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Sports Plays Of The Day 2-28

After going 0-3 yesterday to drop my figure to minus 150 mellas.  I am back with 5 plays today.  All 100 each.

Take UNC Greensboro -6.5 at Citadel

Take UC Irvinw -4.5 at UC Davis

Take the Pacers -3 at home vs the T Wolves

Take the Nuggets -7 at home vs the Jazz

Take the Bruins at home vs the Lightning.

WWE Women’s Division: The Last Glass Ceiling To Break

Why were they ever called WWE Divas?  Just that word seems not to fit someone who is a professional wrestler.  This was one of the reasons why the women could not get over.  Among many more reasons we don’t have to mention.  So when Stephanie McMahon announced that the divas were now known as WWE Superstars that signaled the dawn of a new era.  This is not to take anything away from those women who were active during that period.  They did lay the tracks down for this.

Stephanie and Triple H have done a great job ushering in this new wave of female talent into the WWE Universe.  You can see it whenever the next glass ceiling gets broken.  You can see it on the Empowered documentary.  You can see it on Total Divas and Total Bellas on the E Channel.  These women are making history all the time with every single first time event.

I think soon it will be time for yet one more first for the Women’s Revolution in the WWE.  Despite the return of Roman Reigns I do expect to see the Ronda/Charlotte/Flair 3 way match as the last match of the evening at Wrestlemania ensuring yet another first for this Women’s Division.  So in the last 3 years this women’s revolution has had the following firsts:

  1. Hell In A Cell Match
  2. Money In The Bank Ladder Match
  3. Royal Rumble Match
  4. Wrestlemania Battle Royal Match(which was the unprecedented 4th woman’s match at the PPV)
  5. All Women’s PPV

So what’s left to accomplish.  After closing Wrestlemania this year there is only one logical next step.  I want to see a weekly 2-hour show just for the women of the WWE.

I started watching wrestling in the early 80’s.  Back then we hardly saw females wrestling.  In fact, I remember the first time I saw women actually wrestling and it was when the Rock N Wrestling era began when Cyndi Lauper got involved in an angle with Captain Lou Albano which ultimately led to a match at Wrestlemania.  Boy Vince was smart to pair this together back then to market his brand.  Also 1985 had the Original Screw job when Wendi Richter lost to a masked Fabulous Moolah.  Yes, Vince was screwing the talent back then too.  But let’s not go down memory lane.

The time is now to see these ladies finally get their own TV show.  WWE has the perfect angle to get it started with.  Let’s ring in a new era at WWE with the Horsewoman finally forming and creating their own Women’s 2-hour show.  With the Fox contract starting this year there is plenty of opportunities to get this show rolling.  What better way to start it with then the Horsewomen angle?

We have seen Bayley, Becky and Sasha flash the infamous 4 finger salute made popular by the Four Horseman. I have been calling for this to get going for a few months now.  Imagine during the main event of Wrestlemania we see this get formed.  Or maybe Ronda’s crew attacks Charlotte and Becky which would be the way to unite them to form the Horsewomen.    That is all this division really needs.  A true faction headlined by the daughter of one of the original 4 Horseman.

By the women getting their own show it solves a lot of problems and breaks down that one last glass ceiling left for the women.  These women have risen to and surpassed every challenge put in their way.  They continue to over deliver in every big moment and every big opportunity they are given.  Let this be a life lesson.  All you need is a chance.  All these women needed was a chance to show off their talents and showcase themselves and the company.  They have delivered.

What is the biggest problem right now on Raw and Smackdown Live?  There is certainly more than one problem but the lack of time to get every superstar over on TV is the biggest one.  We have the Smackdown’s Women Champion who has wrestled on TV just once in the last 3 weeks.  This week on Smackdown Live there wasn’t a women’s match at all.  Just the women appearing as managers in the men’s matches.  Raw had 2 women’s matches during a 3-hour show.  One female wrestler just walks up and down the ramp.  Take the women off both shows and you are freeing up about 40-60 minutes of airtime to get more of the men’s talent on TV.  The Miz said it best.  The women used to get 2 minutes to tell a story and get over.  That is not enough time.  A lot of talented women are not getting seen at all.

I don’t know how any of the other fans feel about this but the women are killing it and are out performing the men.  The women’s division shows more raw emotion during their angles than the guys do with some obvious exceptions.  The reaction and joy to not only winning big matches but just to deliver every time out is something the men seem to have forgotten.  The ladies just want to show they can wrestle and put out the best show possible.

