker and having this great mind for promos, Jake Roberts is one of the best of all time. I remember when he had the Snake Pit he knew how to get his guest worked up. I also loved how at the end of the segment he would go into the wrestler he was feuding against. Like when he was facing The Honky Tonk Man at Wrestlemania 3. He would end every Snake Pit by saying time is ticking down for you Honky Tonk but in a cryptic way.

With that, the last couple of promos he has had to me have been very disappointing and this one was no different. He told Moxley this is what we came here for meaning the AEW title. That is not true. He debuted with Cody and he wanted to take Cody’s slice of the pie. Well, that did not work out. I do believe Archer will lose to Moxley in October which will once again derail him. 

Thumbs down 1

Matt Hardy Announcement

I will start off by saying that I knew Matt Hardy was going to take the high road and not blame Tony Khan. I find it hard to believe that now all of a sudden Matt wants a title run and was openly talking about it. In my opinion, Khan told him to go out there and save face for the company and I really hope he did not promise him a title run. And I am not saying that Matt asked for it either.

But Matt said he needs to heal up and he is not cleared to wrestle. Why is he not cleared to wrestle? Is it because he really was concussed in the Last Man Standing Match? I really hope the AEW fans are not taking the stance that “Tony said it was not a concussion so it wasn’t.”

Khan does not get a pass for this either. If he was a regular person who started his own wrestling company he would get a pass. But when your family owns two sports franchise including the Jaguars who shares the property with Daily’s Place he damn well knows the concussion protocol. Shame on him for restarting that match. Also, shame on those supposed wrestling journalists who did not challenge his response on that ridiculous scrum conference call.

I am glad Matt looks to be ok.

Thumbs down 1

Orange Cassidy vs Angelico

This match made no sense. Angelico is a nobody and if AEW thinks Cassidy can start getting other wrestlers over then that’s a huge mistake. The post-match was meh. Santana and Ortiz are having a very underwhelming feud with the Best Friends. They attacked Cassidy and the BF made the save. They challenged them to a street fight the next week. How about have that match right now? Why do we need to wait? I don’t understand that.

I will say it every week. Orange Cassidy is not main event material. He is a mid-carder at best.

Thumbs down 1


Alex Marvez/Young Bucks

Why oh why are we kicking innocent announcers? What is the pay off here? Are you going to tell me that Marvez is going to get in the ring? If you want the Bucks to be heels then just do it. We already are seeing too many very slow turns with Omega and Page.

Thumbs down 1

Kip Sabian Reveals Miro As The Best Man

Ok so first of all Sabian isn’t even a mid-carder. So the fact that he is getting TV time is amazing. I get the drama by having two other wrestlers come out. The first guy was a ha-ha moment. But Brian Pillman Jr? This was a good spot for him to get some traction.

Now I expected Miro to join AEW. In fact, I felt he would debut in the Battle Royale. So I don’t mark out so easily. Maybe you do but I don’t. I have seen so many more memorable moments in wrestling that this does not mark me out. Secondly, I hated the way he debuted. First of all, what was he wearing? It looked like pajama bottoms. Secondly, is he really billing himself as the best gamer on Twitch? He had blonde hair like Eminem. And as with every ex WWE wrestler he had to take his shots against them which is getting really old. Next up is the Jericho podcast for another half hour of him bashing WWE and telling us nothing we haven’t heard before.

I will say this about Miro. I loved his gimmick when he first got to WWE. With Lana, it was Drago and his wife. WWE did drop the ball with him big time. There is no denying he had a legit gripe about that. But when WWE puts you against Lana in an angle you don’t go out and get married and put videos on Instagram killing the whole angle. Rusev was his own worst enemy at times. Additionally, he is the one who went on Instagram and appeared in Total Divas in a comedy act making it impossible for him to be believable as a monster heel. And yes the Rusev day was over but that was killed probably because the old man in Stamford likes to hold grudges.

How To Book Miro

If it was me booking Rusev I would have let him say what he wanted to say. Then I would have had him look at Sabian. Then looked around and said, ” I am done being a clown for any company or promoter.” Then I would have told him to lay out Sabian. Tell me I am wrong about that. But the glass ceiling line was a killer though.

Miro debuts. Same Clown, Different Circus.

Thumbs down 1

Hangman Interview With Tony Schiavone

I love Hangman. I didn’t really like this interview. I am not sure what they are trying to accomplish other than swerving us big time. Now Page wants to remain in a tag team with Omega. I am always someone who will let angles play out so I will with this one. But I don’t like how Page was portrayed in this interview.

Thumbs up

Jericho & Hager vs Janela and Kiss

This was an ok match. I feel Kiss got too much offense on Hager. Jericho’s sole purpose in AEW is to put everybody over. So I commend him for that. He does not need to carry a strap anymore. I hate the Jericho/Hager tag team looking to win the titles. AEW has way too many tag teams to begin with. I don’t know where the Inner Circle goes from here. I do think it’s time for them to break off into their own things. And they could still be a part of the Inner Circle when needed.

