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Sports Plays Of The Day 9-27

Sports Plays of the Day 9-27

After going 4-0-1 yesterday to raise my figure to minus 400 units I have six NFL picks for my Sport plays of the day.

Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 at home vs the Houston Texans

Minnesota Vikings plus 2.5 at home vs the Tennessee Titans

Philadelphia Eagles -5.5 at home vs the Cincinnati Bengals

Indianapolis Colts -12.5 at home vs the New York Jets

Arizona Cardinals -5 at home vs the Detroit Lions

The over 56.5 in the Dallas Cowboys vs the Seattle Seahawks

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Clash Of Champions

Clash of Champions Predictions

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

I will be giving my predictions for the Clash of Champions. We have nine matches in total and six of them are matches we have already seen. Good Grief.

Asuka (c) vs Zelina Vega

Asuka wins. She better win. There is no reason to take the title off of Asuka. Asuka vs Shayna is the money match I am waiting for.

Asuka Wins

Drew McIntyre (c) vs Randy Orton Ambulance Match

The fact that this is an ambulance match means that neither wrestler will get pinned. Also, it means that outside interference is definitely going to happen. If Orton wins then I think Keith Lee is involved. But I think Drew retains but who knows.

Drew Wins

Roman Reigns (c) vs Jey Uso

Roman wins and he will mess up Jey pretty good and maybe get some color. Roman will complete the heel turn.

Roman wins

Bayley (c) vs Nikki Cross

Nikki has no chance of winning this match. Bayley vs Sasha is the match we are waiting for and it has to be for the title. Hopefully, they can hold off on this until Wrestlemania. But knowing WWE they will fast track it to the Hell in the Cell. I still feel that the mysterious woman(Carmella) helps Bayley win. Carmella is a better heal and they were a tag team in NXT.

Bayley wins

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs RIott Squad

I can actually see the Riott Squad win this match. But only if Nia and Shayna implode as a team. Asuka is going to need a new opponent. With nine matches we have to see a few title changes.

Winner and new champs Riott Squad.

Cesaro and Nakamura (c) vs Lucha House Party

Does the WWE tag team division really matter? I can see either team winning. But I think the champs retain.

Cesaro and Nakamura win

Jeff Hardy (c) vs AJ Styles vs Sammy Zayn Ladder Match

Sammy won the match this past Friday and AJ was the only one standing tall after the match so so does that mean Jeff Hardy retains? But seriously you can go with any of these guys to win this match.

Sammy Zayn wins and is the new Intercontinental Champion

Street Profits (c) vs Andrade and Garza

I want Andrade and Garza to split up so I am picking the Street Profits to retain. But who knows what the old man is thinking.

Street Profits win

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Apollo Crews

Nothing should be done to stop the Hurt Business’ momentum. So Lashley retains. But does Retribution show up?

Lashley wins.

Smackdown Review

Smackdown Review 9-25

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

Smackdown Review 9-25

The continuation of the Jey Uso/Roman Reigns story. The Intercontinental title picture picks up. More character turns for Alexa Bliss on the Smackdown Review.

Triple Threat Match

I don’t care how this came about. I know Sammy Zayn hit both Jeff Hardy and Aj Styles with a ladder but why in the hell are we seeing this match two days before the Clash. This was lazy and it just hurt the PPV match. Sammy wins and I could care less. This took up the first half-hour of the show.

Thumbs down 1

Otis Promo

I love the Otis character. But giving him the Money In The Bank win was an atrocious decision. It’s clear he is not going to cash it in and either Miz or Morrison will use it and lose. I am so tired of this angle. And they keep mentioning Mandy Rose who is on Raw. Miz and Morrison are way too talented to waste at this angle. Otis and Tucker should be challenging for the tag titles.

Thumbs down 1

Bayley Promo

Bayley comes out still abusing Sasha Banks. Bayley says she has no time to talk about Sasha because she has a championship match coming up. She spoke about Nikki Cross saying this is going to be different because Sasha is not watching Bayley’s back. I think the Mysterious woman who is Carmella is going to help Bayley win.

Thumbs down 1

Gran Metalik vs Nakamura

Another matchup with some members of the Lucha House Party and Cesare/Nakamura. Who cares at this point. Nakamura wins and we see yet again another incident that will lead to the breakup of the Lucha House Party. Does anyone really care?

Thumbs down 1

Jey Uso Promo

Jey Uso is banging on Roman’s door which leads into a Roman/Jey La Familigia package. The Samoans and Rikishi are talking about the Usos and Roman growing up. Then we get into the ring for Jey’s promo. He is calling Roman out looking for an answer on Roman staring him down after last week’s match. We see Heyman say Roman will answer on his time and he is busy right now but he will answer it tonight.

I love this Roman turn with Heyman and this story is being built great. Why? Because it is a real-life angle.

Thumbs up

Matt Riddle vs King Corbin

Matt Riddle loses again and I have no idea why. Maybe Riddle has backstage heat. He cuts a weird promo after the match saying he is not going to stop working.

Thumbs down 1

Mysterious Woman

Okay, we know this is Carmella. At least it’s not Eva Marie. She better appear either at the PPV or nest week.

Thumbs down 1

Alexa Bliss vs Lacey Evans

Lacey wins by DQ when Alexa snaps after hearing Bray laugh and the Fiend’s music play. I love this and Alexa is really selling this great.

Thumbs up

Roman/Jey Uso Promo

This promo at least made the show kind of bearable. Roman comes out first and just as Heyman is about to talk Jey’s music plays. Jey is feeling disrespected. Roman says he would give Jey the title is he could but he would not know what to do with it. Roman says he is the face of the WWE and he could never understand it. Roman says our family relies on me being the Tribal Chief. Roman says that’s not you and it never will be and it always will be him.

Roman drops the mic and leaves but Jey who is looking down starts to talk. He said what if you are wrong. Roman stops walking. Jey said why can’t it be me to run the family. Jey says do you know what they say when they see me. They say which one are you? Jey says after Clash everyone will know who he is. As he is about to walk into the back Roman gives him a superman punch. Roman says he provides for everyone’s family and that the family needs him to be champion. He says Jey is going to get an ass-whooping and that he will never sit at the head of the table.

I loved this. Jey cut the promo of his life and it was based on real life.

Thumbs up


Three ups and six downs. Outside of Reigns/Uso and Alexa, this show sucked. Those two angles are really strong though. Terrible job by WWE on this go-home show.  Nothing else needs to be said.

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw Review 9-21

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

Monday Night Raw Review 9-21

Retribution Opens The Show

Retribution has officially signed contracts. The five main members are in the ring and we can see who each of them is despite being in masks. The Hurt Business comes out to the ring and the Retribution five leave the ring. MVP cuts a promo challenging them to a match. More Retribution members surround the ring. A brawl starts.

I am getting a little tired of them, to be honest. At least we are getting them in the ring tonight. How many members do they have? So I will hold off on my up or down on this angle until later on. But I loved that the show started off hot.