It’s a combination of the talent and effort shown during the matches and the connections the fans are making watching the E shows.  The fans feel like they know the women.  We can see you during a less than glamourous moment when your guard is down and all your emotions and tears and fears are coming out.  In some cases, the problems the women have are very similar to the problems men have.  I am going to shout out some of you ladies now and I am sorry I won’t be able to get to you all.  But seeing and hearing about all of the trials and tribulations that get you down I just want to put my arm around you and let you cry on my shoulders.  I really can’t believe I am about to write this.  I talk like I know all of you.  Today is my mother’s 72nd birthday and she is truly the glue that holds the family together as most women are.  Maybe I am feeling a little emotional and want to see you ladies get your due.  Or maybe because I know that no one reads this and certainly not any of you ladies in this women’s division.

My Princess of Staten Island Carmella.  In case any of you need confirmation.  As an Italian man from Brooklyn I can confirm she is that character.  So much that I was shocked to learn she is not from Staten Island.  I know this is one of the reasons why the Princess absolutely captured my heart.  I know you love dogs.  My Milo would capture your heart.

The Bella Twins.  You have grown on me watching the reality shows.  Brie you will forever be golden for what you did for Daniel Bryan who just happens to be a great guy.  Nikki as someone who is divorced I can relate to what you were going through.  Divorce or breaking up like you did with Cena I say what’s the difference.  Live your life and do you.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Natty you are the den mother.  The protector of the realm.  You are the OB1 Kenobi.  There is a reason why all the girls go to you for advice.

Nia Jax as a big guy I understand how you feel and loved your honesty.  And you are beautiful inside and out.

Lana.  When I first saw you I immediately said I guess they are using a Rocky angle with Rusev being Drago and you obviously his wife.  You have come so far and you are driven.  Don’t be afraid of failure.

Ronda is as much the face of the company as Roman Reigns or John Cena is.  Or even Stephanie.

Charlotte carries the burden of being the daughter of the GOAT Ric Flair.  And she constantly delivers.

I can go on and on about this women’s division.  But the point is a lot of women do relate to you when you talk about your life problems.  Don’t be fooled a lot of men can relate too.  Do you think men actually relate to guys like John Cena?  I know as a man I don’t.  I see it in the reality shows how you women all pull for each other.  Not everyone is on the reality shows but social media captures the best of us and the worst of us.  All of you women collectively want each other to succeed.  I really think all of you ladies deep down inside think of each other as friends.

So as we are in a time and place where women are constantly proving they can step up and deliver.  The WWE needs to complete this women’s revolution with their own 2-hour weekly TV show.  Give them the chance to deliver and I know they won’t let you down.

Wrestlemania is in my hometown this year and maybe I will run into some of you ladies out and about in NYC.

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Sports Plays Of The Day 2-27

I got out of the red yesterday by going 2-0 to raise my figure to plus 150 mellamonies.  I have 3 plays today.  100 on each.

Take Davidson -5.5 at LaSalle

Take Maryland -1.5 at Penn State

Take the Nets -5.5 at home vs the Wizards.

Wrestling Blog 2-27

So Monday Night Raw for the second week in a row was different.  But a better different.  In fact it was the best Raw they have had in some time now.  There was one thing that could have made it epic but Ronda Rousey continues to struggle with her promos and mic work.  More on that later.

WWE had 2 major story lines from last night and these stories won’t be there every week.  So they were promoted immensely and WWE cashed in as the talk was very positive about this week’s Raw.  In total there were three major stories on Raw and all are impacting Wrestlemania.

When you have the Big Dog opening the show and saying he is back and will be wrestling soon that is enough to make for a huge night.  I am shocked he is getting back in the ring so soon.  This is a great story.   No doubt about it.  To come back so quick is remarkable.  Not even Vince McMahon has the stones to have dreamed this up as a work.  I have never been a fan of Roman but much respect to you bro.  Now does Roman Reigns make his way back to the main event at Wrestlemania with Seth and Brock?

In addition will we see yet another Shield reunion?  And I was always kind of skeptical about Dean Ambrose actually leaving.  Especially when a new promotion is looking for new talent and especially talent that is already established.  Dean still wrestles every week on Raw and is getting mic time too.  Maybe the new creative team is going to make him think twice about leaving.

I know this second story was carrying the company for a while but is anybody else bored with the whole Charlotte/Ronda/Becky story?  Sure it’s great for the women to have a long running storyline this long to be capped off with the last match at Wrestlemania which I still feel it will be even though Reigns is back.  For one Ronda needed to cut the best promo of her career before laying the belt on the mat and walking off.  Instead she continuously stumbles around her promos stammering at times and not making sense.  Sometimes we tend to forget how she is still learning this business.  But Ronda has done everything the WWE has expected her to do and more.

