AEW Dynamite 9/2 Review


The AEW Dynamite Review 9/2

Santana & Ortiz vs Best Friends

Right off the bat I hate all the chances they took before the match started. I feel Santana & Ortiz are being wasted in a bad storyline like this. AEW loves tag-team matches and we get several tag-team matches every week. I would love it if they kept the tag team matches to two at the most. But AEW likes having six-man tag matches and now the eight-man tag match is happening most every week. Way too much. All these matches are huge spot fests and nothing we haven’t seen every week. So if you don’t watch the match until the end to see what business is being done, trust me you won’t miss anything.

This has nothing to do with the quality of the wrestlers. All four can go in that ring. At a PPV you can do anything you want. But on the weekly TV show, I need to see more storylines and more character building. This match had neither. All four men will be in the Battle Royal at the PPV and all four men have zero chance of winning it. Santana & Ortiz who are a heel tag team win the match in a heel way. Nothing wrong with the outcome or the way it happened.

MJF Promo

MJF is great on the mic. He reminds me so much of Roddy Piper. Wardlow is like a poor man’s “Ace” Cowboy Bob Orton. But Orton had so much more personality. I would love to see Wardlow wrestle more. We see MJF give his scared lawyer a pep talk before his match with Moxley.

Young Bucks & Jurrasic Express vs SCU & Private Party

Just want to say that I have DirecTV and they aired a Monday Night Raw commercial.

An eight-man spot fest where each team has to get in their own business. All four teams are babyfaces which makes this a very strange match. The fact that the winning team will face each other at the PPV is just a reason to get the Young Bucks in a match at All Out. The one thing I hate about all these shows is that most times the winner of the match is predictable. So I knew the Bucks were going over. I am glad to see them show an edge after the match by not shaking the hands of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy.

Again this is not a match I care to watch because I have seen these same spots over and over in the last 11 months of AEW TV. Like the first tag team match, all four teams can go in the ring. It’s just that I am not entertained by these matches. But I liked the change in the attitude of the Bucks. I didn’t watch any of their Japan matches and I don’t watch Being The Elite. Sorry, there is only so much of my time that I can dedicate to watching Wrestling in a week so I have been told by many that there is a different side to the Bucks than what we have seen on Dynamite. I am waiting to see that come across on TV.

Jake Hager/Orange Cassidy Back Stage

I am going to talk about what in my opinion is one of the biggest problems WWE, NXT, and AEW all have in their TV Shows. The logic gaps that exist just can’t be ignored. I know this is a make-believe world and the matches are predetermined. We all know this isn’t real. And when we say these are just TV shows that’s a true statement. When I watch TV shows or movies the one thing I hate is when something happens and I say to myself “Yeah if that happened in real life that is not how it would go down.”

Some people say that AEW needs writers to fill in the logic gaps. I agree with that statement. But when you look at what WWE and NXT do they have writers and they still have logic gaps. So I would like to see AEW close down the logic gaps. This segment has a big one.

Jake Hager is a Bellator fighter. I was not a fan of his character in the WWE. And I am not a fan of his character in AEW either. Hager finds Cassidy and sits next to him. Now that is something a heel would do especially if he knows he can kick your ass. Hager has a message from Jericho telling Cassidy he wants him at ringside for his match tonight. Hager says you better be there. Cassidy drapes his leg on top of Hager’s lap. LOGIC GAP. Hager should have given Cassidy an open-handed slap across his face at the least for getting disrespected. Instead, he pushes his leg off his lap. Is that something an MMA fighter would do if he was disrespected by a guy half his size?

Tully Blanchard With FTR

Tully must be rusty because I have seen much better promos from him. FTR just doesn’t have any natural charisma. This leads to the next segment which was a disaster.

Kenny Omega Interview

Tony Schiavone is in the ring waiting for Kenny Omega to come out. Omega really needs to dress better. Your on national TV and you look like you are coming in from the beach or sitting by the pool. If you want to be a star, then act like a star and dress like a star. If it was his ring gear I would not have a problem with it. Now like the Bucks, Omega has been described as one of the best wrestlers in the world. That was before he came to AEW.

He has not been booked that way. If you want to be fair about it he has not been the star that everyone says he is. That’s just a fact. Maybe because he is an EVP he does not want it to look like he is booking himself to win. Cody has booked himself strong and he is loved. We have not seen the personality of Omega yet. Again Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he should be booked that way.