Thumbs up

Interview With Rey Mysterio

Rey says the family is everything. I must say Rey’s daughter is beautiful. I am sure we will see more of this later on. No rating for the promo.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match: Andrade/Garza vs. Seth/Buddy vs. Dominik/Humberto

I have so many problems with this. First of all this match is for a shot at the Street Profits. Seth/Buddy and Dom/Humberto are not tag teams and don’t deserve this opportunity. Dom/Humberto has not won any tag matches. Seth/Buddy won just one match.  Plus Seth is leaving soon and he walked out on Buddy during the match. I hate when matches are predictable. Secondly how many times are Andrade and Garza going to break up? And Zelina Vega was not at ringside. This just tells you how bad the Men’s tag team divisions are in the WWE.

Andrade/Angelo Garza win the match but no real business was accomplished.

Thumbs down 1

Raw Underground Recap

I believe this is the first time they have had a recap of Raw underground during the first two hours. Shane is going on the KO show. Shane says he is cool with KO and he always has a couple of surprises for KO.

KO Show With Shane

KO says I never thought I would be giving this person a platform but 2020 has been crazy anyway. Shane and KO go back and forth on the mic. These two are good at promos together.

Dabba Kato comes out after Shane says Kato beat you up when you visited Raw Underground. KO tells Kato we are going to do this again and he slaps Kato. KO announces Braun Stroman and he comes to the ring. Shane gets in between Dabba and Braun and says save it for Underground. Aleister Black attacks KO. I am still not sure where they are going with KO and Black. But at least they are developing that storyline.

Thumbs up

Drew Promo with Charly

Charly asks him about his fractured friendship with Keith Lee. Drew says its business and not personal. He expects Lee to want to be champion and if he didn’t why be in the WWE. Retribution beating up some random wrestlers like Carillo. We find out the match is official with Retribution and Hurt Business. Decent backstage stuff.

Drew Mcintyre vs Keith Lee

We are getting this match for a second week in a row. And you knew this match was not going to have a clean winner. Randy Orton attacks Drew with a chair disqualifying Lee. Orton drives a chair into the fractured jaw of Mcintyre. Lee gets the kick to the skull from Orton. The match is secondary because of the DQ and the second straight week we are seeing Lee vs McIntyte. I can really see Lee turning heel.

Thumbs down 1

Randy Orton Promo

He says shame on everyone for thinking he would not be able to make the PPV. As usual a great promo by Orton.

Thumbs up

Asuka Promo

Asuka is asked who is the more worthy opponent for her. Billie Kay comes out to interrupt the interview. Peyton says Asuka should fight her. Asuka asks them if they are still friends. She accepts the challenge from Peyton.

Nothing special here.

Zelina Vega vs Mickie James

Zelina wins and will face Asuka at Clash and get murdered. Mickie is getting buried because her husband Nick Aldis is feuding with Bruce Pritchard. Personally, I would have rather seen Mickie James face Asuka at Clash and it should have been their first match together. But Bruce and Vince are petty. That would have been a great match. So Vega who I like is not really worthy of a title shot even though it will be a squash match.

Thumbs down 1

Hurt Business is beating up Retribution in the back.

Bianca Belair Promo

We see Bianca having a series of strength battles with a male and she beats him every time. Where is this going? Is she going to be fighting men? I am not sure where they are going with this. At least Bianca was on the show.

Thumbs up

R Truth Promo

Akira Tazawa on the beach with a ninja. Truth has his title and little Johnny. A shark is in the water. Truth loses little Jimmy and the belt only to get them back at the end. Truth is so funny it’s ridiculous.

Thumbs up

Apollo Crews vs Cedric

MVP good promo. Apollo not so good.

Apollo wins and I have no idea why. Cedric being in the Hurt Business should be going over Apollo. Shelton and Lashley distract Apollo and Ricochet on the ramp and they get beat down.

Thumbs down 1

Raw Underground

Segment 1 Dolph vs Arturo Ruas. Dolph wins. Braun says he needs competition.

Segment 2 Moss vs Erik. Moss wins

Segment 3 Braun beats Daaba Kato and walks over him at the end.

So all of this was to build Braun back up as a monster. What about Daaba? Is he done now? Nothing really happens at Raw Underground. Nothing carries over to the main show. What is the purpose of this?

Thumbs down 1

Seth Rollins Promo

Seth says the Mysterio family has taunted him for a long time now. Seth says he has to tell the truth about the Mysterio family. He asks them to come to the ramp. Seth says Rey is not the father of Alayah and he has the proof. Rey tells his daughter she is too young and naïve. She walks out followed by the rest of the family one by one. We have seen this same angle years ago with Rey and Dominik. Eddie Guerrero was amazing in that angle. Seth Rollins isn’t Guerrero.

Thumbs down 1

Shayna and Nia vignette followed by a match against Nattie and Shayna

With the Riott Squad on commentary, this was a squash match. Nia and Shayna go after Riott Squad after the match. RIott Squad gets away and Nia puts Lana through the table for a second straight week. Petty Bruce strikes again. Lana is going to get seriously hurt.

Thumbs down 1

Charly asks Drew how he is feeling. He says at the Clash he is going to best the piss out of Orton. As for tonight, he is going to pick a fight and he throws the ice pack on the ground.

Asuka vs Peyton Royce

Pretty good match. Peyton showed me a lot. Match went too long. Zelina attacked Asuka leading to the DQ. Zelina getting more heat for when she loses the match at the PPV. I get trying to establish Peyton but the match was way too long.

Thumbs down 1

Buddy with Alayah

Buddy apologizes to Alayah and says he is sorry if he did anything to hurt her and how this has gotten out of control.

Retribution vs Hurt Business

Slapjack TBar Mace come out with no entrance music

Lashley puts one member in a full nelson. T Bar I think hits Lashley from the outside and the ref calls for the bell. Why? Don’t we always see members of a tag team break up pinfalls by hitting the guy pinning their teammate? Retribution comes out and attacks Hurt Business. Drew leads a charge of boys from the back. One Big Melee. The ring empties and only Drew is left. Here comes Orton with an RKO.

So I guess we are not going to have a match with a real winner involving Retribution until Survivor Series. I still feel that the real leader has not been revealed yet. The only good thing about this whole segment was seeing Orton head into the Clash with legit heat.

Thumbs down 1


I have five ups and nine downs and all of my ups are for promos. This show is tragic and we keep seeing the same matches over and over. At least AEW gives you new matchups every week. The three-hour show has to go. They have a hard enough time writing a two-hour show. Vince really needs to go because this is just getting hard to watch. Even the good things they have eventually get broken.

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Review

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

AEW Review 9-23

Kip Sabian/Miro vs Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela

So Miro is going with the Most Handsome Man ever gimmick as well as The Best Man. Jr was talking up that Sonny and Janela have an 8-3 record as a tag team. Must be all on Dark which I don’t watch. All the announcers were talking up Miro. His body looks great. He is rusty. Kip & Miro win with the Camel Clutch on Sonny by Miro. Game Over.