As for Becky “The Man” I am getting tired of her already.  Well tired is a strong word.  I love the angle and it has carried Raw and Smackdown for a couple of months.  She is red hot and so over right now but she is not the second coming of Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Despite what Austin himself says.  All of her you are stealing my Wrestlemania moment comments for a few weeks now is all getting old.  Apologizing for her actions towards Triple H and Stephanie.  Austin would not have apologized for anything.  There is no need to over sell this angle which they are doing.  Perhaps it started to come together too fast and it is dragging a bit now as we slowly head towards Wrestlemania.  Yes Charlotte has to be in this match sorry everyone.  She is the best all around WWE female performer on the roster.  Also talk about not knowing and understanding what is going on here.  There shouldn’t be a soul in the world that actually believes that Becky was not going to get her way back into the match.  I also feel the Horsewomen angle needs to start at Wrestlemania or at least the Raw the day after.

The third major story was the formation of the long rumored Batista and Triple H match at Wrestlemania.  Using Ric Flair as the bait on his 70th birthday was a really good way of automatically dialing up the volume on this match real quick.  Kudos to Batista for being the heel in this match and also reportedly juggling his next movie and Wrestlemania to make appearances on Raw.  I thought this storyline was very well done.  Although I would have loved to see Ric cut a promo on his birthday but I think we will be seeing him on Raw in the coming weeks.

Now as for Smackdown they were not going to be outshined.  The contract signing between Kofi and Daniel Bryan didn’t happen as planned.  Daniel signed the contract but as Kofi was about to here comes the boss and you knew it was bad news for Kofi.  Then boom the returning KO is in the match and not Kofi.  Kofi in my opinion gets his title shot at Wrestlemania.  KO tags with Kofi against Bryan and Rowan in the main event and gets the pin.  They had a good spot with praising Kofi and the New Day really are funny entertainers.  I was skeptical of that group when it was coming out because I thought they were going to be big time preachers.  But they are so entertaining and there is no reason why one of them can’t get a run at a singles title.  Big E is funny but Xavier is super talented.  Kofi vs Bryan will be a really good Wrestlemania match.  Rumors are already swirling that Sammy Zayn comes back and screws KO.

Charlotte comes out and delivers a great promo.  She is really good on the mic and of course it runs in the family.  Her dad might be one of the top 5 ever on the mic.  She will be heading to Raw on Monday with no doubt Ronda facing off with her.  Even though Ronda and Charlotte have already had a match before I really hope we don’t see them fight in one of these 6 man tag team matches WWE loves to do before PPV’s.  Also Becky.  I want to see Becky fight Ronda when it is the first time they actually wrestle.  Since next Raw will be occurring in March might we see Becky officially added to the match roughly one month before Wrestlemania?

Smackdown also moved very fast pace.  With the reformation of the Hardy Boyz which makes alot of sense if your not going to give Matt or Jeff a singles title.  Ricochet and Aleister Black winning a tag team match two nights in a row is interesting.  Maybe they will stay teamed up for a while.  Although that match seemed like let’s get Rusev and Nakamura some TV time.  Both are not used the right way so maybe the new creative team will have some big plans for those two in the future.

R Truth channeling his inner John Cena was hysterical.  He is a very under rated wrestler and performer.  I would have loved to see him face Andrade one on one instead of a 3 way with Rey.  But doing the “you can’t see me” and the 5 knuckle shuffle ala Cena was very entertaining.

One LIners

WWE completely buries the Revival for the second straight week.  Why make them Tag Team Champions to only bury them?

Is it me or does Corey Graves hormone filled jokes just don’t see funny anymore with how his personal life is?

Awesome to see Carmella on TV this week.  More than awesome.

Can we ever see Lacey Evans wrestle one on one on TV instead of these ridiculous cat walks on Raw and Smackdown?

No Asuka again on TV.

Best week of WWE tv in a long time.  Can they do it again next week?

Why do we need to see Kurt Angle wrestle on raw every week?

Will Elias ever sing a new song?

I got to admit the Hype Man Lio Rush is very entertaining.

Sports Plays Of The Day 2-26

After going 1-3 yesterday I need to break the slide tonight as my figure is now minus 50 batistas.  I got 2 plays today 100 units each.