Thumbs up

MJF Headquarters

MJF is always a great promo and this was no different. He mentioned that Moxley used a banned hold to beat him. Let’s see if AEW advances this storyline. Also I like the Wardlow tension. MJF cements his heel status but also Wardlow has to remain a heel.

Thumbs up

Moxley Promo

Nothing special about this promo. I like Moxley but can’t really believe that he is a larger than life champion. I also can’t believe he can beat Archer or before that Cage and Brodie. But I like that he is having a long title reign.

Thumbs up

FTR Celebration

The whole celebration after winning a title segment is old. And yes it is because the WWE beat this to death. But FTR does not have any charisma or personality. Can they go in the ring? Yes. Do they have any personality? No. There was so much wrong with this segment. Talking down to the other tag teams is fine. I have no issues with that. But yet again we need to take another shot at the WWE. This is getting so old. Please worry about your own promotion. Because when WWE starts taking shots it has been proven that AEW can’t handle it.

Now I get that they are trying to push Jurrasic Express. But when Marko Stunt gets in the ring and stares you down please don’t have any wrestler fake it that they are worried about Stunt doing anything to them. But here is the issue. JE has a non-title match next week against FTR. We all know that FTR is facing the Bucks at the November PPV. That will be a title match and in that card I am predicting that Omega and the Bucks leave with the gold. With that FTR who is undefeated can not suffer their first loss before that PPV. But hey let’s dump a cooler of ice on top of FTR. The cooler was probably bought at WaWa. Can’t AEW get them their own FTR cooler since we see it every week?

Stop Marking Out

Also for god sake Tony Khan please stop making matches as the angles are playing out in the ring.  Please stop being a mark. They are announcing the match between FTR and JE as the angle is playing out in the ring. Khan does that way too much and he needs to fucking stop already. Let them go to the back and maybe see a quick 30-second clip of FTR or JE talking about it then announce it.

Thumbs down 1

Ricky Starks Segment

I actually like this because they are going to have a good match. But they need to stop going to the well too often with Stark dressing up as Allin. And what are the odds that Darby is banged up again after that unnecessary spot during the Battle Royale.

Thumbs up

Nyla vs Tay Conti

I understand this being a big moment for Conti. So I am not going to shit on her for being emotional. But someone in the back needs to get her under control. With that please stop saying this was a major signing for AEW. I get that she might be better than half or most of the women’s roster but that is not really saying anything. This match went too long and why haven’t we seen Nyla Rose wrestle on TV for about a month. 

This women’s division needs a lot of help. Thunder Rosa is defending her NWA title on AEW TV next week. What does that tell you?

Thumbs down 1 

Jim Ross Interview Kenny Omega

All I kept hearing that Omega was one of the best wrestlers in the world. But since AEW has started I have not seen that. So Omega needs to be a singles wrestler. I also want to see if he has a big personality because he hasn’t shown that yet. This was a very believable interview with Omega so I love that. I will say it again I believe that Omega beats Moxley at the November PPV for the belt. 

Thumbs up

Brodie Lee VS Dustin Rhodes

I hate when matches are predictable. So this match did not appeal to me. This match went around 15 minutes with Dustin getting in a lot of offense. So it makes me wonder why Cody got zero offense in. Bringing out a beaten down QT Marshall does not interest me in this angle one bit. All it did was most likely set up a Dustin & QT match against two Dark Order members next week. Probably Silver and Cabana. Brodie needs to get out of this group.

Thumbs down 1

Bait And Switch

We heard all show long that Cody was making an announcement after Dynamite. When he made his announcement it brought back shades of WCW as they did this so many times. Oh, wait it’s the same network. Now I get it. Cody is a judge on some ridiculous talent show that will go nowhere.

But I got to give it to Cody. He is not stupid. AEW is not going to last forever if Khan the Mark does not learn how not to be a fan and just be a promoter. Cody is setting himself up for life after AEW. He went from trying to be The Game and now he is trying to be The Rock. He is not the Rock and will never even remotely follow in his footsteps. But I do like that he is branching out. So aside from this hideous show, he is a part of I do like what he is doing for himself. Aside from not selling his injuries.

Thumbs up


I never thought AEW would top the million mark in the ratings so I am not going to shit on it. I didn’t do it on Twitter or anywhere else. But there were two very big factors that led to this big rating. One is that the show was unopposed as NXT was on Tuesday night. There is no way Vince McMahon agrees to a Tuesday night move despite it being better for the business. He is not built that way.

Secondly there was alot of buzz around Matt Hardy and what he was going to say after the PPV. His appearance was heavily promoted by Tony Khan since the day after the PPV. You just can’t create that kind of buzz. This was a real life situation that Khan exploited. Good for him and it popped a rating which he took bows for. Now stay above one million which i think they can’t. There is no way that happens now that NXT is back on Wednesday nights. This show still has a lot of logic gaps and Khan needs someone to reel him in and no one is doing this behind the scenes.

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