Ok, so this match was sloppy and had a lot of botches. Miro rolled his ankle doing a move that the smaller wrestlers do. Once again Miro should not be in a tag team with a mid-carder at best. Furthermore, I will never support Miro until he gets out of this stupid angle. Miro was booked bad with the WWE and he goes to AEW and is booked bad again.

This match was way too long and should have ended the first time Miro got into the ring to show his dominance. But Tony Khan likes his long matches. I need storylines and character building. This had neither. Miro should be booked like a killer and for this reason, this angle will never work for him.

Thumbs down 1

Eddie Kingston Promo

Murderhawk has COVID so Eddie Kingston is getting his second title shot in what two months. He has two wins. Decent promo and once again another shot is taken at the WWE. Can AEW have one show without taking shots at the WWE? Moxley comes out and there is a staredown in the ring.

I am not one of the AEW marks who were screaming in excitement for this match. Don’t tell me that one of those title matches was an open challenge. This is fake. It’s not real life. Don’t tell me he never lost the Battle Royal. He didn’t win it either. Don’t tell me that AEW was thinking fast and put Kingston in this match.

Moxley did not need to defend the title on this show. How about still have the 6-man tag match and put another wrestler in that match maybe even Kingston himself. Instead, we got all of the other members who were supposed to be in the tag match all appear after the match anyway. I just don’t get it.

Thumbs down 1

Hangman Page vs Evil Uno

Kenny Omega on commentary and once again Omega is dressed like he was on the beach or sitting by the pool. Hangman Page should not be having a 10-plus minute match with Evil Uno who is a tag team wrestler. Why is this angle getting dragged out? Turn Omega or Page heel. I am always going to be consistent. I don’t care how good the match is. I need my TV show to be entertaining and to develop characters and storylines. This match did nothing for anybody.

Thumbs down 1

Tony Schiavone With Matt Jackson

Matt saying Nick and him know that they have been edgy lately. They have lost a lot. Kept saying don’t be afraid Tony just do not ask me about FTR. Tony kept on asking about FTR. Matt asked to see his phone and he grabs it and smashes It against the wall. Matt tosses money at him.

The Young Bucks can’t sell this heel turn. Maybe if I was familiar with their work in Japan I can buy it. I just can’t. At least I am seeing some personality out of the Bucks and specifically Matt.

Thumbs up

Orange Cassidy vs Brodie Lee ( C )

Brodie Lee should not be giving Orange Cassidy over 10 minutes in this match. Especially when Cody only got three. Brodie should have won this match in five minutes tops. But Khan loves Cassidy so he is going to continue to force him down our throats as a main eventer. This is not happening. Brodie should have destroyed Cassidy. It is just not realistic to think Cassidy can last more than five minutes. But Khan has a serious man-crush on Cassidy.

Thumbs down 1

Cody Attacks Dark Order/Brodie Lee Promo

Cody is back and he has dark hair. He was wearing a suit with a pocket watch. He beats up the lower level of the Dark Order. Brodie Lee cuts a good promo possibly exposing the goings-on in the locker room of AEW. He challenges Cody to a Dog Collar Match. I really hope Brodie was not a placeholder for Cody until he finished his personal projects.

Thumbs up

Matt Hardy Birthday Celebration

Hardy comes out really selling that knee injury. Private Party is with him. Pretty bad promo by Hardy. The big mystery is who hit Matt Hardy in the knee. Does anyone really care? This is Khan’s way of keeping Matt out of the ring while he waits to be cleared to wrestle. Matt calls Jericho an asshole. Pretty good stuff huh? LOL

The Inner Circle comes out and Jericho cuts a so so promo. Sammy is back. Who gives a shit about your birthday. So now Sammy was out because Hardy took him out. My god Tony Khan. Please stop. You messed up. Stop trying to cover it up. No one is going to forget what happened. The million viewer man. I know he is trolling the fans but still. This is awful.

Private Party is god awful on the mic. I don’t care how good you wrestle. If you can’t cut a promo then you are not over. I almost beat you Jericho not once or twice. Do you want a participation trophy Cassidy? Cassidy vs Jericho next week. I can’t hardly wait. LOL

I expect so much more from both Hardy and Jericho

Thumbs down 1

FTR with Tully Blanchard

What the hell was this? Blanchard is so much better than this. While I enjoy the promos this was not a very good one. So FTR matches will be 20-minute time limits and if it’s a draw then FTR gets the credit for the win. What? People just because it’s different that does not mean it’s good. Brush of Greatness. That’s all I need to say about that. We find out that FTR is facing SCU next week in a title match. SCU is not ranked in the Top Five.

Best Friends come out and man are they bad on the mic. They challenged FTR to a title match and FTR backed down. When was the last time you called someone a weenie? For me that’s easy. I never have. This was a clusterfuck all the way around.

Thumbs down 1

Thunder Rosa/Shida vs Diamante/Ivellise

Again we already know who is winning this match so I already lost some interest in the match. Decent match. AEW’s women’s Division needs a lot of work. When you are featuring a wrestler who is a champion on another promotion then you know your division is bad. Shida already beat Rosa. So where is this really going? AEW fix your Women’s division.

Thumbs down 1

Chris Jericho/MJF Promo

Anything these two do together will be great. As I stated last week, the promos will always be better than the actual match. Jericho’s career is winding down and is showing his age in the ring. MJF is never going to take crazy chances in his matches so that makes these two a good matchup. I wonder if maybe MJF steals control of the Inner Circle and breaks away from Wardlow who needs to start wrestling.

I heard someone already say it. Wardlow and MJF can tell a similar story as HBK and Diesel.

Thumbs up

Moxley ( C ) vs Kingston

I didn’t want to see this match happen in the first place. But it was a decent to good match. Kingston is a brawler and I would be shocked if he ever gets to be the top guy. Despite how good a promo he can cut. Moxley has already beaten guys way bigger than Kingston. The problem is when you have been promoting Moxley vs Archer there is no way Mox was going to lose this match. So I hate that this finish was so predictable.

The end happens when Kingston passes out. He passed out way too quickly. The Lucha Brothers come out and attack Moxley. Will Hobbs makes the save. Then Darby Allin comes out and lays out three bigger guys. And of course, Khan has to play Darby’s music but no one else’s. I know he used a skateboard but how does the smallest guy take out the much bigger wrestlers. Starks comes out and the heels go over strong.

Thumbs down 1


I have three ups and eight downs. This was one of their worst shows of the year. If you liked it then I am glad you did. But I can’t put it over. I love promos and most of them were bad. The matches were too long and did no real business. We were told repeatedly that wins and losses matter. So how does SCU get a tag team title shot before any of the top five teams? Forget the fact that Orange Cassidy got a title shot and he was not ranked.

