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Sports Plays 11-30

Sports Plays 11-30

After going 4-2 on Turkey day to raise my figure to plus 33900 I am back with 15 plays today. All 200 each.


Illinois -9.5 at home vs Northwestern

Michigan plus 9 at home vs Ohio State

Liberty -14 at home vs New Mexico State

Nevada -7.5 at home vs UNLV

Minnesota plus 2.5 at home vs Wisconsin

Auburn Tigers

Auburn plus 3.5 at home vs Alabama

Penn State -40 at home vs Rutgers

SMU -4 at home vs Tulane

Colorado plus 18.5 at home vs Utah

Oklahoma State plus 13 at home vs Oklahoma

Navy -8.5 at Houston


South Dakota State plus 18.5 against Indiana

Mount St Mary’s -8 against Howard


Panthers at home vs Predators

Kings at home vs Jets




1 LSU Tigers 11-0 LW(1) Be careful against Texas A&M.

2 Ohio State Buckeyes 11-0 LW(2) Michigan is due to win one.

3 Clemson Tigers 11-0 LW(3) Virginia awaits in the ACC Championship game.

4 Georgia Bulldogs 10-1 LW(4) Beating LSU will be a tall order.

5 Alabama Crimson Tide 10-1 LW(5) Will the playoff committee shut them out?

6  Minnesota Golden Gophers 10-1 LW(8) Two more wins and they are in the playoffs.

7 Oklahoma Sooners 10-1 LW(7) Seem to be in a good spot to get into the playoffs.

8 Utah Utes 10-1 LW(10) Do not belong in the playoffs.

9 Florida Gators 9-2 LW(UR) Gators are back. Now can they get into a big bowl game?


10 Auburn Tigers 8-3 LW(10) This is team is better than some one-loss teams.




1 Baltimore Ravens 9-2 LW(2) Are they peaking at the wrong time.

2 New England Patriots 10-1 LW(1) The offense needs to get better.

3 Seattle Seahawks 9-2 LW(3) In a dogfight for the division championship.

4 San Francisco 49ers 10-1 LW(6) Big win last week. An even bigger win could happen this week.

5 New Orleans Saints 9-2 LW(4) They need to get back to basics.

6 Green Bay Packers 8-3 LW(5) Brutal loss at San Francisco.

7 Minnesota Vikings 8-3 LW(7) I still don’t trust Kirk Cousins.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 LW(8) AFter beating the Raiders this week all would be back to normal.

9 Buffalo Bills 8-3 LW(10) Keep winning the games your supposed to win.

10 Houston Texans 7-4 LW(UR) I keep waiting for this team to take off.

Sports Plays 11-28

Sports Plays 11-28

After going 3-5 on Sunday to lower my figure to plus 33500 I am back today with  6 picks. 200 each.


Bills plus 6.5 at Dallas

Saints -7 at Falcons


Virginia plus 3 at home vs Virginia Tech


USC – 14 against Fairfield

North Florida -4 against LIU

Tennessee State -7 against Cal Poly

Sports Picks 11-24

Sports Picks 11-24

After going 13-9 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 33900 I am back today with plays. All 200 each.


Raiders -3 at the Jets

Seahawks plus 1 at Eagles

Saints -9.5 at home vs Panthers

Bills -3.5 at home vs the Broncos

Patriots -6.5 at home vs the Cowboys

Over 52 of Buccaneers vs Falcons

NCAA Basketball

Eastern Michigan -10. at home vs NC AT&T

Hartford -2 at home vs Merrimack


Coyotes at home vs the Oilers

Sports Plays 11-23

Sports Plays 11-23

After going 5-4 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 33100 I am back with a very busy day of 22 plays 200 each.

NCAA Football

Virginia -16 at Liberty

Michigan State -20.5 at Rutgers

BYU -40 at UMASS

Georgia State -10 at home vs South Alabama

Penn State plus 18 at Ohio State

SMU plus 3 at Navy

Memphis -14. at South Florida

Cincinnati -10 at Temple

FIU plus 20.5 at home vs Miami

Nevada plus 13.5 at Fresno State


NCAA Basketball

Southern Utah -7 against Charleston Southern

Eastern Washington -7.5 against High Point

Youngstown State -6.5 against SC Upstate

Northern Illinois -7.5 against SIU Edwardsville

St Mary’s -20.5 at home vs Lehigh


76ers -4 at home vs Heat

Spurs -2 at the Knicks

Blazers -5 at the Cavs


Capitals at home vs the Canucks

Flyers at home vs the Flames

Bruins at home vs WIld

Stars at home vs Blackhawks

Sports Plays 11-22

Sports Plays 11-22

After going 1-4 yesterday to lower my figure to plus 32900 I am back with 9 plays all 200 each.


Hawks plus 6.5 at PIstons

Lakers -4.5 at Thunder

Mavericks -9.5 at home vs the Cavs

Nuggets -5 at home vs Celtics

Spurs plus 7 at Sixers

NCAA Basketball

Utah -5.5 vs Ohio


Penguins at home vs Devils

NCAA Football

Wyoming -5.5 at home vs Colorado State

Central Arkansas -5.5 at Incarnate Wood


NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 12

NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 12

1 New England Patriots 9-1 LW(1) I expect a big Pats performance this week.

2 Baltimore Ravens 8-2 LW(2) Huge test on the left coast.

3 Seattle Seahawks 8-2 LW(3) Staying on the heels of the Niners

4 New Orleans Saints 8-2 LW(4) Won’t get bet this week at home

5 Green Bay Packers 8-2 LW(5) Huge potential tiebreaker game this week

6 San Francisco 49ers 9-1 LW(6) Could be a must-win game to get a bye.

7 Minnesota Vikings 8-3 LW(8) Huge comeback win last week.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 LW(10) The Raiders are on their heels

9 Oakland Raiders 6-4 LW(UR) Just Win Baby

10 Buffalo Bills 7-3 LW(UR) Keep on winning the games they are supposed to win.





1 LSU Tigers 10-0 LW(1) Three wins vs top 15 teams.

2 Ohio State Buckeyes 10-0 LW(2) Brutal stretch begins this weekend.

3 Clemson Tigers 11-0 LW(3) Nothing suggests this team will lose a game before the playoffs

4 Georgia Bulldogs 9-1 LW(5) Must win out

5 Alabama Crimson Tide 9-1 LW(4) Matt Jones thrown into the hot seat

6 Oregon Ducks 9-1 LW(7) Oh if the held on and beat Auburn in week 1

7 Oklahoma Sooners 9-1 LW(9) Big comeback win sets up rematch for the Big 12 title.

8 Minnesota Golden Gophers 9-1 LW(6) Tough loss in a game they could have won. Can still win the Big 10 and MAYBE sneak into the playoffs?

9 Penn State Nittany Lions 9-1 LW(10) Put the money in the table at the Horseshoe

10 Utah Utes 9-1 LW(UR) I can’t see the Utes in the playoffs even if they are conference champions.

Sports Picks 11-21

Sports Picks 11-21

After going 0-4 with one push to lower my figure to plus 33500 I am back with 5 plays today. All 200 each.


Texans -3.5 at home vs the Colts


Utah -4.5 against Coastal Carolina

Notre Dame

Notre Dame -7.5 at home vs Toledo


Suns -4 at home vs the Pelicans


Blues at home vs the Flames