Take Dayton -5.5 at UMASS

Take Toledo plus 1 at Ball State

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Wrestling Blog 2-25

The Big Dog returns tonight with a major announcement expected for tomorrow during Good Morning America.  I would be beyond surprised if he is able to wrestle this soon after leaving to battle leukemia.  Maybe he will be the host of Wrestlemania.  To expect him to be on the card as a competitor would be un realistic unless he is in a tag match where he can do a couple of spots.  He did act in his cousin the Rock’s new movie so obviously he is feeling better.

Did someone say the Nature Boy has a birthday party tonight?  Who knows what we will see tonight.  Expect Becky to crash the party.  Maybe even Batista.  With Wrestlemania one more week closer it’s time the card starts to take shape.

Well that should be enough to keep Raw interested tonight.  I am curious to see where they are going with this Dean Ambrose angle.

So RIkishi is saying his sons are leaving once their contract is up in April.  Yeah well I guess this is why they won the straps 3 days after Jon Fatu was arrested for trying to fight a cop while he was drunk in Detroit.

I am anxious to see if the Fab Four from NXT are going to be in action on Raw tonight.  But hopefully  they don’t continue to bury EC3.

So now that we have Women’s tag team champions what is next for the Boss & Hug Connection.  Please don’t have them fight Trish and Lita at Wrestlemania.  The women’s product is so much better right now than the men’s product.  I would love to see 4 female matchas with a Battle Royal match as the 5th one at Wrestlemania.

Glad to see my Princess Carmella is doing better since all the nonsense went public.  I have said it before and will continue to say it every day.  All she did was make a choice based on what Corey Graves told her.  Some people would have decided a different way.  I just hope she stays away from Corey because it is not good for her career or her image to be with him.

I wasn’t digging it before but I am now really hooked on the Divas and Bella’s show on E.  I just love when I see their raw emotions on how they deal with life and other problems.  It’s by watching this show did I get confirmation that Carmella did not try to break up a marriage.  I am still blaming Corey for in my opinion not being completely honest about his situation and also getting his wife to put this out in public after what seemed like 6 private months.

Sports Plays Of The Day 2-25

After going 1-2 to drop my figure to plus 150 reigns I am back with 4 plays today to hopefully break the slide.  All 100 units each.

Take the Lakers -5 at Memphis

Take the Pacers -2.5 at  Pistons

Take NC Central -7.5 at home vs SC State

Take Montana -6.4 at home vs Northern Colorado

Sports Plays Of The Day 2-24

After another a brutal Saturday going 1-4 dropping my figure to plus 250 duckets.  I am back with 3 plays today for 100 units each.

Take the Raptors -9 at home against the Magic

Take Drake -2.5 at Illinois State

Take UCF -6 at home vs SMU

Wrestling Blog 2-23



Let’s see was there anything different about Raw and Smackdown Live this week?  Um I don’t know maybe.  The big story is did Triple H and his father in law Vince McMahon fight over the NXT call ups?  That’s all the buzz.  But since the McMahon family made their speech about change they have introduced 10 new NXT superstars.  The first 6 have made very small implications.  All except for Lars Anderson have actually competed in a match.  Lars has not been seen anywhere in at least a month.  EC3 is not allowed to talk yet.  Lacey Evans just does cat walks.  Tucker and Otis got their names shortened and have cut some pretty funny promos.  Nikki Cross has actually wrestled in some big matches.  Both the ladies were in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.  So why did the WWE bring up 4 of their top stars from NXT to not only compete on both Raw and Smackdown Live but win all their matches.   Tomaso Ciampo, Johnny Gargano, Ricochet and Allestier Black all shined with great matrches.

The Louisiana crowd was not as over as we all would have hoped they would be.  This is even after Triple H giving a scouting report on each and Michael Cole giving more during their video promos.  All 4 are top talents.  But all 4 returned to NXT on Wednesday so was this a one time thing or do we expect these 4 to be mainstays on the main roster?  Well now that Ciampo and Gargano will be re kindling their feud on NXT maybe they will have a NXT Takeover match and come up permanently after Wrestlemania.

But the real problem is not the lack of talent.  It’s the lack of opportunity for all of this talent.  The shows are crowded.  How do you get all this talent enough time to develop into meaningful story lines?  The 4 new guys had 3 matches on Raw and 3 matches on Smackdown Live.  Throw in the useless Braun/Corbin match, another Heyman/Rollins promo(get used to that), Ruby Riott getting another title match and Elias getting interrupted again, Lacey doing a catwalk,  a Dean Ambrose squash match and a funny promo with Seth what was left.  I expected a better promo with the new female tag team champs.  Ryder and Hawkins vs Lucha House Party.  Outside of the new guys debuting and the announcement of DX with Chyna going into the hall of fame(And I will be there) there wasn’t anything else of substance.