Eddie Kingston just got his second title shot and he has won maybe two matches and he didn’t win the Battle Royal. This is what I am talking about when I say LOGIC GAP. This is a company being run by a wrestling mark who’s father is a billionaire. Tony Khan was the skinny awkward runt growing up who now wants to push the smaller outcast type of wrestlers like Darby and Cassidy.

The ratings were down again and I think next week they might go a little lower too.

NXT Review

NXT Review 9-23

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

NXT Review 9-23

NXT is moving towards their next Take Over in October. It’s time to establish number one contenders for Women’s Champion Io Sharai, NXT Champion Finn Balor, and North American Champion Damien Priest. Here is the NXT Review for 9-23.

Women’s Battle Royale

I hate Battle Royales. Always have. But I like the Royal Rumble. So I didn’t like it when NXT added more women into this match. I would rather have the original 11 announced women in the match. But whatever. I liked the Candace LaRae spot before the match where she took out Tegan Nox. But nothing else did it for me. Rhea and Raquel might be continuing their feud. A cage match is supposed to end the feud. Not prolong it. I have no problem with Candace winning. Io vs Candace had a great match last year so I expect then to have another great match.

Thumbs down 1

Damien Priest Promo

We find out Johnny Gargano is facing Priest at Takeover. Also, Priest is facing Austin Theory tonight.

Tomaso CIampa vs Jake Atlas

This match went too long and Atlas got in way too much offense. But Ciampa has been a beast lately. I am curious to know where he goes from here. I don’t feel that Atlas got anything in this loss except that he did better this time.

Thumbs down 1

Ridge Holland Promo

It was ok. Nothing special. We should have seen this before he had his first match.

Mix Match Tag: Burch & Strong vs Aichner & Mendoza

Once again NXT has to be creative to determine the number one contenders for Breezango. So you have one member from four different tag-teams making up two teams. The team that wins will face each other in a tag team match the next week with the winner facing Breezango. Cool concept but once again the tag team divisions are all a mess in the WWE.

Roderick Strong and Danny Burch win.

A good match and next week will be even better.

Thumbs up

Austin Theory Promo

Austin Theory is getting interviewed when Johnny Gargano interrupts. Theory is so good playing a cocky prick but he always loses. Gargano says you remind him of himself and gives him some advice. He says if you happen to soften him up he would never forget it. Right away Iknow Gargano is getting involved in this match somehow.

Thumbs up

Damien Priest vs Austin Theory

Another match that went too long. Priest dominates Theory. Gargano attacks Priest after the match. All were predictable.

Thumbs down 1


We see a promo for a former champion returning to NXT. He is coming back on the next Takeover. So speculation is running wild on who it could be. Hopefully, it is one of the unused talents on the main roster.

Thumbs up

Ridge Holland vs Deluca

Squash match. Great way to build up Ridge.

Thumbs up

Io Shirai Promo

Io is cutting a promo on facing Candace LaRae when Gargano and LaRae crash it. Predictably Gargano gets in Io’s face when Priest appears. So we will get the mixed match tag team match next week Io and Priest vs Gargano and LaRae. Which was also predictable.

Thumbs down 1

Five Man Gauntlet Match

I loved this concept. Part Gauntlet and part Royal Rumble. NXT is very creative in making these types of matches. It was a very good wrestling match with five wrestlers who need a push. The Velveteen Dream attacking Kushida sets up future business between the two. Cameron Grimes, Branson Reed, and Timothy Thatcher have been getting pushed. But Kyle O’Reilly gets the win and the title shot. O’Reilly has kind of been the forgotten man in the Undisputed Era so it was good to see him get a push.

Thumbs up


I have five ups and four downs. I will always put over squash matches because that is how you build a wrestler.  But you can’t do too many of those. I have said this before and I will say it again. Triple H should not try to counter-program AEW. He should just do what NXT has always done which is to build long-term stories. This is why we have a show with three gimmick matches to establish number one contenders. All because there is a Take Over in two weeks. Just develop the contenders naturally.

In the case of Finn Balor, this is different. Balor is not losing his first title defense so do you want to waste a match with Tomaso, Gargano, or Velveteen when we know Balor is winning? So this is why that Gauntlet match works for me. Sure NXT needs to develop contenders and they are doing that now. So I am on board with this.

NXT fast-tracked Keith Lee vs Kross because Vince wanted Lee on Raw where he is ruining him. You can never predict injuries and Kross getting injured hurt a lot. I also feel the injury or whatever is going on with Dexter Loomis hurts too. He was so over. But Triple H needs to go back to the development of characters. But I know the old man has his hands on everything now.

Switching to Tuesday nights would benefit both AEW and NXT. AEW would have the platform to try to grow its audience and so would NXT. And NXT can go back to doing what they did before AEW came along. Vince McMahon will never let AEW grow their audience.

NCAA Sports Plays

Sports Plays Of The Day 9-26

After going 1-3 this past Sunday my figure is now a terrible -800. It’s time to start winning. I have 5 College Football plays today. I will also have my MLB Playoff picks next week. Here are my 5 Sports Plays of the Day.

Auburn Tigers -6.5 at home vs the Kentucky Wildcats

Virginia Cavaliers -4 at home vs the Duke Blue Devils

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs -24 at home vs the Houston Baptist Huskies

Louisville Cardinals plus 3 at the Pittsburgh Panthers

Baylor Bears -17.5 at home vs the Kansas Jayhawks


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Smackdown Review

Smackdown Review 9-18

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

Smackdown Review 9-18

Smackdown is featuring a Samoan Street Fight between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso vs King Corban and Sheamus. Additionally, we will hear from Sasha Banks in response to Bayley’s attack on her both physically and verbally.

The Dirt Sheet

This is a waste of a segment. Miz who is very talented on the mic looks ridiculous. Morrison looks even worse. Plus this Otis angle is going nowhere. WWE should have never let someone like Otis win the Money In The Bank contract. The Mandy/Otis angle was losing steam so it has run its course. Unless Morrison starts flirting with her. But she was moved to Raw but is still talked about which never happens once a talent switches brands.

Otis who is very entertaining in his own right has played this part well. But this segment and the whole angle needs to go. Miz gets stripped down to his white boxers. Who thinks this is entertaining.

Thumbs down 1

Gran Metalik vs Cesaro

Why are these wrestlers still facing each other? Are the Lucha House Party getting a title shot? More lazy illogical booking. How do the faces get thrown out of ringside for not even interfering in the match? Please explain that to me. Then the heels win fair and square.

Yes this was a good match. What business did this do?

Thumbs down 1

Jey Uso Interview

More of the same from Jey Uso. Talking about when they were kids and how we are all grown up no. Corrected himself to say Roman told me then said Paul Heyman told me. Ok promo. We heard the same thing last week. I would have loved for Jey to say something different.

Thumbs down 1

Matt Riddle Bro Promo

Matt Riddle is very entertaining and building his character is important. But I am not sure this was the way to go. This whole series of definitions of Bro was something I would find funny if I was high as a kite. At least it was better than talking about his bare feet.