Here we have another LOGIC GAP. Schiavone said that Hangman Page cost the Bucks the gauntlet match. No he didn’t. He grabbed Nick Jackson’s leg while Matt was getting pinned. Matt did not try to kick out. I guess because Nick’s leg was being held Matt was not able to kick out. I understand what they were trying to do. I just think it was very poor execution.

Potential Swerve

I smell a potential swerve here. It is obvious they are reforming the Four Horsemen. Everyone feels that it will be FTR and Page with Spears in the group. I thought the same thing except that Page resembles Magnum TA who always was against the Horsemen. Same with Cody so I am starting to feel like it will be FTR and Spears with someone else. But I do expect Hangman and Page to lose the titles and break up at the PPV or on the next TV Show.

I didn’t like this segment. I hate the styrofoam cooler. I hate the chocolate milk stuff. Again FTR does not have charisma.  But I love the storyline. That’s what I want in my weekly TV show. My two favorite stars in AEW are MJF and Hangman Page. What I did like in this segment was the swerve they are trying to pull on the fans. This has been talked about way too much on social media so I think AEW likes to throw a seed of doubt in our minds. FTR dropping the belts in the ring and Omega walking out on Page just adds to the intrigue of this match.

Chris Jericho Interview

Jericho is great on the mic. Always has been and always will be. My problem is Orange Cassidy is not on Jericho’s level. So this whole feud is not believable to me. Orange Cassidy is not a main eventer and he never will be.

Chris Jericho vs Joey Janela

Another match where the winner is predictable. And the post-match fight was even more predictable. Jericho slams Janela’s head into the turnbuckle busting him open. Clearly, this was a blade job. It makes no sense because we had blood in the main event. You really can’t have blood in two matches especially when the main event has it. So Cassidy comes into the ring followed by Sonny Kiss to help out his tag team partner. Cassidy is in the ring by himself after running off Jericho and Hager. Another LOGIC GAP with Hager but whatever. Cassidy goes into his nap sack and pulls out a bottle of Jericho’s champagne, He opens it up and pours it out giving Jericho the thumbs down. I guess that’s cool. It’s not. I didn’t like how they did this go-home segment. And Cassidy needs to learn how to throw believable punches.

Promo For The Broken Rules Match

This is basically a Last Man Standing Match. If Matt Hardy loses he will leave AEW. Sammy with the sign gimmick needs to go away now. It has run its course. I will talk more about this during my ALL OUT Prediction.

Battle Royal Segment

This whole segment was ridiculous and completely overbooked. Everyone and their mother came out with a microphone and started talking over each other. Tazz and Jake both cut bad promos. I expect way more than what those legends gave us. Eddie Kingston’s crew comes out followed by Tully and Spears. This was just a complete waste of time. It seemed like all 21 men who will be in the Battle Royal came out to fight. I know not everyone came out but this was a complete waste of time. And it lasted way too long.

Thunder Rosa vs Serena Deeb

I won’t talk too much about this match but it was the best female match in the history of AEW. And neither of these women is signed to AEW. What does that tell you? AEW needs to sign both these ladies and bring some credibility to the women’s division. No real business was handled here because neither are AEW properties. Thunder Rosa is facing Shida at ALL OUT.

Moxley Promo

I always felt that Moxley was the unsung hero of the shield. So I am happy he is getting his chance to shine now. He has had many great promos since he got to AEW. It’s getting really hard for Mox to top his best work. This promo while being good is not his best. That’s not to put him down either.

Big Swole Segment

We hear for the first time that Big Swole and Britt Baker are having a Tooth and Nail match.  Swole is talking with Schiavone when Reba comes out with a pizza delivery. She is wearing a mask but we all know who it is. Swole calls her out and Britt attacks her from behind with the crutch. Firstly Britt Baker needs to do a better job of hitting Swole with the crutch. Secondly. Rubbing her face in a pizza. Really? Is this funny. I like how they built this matchup for weeks. I hated the pizza spot.

Moxley vs MJF’s Lawyer Mark Sterling

Wardlow accompanies Sterling to ringside. Moxley toys with Sterling before starting to brutalize him. It’s predictable that MJF will eventually show his face during this match. Mox wins and Wardlow attacks Mox. MJF comes out and shows he was faking the neck injury. MJF hits Mox with the ring busting him open. AEW has blood for the second time tonight. LOGIC GAP. MJF saying weeks ago that the neck injury will prevent him from playing with his kids one day got everyone to pop. But the injury does not prevent him from wrestling. Just saying.

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