Smackdown Live in my opinion is the better show right now.  Even with the whole Charlotte/Becky angle switching to Raw.    There was 5 matches but all were good.  Three of the matches were NXTer’s.  Mandy Rose beats Asuka which could be a set up for a Wrestlemania match.  All 6 participants of the Eimination Chamber match met up in a 6 man tag team match.  Kofi gets the pin and a title shot at Fastlane.  I also thought it was a good idea to not have Carmella on TV while this whole incident starts to die down which it will.  All the matches were good.  But Wrestlemania is fast approaching and we don’t have clear direction on most of the card.  This is something insiders say is very rare this close to Wrestlemania.

On a personal note I am glad to see that Roman Reigns is coming to Raw on Monday to update us on his recovery.  I was a never a big fan of his.  That’s because of the ridiculous push and attempts to jam him down our throats for 3 years.  This has nothing to do with that right now.  I do respect him and I cheer for his recovery and his efforts and bravery facing a disease that just seems to not go away.  Roman will be a true face for life for the kind of person he is.

I also am glad the Carmella/Corey Graves issue is behind us.  I don’t know what is going on at the house shows.  But if she is on live TV this week we will see what kind of crowd reaction she gets.  I don’t want to talk about this anymore cause it’s in my eyes a non -issue.  I just hope Carmella has distanced herself from him as this could be a career killer for her.  The last thing you want is people to see them together and keep getting reminders of what happened.

I have not been a fan of the Total Divas TV Show.  I don’t really have a good reason to not either.  In fact I only binge watched the last 2 seasons because I can’t get enough my princess Carmella.  Watching Big Cass get hurt reminds me that my brother took his MRI in Brooklyn because his boss and owner of the place is a good friend of Shane McMahon and he wanted it to be done quietly.  Carmella is amazing and watching that show I firmly believe that Corey Graves lied to her about how far along his divorce is.

Buy anyway.  I know parts of the show are scripted.  But the emotion are not.  I only saw seasons 7 and 8.  It got me hooked on wanting to watch the 9th season.  It got me to want to watch Total Bellas.  Aside from how beautiful the Bella Twins are.  I was not fans of them in the ring.  It’s not that they are bad wrestlers.  Nikki is certainly not.  It’s just that the women coming up from NXT are better.  They carried that banner for a while.  I have such a new found respect for the Bella Twins now.  They have really become the mentors or the den mothers for a lot of the women in the locker room.  Just to see how they are dealing with all the emotions of the other female wrestlers.  Brie and Daniel Bryan are so good together.  I really feel for Nikki after the breakup with John Cena.  I do applaud her and him for recognizing they wanted different things and calling off the marriage.  Cena is a weird dude.  It’s almost like he is robotic in his real life.  Kudos Nikki.  You deserve to get what you want and you will.  Separation and divorce is really hard.  It takes a while to get over and you need a lot of support.  But poor Nikki.  I feel for her.  But she is so beautiful and driven I know she will come out of this fine.  Brie.  Sweet Brie you will forever be golden for what you did for Daniel Bryan.

Additionaly major kudos to Nia Jax.  She just told the trust about her body and how hard it is for her to find someone let alone date.  For someone who plays a bully on screen she is a really sweet person.  Nia you have a pretty face.  I want you to be confident in everything you do out of the ring.  My Princess of Staten Island Carmella from Massachusetts.  I am from Brooklyn so I definitely understand that kind of woman and I love it.  Sweet and tough and driven.  Not to mention so very beautiful.  I would be your prince forever.  Lana.  There is a lot going on there.  Beautiful woman.  Very focused.  Maybe a bit too ambitious to be liked and get better in the ring.  But I think a complete open book.  Nattie is like the who is the person I am looking to describe her.  She has won titles before.  She is the steady old school woman who is very conservative but she really does not want to be.  Naomi is so down to earth.  I hope she has resolved her issues with Jon.  You really have to feel for Paige.  Great career even though it was cut short.  To have to deal with the other issues she has had as well as the injury is really not fair.  But she has pushed through.

Sports Plays Of The Day 2-23

After going 2-2 yesterday to keep my figure at plus 550 mellamonies I am back with 5 plays today.  100 on each.


Take Marquette -2.5 at Providence

Take Georgia State -1 at Coastal Carolina

Take Texas State -5.5 at home vs Lousiana

Take the Predators at home vs the Avalanche.  System Hockey

Take the Thunder at home -5.5 against the Kings