Thumbs up

A Moment Of Bliss/Nikki Cross Vs Lacey Evans

I actually felt this was a good segment. Nikki Cross was the guest and Alexa said I have to ask the tough questions. And she did. Give her credit. I sense new confidence in Alexa. Probably because they have put her into an angle with the Fiend. Nikki asks Alexa what is going in with her and the Fiend. Alexa is saying she does not fully understand what is going on with her.

Lacey Evans comes out and insults both Alexa and Nikki. Nikki attacks Lacey and it’s time for their match. Nikki got aggressive during the match and showed a mean streak. Nikki gets the win but I don’t buy her being able to beat Bayley. I just don’t see that ever happening.

After the match, Lacey mentions the Fiend to Alexa and she goes into the trance and gives Lacey a Sister Abigail. This is intriguing. I want to see Alexa have some interaction with Bray Wyatt in the funhouse.

Thumbs up

Paul Heyman Promo

They are really going all-in on Roman and I love it. It’s about time they turned him heel and they are building the match with Jey Uso brilliantly. It’s not often WWE and Brilliant are in the same sentence. But this is one of those times.

Thumbs up

Sasha Banks Interview

I did feel that Bayley was going to attack Sasha again which she did. I was just surprised they didn’t let the beat down go a little further. Sasha has to come back as an ultimate baby face and she has to come back in January for the Royal Rumble. By then there could be a decent amount of fans allowed in the arenas so Sasha will get the big babyface pop.

The problem is how do you keep Bayley as this strong heel until then. Clearly, she is not going to lose the belt. But we are talking about three months before January. Sasha is doing her best work trying to get sympathy. Of course, WWE could screw this up and have Sasha face Bayley at Hell in the Cell in October which would be a huge mistake.

Thumbs up

AJ Styles vs Sammy Zayn

As predicted by me last week I said there would be a three-way match at Clash between Styles, Zayn, and Jeff Hardy to determine the real Intercontinental Champion. So I knew there would be a screwy end to this match. Styles winning the match by pulling the tights after the referee caught Zayn doing it was a decent way to end the match, But I would not have had a pinfall winner to this match. I would have had a DQ finish.

Hardy comes out and uses a ladder to beat up Styles and Zayn so we know where this is going. A ladder match between these three at Clash will steal the show. That’s the way you are supposed to end a feud.

Thumbs up

Otis & Tucker

I am a fan of Otis, Miz, and Morrison but I hate this angle. Now there is a lawsuit filed by the Miz against Otis for emotional distress, destruction of personal property, and an unsafe working condition. This angle will get drawn out some more when Otis gets a lawyer involved. Who could that lawyer be? Maybe Abyss?

Nothing can save this angle.

Thumbs down 1

Big E/Sheamus

Sheamus was told that his car was getting towed. The same guy he used to set up Big E set him up this time. I had a feeling that Big E was going to be outside. Sheamus runs away when he sees Big E coming after him. Then Big E beats up the security guard who set him up. A babyface beating up a security guard. I am not saying that Big E is turning heel but he definitely needed a new attitude being that he is a singles wrestler now.

Big E stuffs the security guard in the trunk of a car. I would love to see Big E completely break free of the New Day and turn heel. But I love this character change because it was so needed.

Thumbs up

Mysterious Woman

WWE tries to be slick. We all know who the woman is. Enough people recognized the tattoo’s that Carmella has matching the tattoo’s we saw on the woman last week. So this week we don’t see those body parts and the segment was a little shorter. Just come clean with this already. But I got a feeling that heel Carmella is going to get involved in the Bayley match at the Clash since they were tag partners in NXT. But Damn Carmella is so sexy and is better as a heel. But thumbs down for dragging this out when we know who it is.

Thumbs down 1

Samoan Street FIght: Jey Uso & Roman Reigns vs King Corbin and Sheamus.

One of the reasons why I like this angle is because typically when one member of a tag team gets injured WWE forgets about the other member. So the fact that Jey Uso is getting a lot of TV time is a good thing. Then add in the family aspect with Roman and you have a storyline that writes itself if you let it. So this we are not kids any more dialogue works so well because Roman being the bigger one was probably the typical big brother who pushed around his little cousins.

So we are getting a true heel Roman by saying this belt has to stay with me which means he is willing to do whatever he needs to and this belt means more than his blood. Unfortunately, I have no desire to see this match again only to wait until the end to see the payoff. The King Corbin gimmick has to go. Physical match with some rough spots. But the ending is where all the fun happened.

Jey hits Corbin with the belt. Roman spears him then Uso hits a frog splash for the win. Roman looks very annoyed that Jey got the pin. Post-match Jey grabs the belt and starts to give it to Roman but then stares at it and looks like he is going to hold it up like he is the champion. Jey is really overdoing the celebration and Roman just smiles at him then they hug where Roman is talking to him. As Jey walks up the ramp we see Roman burn a hole in him with his stare while Heyman nods his head. I loved the ending of this match. I hated that this match actually happened.

Thumbs up


It’s not often that I can say a WWE main roster show had more good than bad but this episode of Smackdown did just that. Smackdown is really doing some things right with the Roman Reigns heel turn, the Sasha/Bayley feud, Big E’s character turn tonight, and setting up the ladder match at Clash which will be a show-stealer.

However, we have the awful and going nowhere angle with Heavy Machinery and Miz/Morrison, the dreadful Tag Team division, and the underutilization of a handful of wrestlers. It makes you wonder how is the same person in charge of both Raw and Smackdown.

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Review 9-16

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion


AEW’s 9-9 show drew over one million viewers. Can they make it two weeks in a row? NXT is back in it’s regularly scheduled night so AEW does have opposition. While some would argue that last week’s show which was short on wrestling and long on promos/character building etc. had everything to do with the ratings jump. I disagree a little bit. The Matt Hardy situation made the show must-see. Now the Matt Hardy hook is gone. It’s time for the AEW Dynamite Review for 9-16

Jurrasic Express vs FTR

The show opens with Jurrasic Express in the ring. The Young Bucks come out to the ring and double superkick the referee and walk out. AEW is trying to make the Bucks a heel team. The problem is I am not buying it. Plus they look like wimps first kicking Alex Marvez last week and now a defenseless referee this week. How about they beat down a real babyface? That used to be the way to turn heel.

The camera follows the Bucks into the back when surprise Tony Khan is sitting in the gorilla position wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and a fanny pack. Is this really the way your owner should be seen? When Vince is shown backstage he is always dressed up unless he was wrestling that night. And even then he would be dressed up and would change before the match. Khan desperately wants to be one of the boys and probably did not have a lot of friends growing up.

The Bucks toss 10 grand at Khan and have words with FTR before walking away. That is the last we hear from the Bucks on the night? So I guess there is no backstage reporter to try to get some words with them. If you are going to tell me that there isn’t a backstage reporter who was willing to get an interview with them because they are worried about getting kicked—then say it. That would add to the heel turn or try to make it a bit more believable.


I hate when the show starts with video packages or right into a match. Last week’s AEW show started great to me. A good and simple segment outside of the arena that was entertaining and something that planted the seeds to a future program.

OK, so there was nothing wrong with the match. It was good. But the match did nothing to further any characters or storylines. It was a long match where FTR needed to break the rules to win. FTR should be beating this team in five minutes. I would break up the Jurrasic Express. I can’t give this a positive rating because it was just a filler where my championship tag team who is billed as the best team in the world has to cheat to win.

Thumbs down 1

Matt Hardy Injury

This is interesting. Matt Hardy is selling a knee injury with Private Party consoling him. Then we see Chris Jericho and Jake Hager walking by and at first, look concerned. But then they started laughing as Jericho was twirling Floyd his bat around. We did not get an injury update on Matt and maybe this is just to get Matt off TV to heal up instead of admitting Matt is not cleared to wrestle which he admitted to last week.

At least if Matt works a program with Jericho it will be safer for both of them. So I can get on board with this.

Thumbs up

Hangman Page vs Kazarian

Kenny Omega is on commentary for this match. Please Kenny Omega I beg you to show some personality and charisma. I have not seen any of this on TV with you. There might be a glimpse here or there. But I can’t get on board with you as a superstar until I see some charisma.

Now Page has it. I can see it. He had so much momentum before the Pandemic. He has lost that edge. And this angle is going on way too long. I liked the heel Page turn better than what we have now. It looks like they are making Page a face. At least that is what it looks like. Could AEW be swerving us?

The look on his face when Kenny went to the back after the match did him no favors, Then he cried in his beer post-match. I don’t want to see Page this way. He and MJF are the future for this promotion.


As for the match much like the first one, it was good. But it did no real business for either wrestler. It went too long and had too many false finishes. If your trying to build up Page as a singles wrestler then Kazarian can’t have a 15-minute match where he kicks out of most of his big power moves.

The Buckshot Lariat is a sweet finisher. But this match did absolutely nothing for Kazarian. And it hardly did anything for Page as well.

Thumbs down 1

MJF Match & Promo

MJF squashes John Dean is like 15 seconds then cuts a promo. MJF’s promos are can’t miss. He calls out Moxley for cheating against him. He orders Justin Roberts to call him the Undefeated, Undisputed Uncrowned AEW Champion. I like how he is not dropping this. Let’s see where this goes.

Then he says he always was a lone wolf and seeing that there is a lot of factions maybe he needs to join one? Could MJF be forming a faction of his own? Does AEW have yet another wrestler they are looking to debut? MJF should be on the show every week and also should have at least 10 minutes a show for a promo.

Thumbs up

Eddie Kingston & Family

I don’t really know what the end game for this is going to be. But he is preaching family now and said there are three things he wants to say. The first thing is that he never lost the Battle Royal. Just like MJF, I am glad they are not dropping this but we have yet to see any indication of what both will lead to. Additionally, The last two segments had as a key talking point about two wrestlers both getting screwed with nothing getting done to resolve it. Also, can I see Kingston wrestle again?

The second point was to say that we are a family. Not a faction or a stable. We fight with each other but make up and handle business or something like that. Then the Butcher & the Blade throw some random guys into the ring and they get lit up.

The third point is Kingston telling the Blade to get your house in order. That has to mean Allie. So what is this telling us? In my opinion, we will see the restart of the Nightmare Family vs the Butcher and the Blade. Or course the Chief Branding Officer will windup putting herself right in the middle of this. God, she is the worst female wrestler in the company.

Secondly and I hope I am wrong but maybe we see Kingston and the Lucha Brothers crash the 6 man tag team match next week. The Butcher and the Blade can also get involved. I would not like that angle. Way too much going on but would be typical of AEW.

Thumbs up

Jericho and Hager vs Private Party

This is another match that went way too long. I appreciate that Jericho wants to get everybody over but at the expense of him and Hager? These two should not be a tag team. I don’t see the appeal to Private Party? But why do they need to always have these long matches?

Jericho has been a good soldier for AEW since it started. He has put over so many wrestlers who really needed it. The problem is he is so devalued now. I feel he should now be able to feud with whoever he wants.

Jericho takes a nasty kick from Marquez Quinn after the match. He looked out of it.

Thumbs down 1

Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse

The Women’s NWA Champion is defending her title on AEW. If that does not indicate how bad AEW’s women division is then I don’t know what will. This match was sloppy and slow. Ivelisse for some reason looked like she was throwing power punches in slow motion.

Thunder Rosa predictably wins the match. After the match Diamonte attacks Rosa. Ivelisse joins in. Shida saves Rosa. Shida looks at her NWA belt before giving it back to her and walking out of the ring. There looked like some real blows in this match and the reports are there was something between these two before the match.

Now we are getting a tag team match between Rosa and Shida vs Ivelisse and Diamante next week. The quality of the female matches are better because we aren’t seeing the women who can’t wrestle on Dynamite. Although I didn’t like this match I will give it a good rating. Plus a storyline looks to be developing.

Thumbs up

Miro & Kip Sabian

This was an awful 30-second segment. It is making Miro look like a clown even more. I can’t believe he is letting himself get booked like this. I am curious to know if he was promised anything when he signed with AEW.

Miro should be in the main event angle. If you want to say he just got to AEW so give it time. Ok. But pairing with Sabian who is not even over as a mid-carder is the wrong place for Miro to start.

Thumbs down 1

Jake Roberts/Archer/Taz/Moxley Segment

First, I forgot how small Taz is. He looked tiny compared to the height of Jake and Archer. So now we have Cage and Archer working together.  Roberts promised Taz and Cage the first title shot after Archer beats Moxley in exchange for Cage and Starks tagging with him against Moxley and his two teammates. Does anyone else see what is wrong with this?

Who cares about a 6 man tag match or even winning it. Archer already has a title shot. What is the goal here? Well for starters now I know Moxley will retain the title against Archer. The reason I know is that these deals and partnerships never work out. AEW will never allow two heels to face each other for the title.

Secondly, Archer told Kingston to stop crying. That to me means we will see the Kingston Family get involved in that match next week turning it into some ridiculous brawl.

Mox comes out to no doubt announce who his partners are. But he gets attacked by Cage and Starts who are pretending to be security guards. Here comes Luke Hobbs to save Mox. Mox announces that Hobbs is one of his partners. Then says Darby Allin is his other partner. He says Darby I know your watching at home, get your ass to Jacksonville we have a match.

Darby was probably resting from yet another injury.

There is too much illogical stuff in this for me to put it over. Plus the predictability of the partners. Except for Hobbs.

Thumbs down 1

Parking Lot Match Best Friends vs Santana & Ortiz

I like it when matches take place out of the ring so I was into this from the start. I didn’t like that there were fans surrounding the cars which made up the ring so to speak. But I can get over that.

I liked the spots. I liked the physicality. I can’t believe a match with all four guys bleeding got on TV. Man, there were some brutal spots in this match. The guys definitely took some chances. As far as matches outside the ring go this was very good. I won’t call it the best of all time as a lot of AEW fanboys did. But a very good match. I am going to give this match two ratings because I feel it is warranted. Thumbs up for the physicality and the spots.

Thumbs down for firstly the two wrestlers who are New York street thugs lose a parking lot match to two wrestlers who get rides to the arena in their mother’s car. In no world does that make sense. Secondly, I feel the whole match was just to get Orange Cassidy over. The match ended when Cassidy popped out of one of the trunks and interfered on behalf of the Best Friends helping them win. So the babyfaces got outside interference in this match but the heels didn’t. There is no logic to that. Sue giving the middle finger was a funny spot.

Thumbs upThumbs down 1


So AEW went back to a show of mostly wrestling and the ratings dropped. I still say the only reason the ratings got over 1 million was more because of the buzz surrounding Matt Hardy than being unopposed from NXT. Well, both of those are not happening anymore. We keep saying the same things like what else was on against it or what night is it on. If your TV show is good it will always draw a rating.

We need to stop that already and just admit that there are about 1.5 million Wednesday night fans watching Wrestling which is down about 800K from the night Dynamite debuted. These shows are never going to grow or draw over a million unopposed. Certainly not without the huge hook that Matt Hardy was.

I will say it every week. Orange Cassidy will never be a star. Tony Khan is going to try to force him down our throats. He will be fine as a mid-carder much like a lot of other wrestlers. I want my weekly TV show to have a lot of promos and character building and less wrestling. This show had very little character building and went back to wrestling. Plus the show did not end on a cliff hanger.

Mid Card Division

I really feel the biggest problem I have with AEW is that there needs to be a line drawn between main eventers and mid-carders. Could you imagine a mid-card division with Cassidy, Starks, Darby, and Sammy headlining it? You can’t have these wrestlers facing off against the big boys. If they lose it’s way too predictable. If they win it’s way too unbelievable. There is no shame in creating divisions.

Then you could have this division have longer matches while the big guys having the short matches. Plus with every ex WWE guy they bring in it becomes less believable to put the smaller guys on that main event level. Miro comes in and is bigger than the Sammy’s and the Cassidy’s. Same with Matt Cordona,

Monday Night Raw

WWE RAW Review 9-14

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

WWE RAW Review 9-14

The show opens with a two-plus minute rehash of the Drew Mcintyre/Randy Orton feud. Way to long and almost got me to tune out the show.

Drew Mcintyre Promo

Decent promo by Drew. Very repetitive dialogue. Drew announces the match will be an Ambulance Match. Then Drew goes into this story about how Scottish Men wear nothing under their pants and how he felt that the crotch of his pants waS about to bust revealing his junk. What the hell did I just listen to?

Adam Pearce comes out and it looks like he is becoming the GM/Authority figure for both shows. I like that idea. He announces that Keith Lee will face Drew tonight and if Lee wins he would get a title match at The Clash if Orton is not cleared to wrestle.

Lee comes out to the ring and they stare each other down and shake hands but neither release the grip as the other tries to leave. This segment could have been better.

Thumbs down 1

Street Profits vs Cesaro/Nakamura

A non-title match with both brand’s tag team titles. Cesaro & Nakamura come to Raw to lose? Angelo Dawkins gets the win via a Frog Splash on Cesaro. The only member of the Street Profits who should be using the Frog Splash is Montez Ford. I am not sure what the purpose of this angle is. WWE’s tag team divisions are absolutely brutal across all brands. Please just merge the titles and be done with it. It does not matter how good a match is if there is no point to it.

Thumbs down 1

Lana & Angel Garza

Lana is complaining to Angel Garza about Micki James getting a title shot. I guess she thinks she deserves one. Garza is flirting with her. I want Garza to flirt with all the women to get them to help him out against future opponents. I think this is a great angle for him.

Zelena Vega comes out and says how can you leave Andrade in the ring to lose a match etc. Andrade and Garza start arguing. Vega storms out saying she can’t take this anymore. Garza and Andrade start brawling.

I like this segment but……… I think all three need to be on their own. If you believe the inside dirt then you know that McMahon likes Garza. Heyman loved Andrade. As for Vega, we see what she is up to later on in the night. I hope that WWE is not starting to have male and female teams to combat Kross and Scarlett when they get to the main roster. But we see this every week. Until I see them completely on their own then I won’t believe it.

Thumbs down 1

Hurt Business Promo Cedric vs Ricochet

Loving the Hurt Business. I love the entrance music. It starts off kind of like Jaws. Good promo too especially by Cedric Alexander. Apollo and Ricochet interrupt. God Ricochet has no personality and charisma. Neither does Apollo. This is what is holding them back.

Cedric goes over Ricochet which is the correct choice. Good match.

Thumbs up

Retribution Promo

Directly after the match, the lights go out and we see Retribution. Decent promo. God, there are like 15 of them. It’s time for this group to get in the ring or reveal who they are. I like the concept but they are dragging this out too long now. The lights go back on and we see the Hurt Business in the ring looking for Retribution.

Hurt Business With Adam Pierce

Adam Pierce yells at his security guards because there was another incident with Retribution. The Hurt Business comes by and says we can help you. Pearce says thanks for volunteering. MVP said we don’t volunteer. This is what we do. And you will be getting a bill from us. I am so digging The Hurt Business right now. They all look like they are having so much fun.

MVP is perfect to be the mouthpiece for Lashley, Cedric, and Shelton. Those guys are not great on the mic and they get to deliver a few lines and MVP does the rest. That’s how you get people over.

Thumbs up

Mickie James Vs Asuka

We see Mickie James say in a promo that this could be her last chance at gold. She says it again walking to the ring. The match was not good. I expect more from Mickie and Asuka. But Mickie looked very off. The ending was brutal. Who knows what really happened or what was supposed to happen. The referee stopped the match because he said Mickie could not continue. But as the week went on we heard a couple of different scenarios.

Some people feel that this is Bruce Pritchard giving payback to Mickie’s husband Nick Aldis for their feud. Let’s mess with Mickie as the WWE is known to do.  Anyway, this is not the way you treat a legendary performer in Mickie James.

After the match, Zelina Vega comes out and gets in Asuka’s face. Vega smacks Asuka and runs out of the ring. Why didn’t Asuka chase her? She just danced in the ring and it appears Asuka’a next title defense is against Zelina Vega who has wrestled like 2 or 3 matches in the last 7 months. So friggin tragic.

Another clueless booking decision by WWE. If you are giving out title shots to just anybody where the hell is Bianca Belair who has a victory over Vega. Shit, I would rather see Mandy Rose get a title shot. At least she has been wrestling and has some wins under her belt including Summer Slam where she had the best match I have seen her have.

Thumbs down 1

Charly Caruso Interviews Keith Lee

I love Keith Lee. I like his look and he is so athletic for a man his size. But the only problem I have with him is that he is always smiling. Keith Lee should be booked like a beast. Lee says in this interview that he and Drew always knew they would have to face each other despite being friends. He says he will do anything he has to do to win the match and is that means targeting Drew’s injured jaw then so be it. Also, he does not like Drew interfering in his matches. Decent promo but the smiling really bothers me.

Thumbs down 1

Lashley vs Erik

MVP replaces Dolph Ziggler on commentary. Lashley wins in a squash match. Man, it’s got to be hard when your tag team partner gets injured and is going to be out for many months. Hopefully, they do something with Erik and not just let him waste away until Ivar returns. Nothing special in this match and I am happy Erik had something to do at least for this night. Lashley should have squashed him.  I think Erik needs to go back to NXT.

Thumbs up

KO Interview

KO is always a good promo and this was no different. He dropped a lot of truth bombs. He said Aleister Black sat in a room for a year and no one knocked on his door. Said he has no idea why Black is mad at him. As KO left Black was looking at him. I have no idea why this is even a feud.

Thumbs up

RAW Underground Segments

  1. Shane is by the Raw Underground door and Braun Stroman comes by and demands to be let into the Underground. Shane says tonight might be the best Raw Underground yet.
  2. Dolph Ziggler is fighting then Riddick Moss jumps in and starts fighting with Dolph. Braun gets in the ring and lays both out. Then asks for challengers.
  3. Titus asks for entrance into the Underground. Braun destroys him too.
  4. Braun still beating people up including Dolph and Moss for the third time. Dabba Kato gets in the ring and is ready to fight Braun. Shane gets in between the two and says we are saving this for next week.

Okay, so Dabba Kato was standing outside the ring for all three segments and didn’t think to challenge Braun until the end of the show. Ridiculous. What else can I say? I think this was worth a try but it is just not working out.

Thumbs down 1

Mandy Rose Traded To Raw

Boy, they are really trying to talk this up as part of an angle for Smackdown. And maybe it is. But Mandy was getting better and we have not seen her in the ring since Summer Slam. I don’t hate Mandy Rose. She is very easy on the eyes. I think she works hard. She is getting better. I liked the stuff with Sonya. But she should still be on Smackdown.

The female wrestlers on Raw are better than the females on Smackdown. In comparison, if you look at the top four of each show.

RAW-Asuka, Shayna, Bianca, Nia

Smackdown-Bayley, Sasha, Naomi, Nikki

It’s funny that Bianca and Naomi are not being used right now.

Thumbs down 1

Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins Steel Cage Match

We see another very long package rehashing this feud. This was too long.

We saw a promo with Seth and Buddy where Seth got mad at Buddy and told him to not go to ringside for the match tonight. The whole Mysterio family goes to ringside. Buddy shows up and gives Seth a kendo stick through the cage. Fast forward to the end where Buddy hits Seth with the cage door by accident. Seth recovers and curb stomps Dominik and gets the win.

After the match, Seth berates Buddy and beats him up for almost costing him the match. Seth starts to walk towards the back where he sees Rey’s wife Angie. Seth says to Angie “Hell of a job you did. I hope she turns out better.” Very funny line. Angie and Aalyah go towards the ring. Angie gets in the ring and Aalyah stops and touches Buddy to console him. Then she goes into the ring. So I guess we are getting more from the Mysterio family.

I am tired of seeing Dominik face Seth or Buddy. This has to stop. I think Dominik has a future but this program has to end. Maybe they take this feud right up until Seth goes out on Maternity leave. I can’t give this the thumbs up because I am tired of seeing Dominik face Seth.

Thumbs down 1

Drew Mcintyre Interview

Keith Lee interrupts the interview and said the only match I had with Orton that you did not interfere with I beat him. Predictably these two start brawling all over the back. I must say Keith Lee needs to throw better punches. I feel that something is missing with Lee. The sight of Keith Lee walking away reminds me of King Kong. Decent spot with WWE trying to build up the heat between these two guys. All of this Keith Lee stuff is being forced.

Thumbs down 1

KO vs Black

These two wrestlers are underutilized and that’s a shame. KO wins when the lights go out and Owens rolls up Black. WWE has to do better with talents like this. If your not going to push Black then send him back to NXT. It’s tragic to see this. We know KO will say things in promos that are truth bombs and hopefully, he does this again. But what good would it do?

Thumbs down 1

We see Drew and Lee still fighting in the back. WWE trying to once again show legit heat for a match that let’s face it neither one can afford to lose.

Riott Squad Vs Nattie/Lana

Hey let’s get the Riott Squad back together because we realize that the Women’s tag team division has no real teams. So why was this team broken up in the first place? Plus you broke up the Iiconics and yeah I know they are not great but they were an established team. Then and I know it’s part of a storyline you jam Shayna and Nia together to win the belts. Now, Shayna is a badass, and Nia is big so them losing to any of these teams is not believable unless the two fight among themselves.

Shayna and Nia are on commentary during the match. Riott Squad who is facing Shayna and Nia at Clash win the match quickly. Shayna storms the ring after the match. The Riott Squad leaves but Nattie gets taken out then Lana is fed to Nia to take a Samoan drop through a table. Riott Squad looks on in fear. And the burying of Lana starts. WWE is going to punish Lana for things her husband is doing after they released him. How petty. Typical WWE.

Thumbs down 1

Keith Lee vs Drew Mcintyre

I hate when the outcome of matches are predictable. It takes my interest out of the match very quickly. So this is in the bad column already. I am only watching to see what business is done at the end of the match. So if I was watching this on DVR I could safely fast forward to the ending. Which is the case with 75 percent of the matches on all of the shows AEW included.

Retribution interferes in this match. I swear there are like 15 of them. This is not even a stable anymore. It’s a mini promotion. Is WWE going to use this big of a number forever or will it eventually get smaller? Plus the leader has to be someone established. More on that later.

We hear the music for The Hurt Business and they appear on the top of the ramp all well dressed. I love this group and as stated before they are all having fun. So now 4 guys are holding their own against 15 people. I say people because who the hell knows if there are women out there and how many of them. Drew and Keith Lee jump from the ring to the outside taking out everyone and the show ends.

I don’t even know how to rate this because I liked the Hurt Business but everything else I didn’t.

Thumbs down 1


WWE needs to do much better than this. I don’t know what to say anymore. This is discussed every week. I feel that something is missing with Keith Lee. The Seth Rollins/Dominik Mysterio feud needs to end. And it looks like Rey’s daughter is getting involved with Buddy. Seth is reportedly going to take some time off soon so will that mean we see more Dominik vs Buddy.

The Retribution angle needs to come to a head. Will they start to actually wrestle? Is there a leader and is it a member of the main roster or someone like CM Punk. It has dragged on for too long now. There is so much wrong with this show and it’s not the fault of the talent. Retribution needed to be done differently. I would have done it differently. I do like the concept.

This show needs to get better. Smackdown is a much better show and Raw needs to get up to speed.