2019 Royal Rumble Predictions

With the Royal Rumble pay per view only a few hours away I am excited as we are now officially on the road to Wrestlemania.  This is my favorite pay per view as we usually see something special and unexpected or someone new officially joining the WWE.  Last year it was Ronda Rousey debuting after the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match or AJ Styles debuting a couple years back this pay per view sets the seeds for the biggest matches at Wrestlemania.  WWE in my opinion needs to up their game as AEW is now official and has big money behind it and will take some players off the WWE roster like Chris Jericho and possibly Dolph Ziggler.  Is it finally possible that since Vince McMahon defeated and bought out Ted Turner that there is real competition for WWE?  TNA was never real competition in my eyes despite having some names.  AEW if they get a big TV contract can be real competition for the WWE.


But this article is about today’s big pay per view and my predictions.  There will be more time to discuss WWE vs AEW.  I will only be making my predictions for the big matches.  The matches I will not predict are Rusev/Nakamura and the Cruiserweight match.  So here goes.


Miz is so underrated to me.  He is great on the mic and knows how to get real heat and he is very good in the ring.  But this team is a face.  The Bar are good workers but I see Miz & Shane either winning the straps tonight or one screwing the other during the match.  It’s obvious they are setting up a Miz vs Shane match at Mania.  Shane usually has some crazy high impact spot during his matches and tonight should be no different.  Is it too early for an in match turn after a few weeks together?

Prediction: Miz & Shane win the belts tonight.



I expect this to be the first match on the official pay per view.  Why because Becky needs to get into the the Women’s Rumble match.  This is an easy one to predict as the plan seems to be that Becky fights Ronda at Mania.  With maybe Charlotte getting into that match too.  It will be a match where Becky’s momentum does not get slowed so expect a run in by Ronda or Charlotte.  But I don’t see the Mania match  as a title for title match.  Asuka’s Mania opponent is to be determined.

Prediction: Asuka with interference by Charlotte


Ronda wins this match but the question is how good Sasha performs.  Ronda won’t lose before Mania where she will probably lose the strap especially if the wanting to have a child talk is true.  Either way did anyone think she was going to be a WWE lifer?  She came in and did exactly what WWE wanted her to.  One was to get them more exposure in the media and with fans which she has accomplished.  Secondly is I feel she has tried to make others look like they were good wrestlers too.  Does anyone think any of these ladies could realistically out wrestler her?

Prediction: Ronda


Hopefully this is the last match between them for a while.  It’s not that I think they don’t work well together.  I am just tired of this angle and it may have played its course out.  Daniel will retain and I could maybe see AJ switching shows.  He might need a change and Brock will be gone after Mania so someone needs to step up.

Prediction: Daniel in another great match


Why did Bruan Stroman get pulled from this match?  Maybe they wanted Brock to keep the strap through Mania and how many times is he going to beat Braun.  I guess this is the best matchup they could think of.  Brock has completely made this title irrelevant and yes Roman Reigns leaving due to illness really screwed up their plans.  Brock’s mania opponent could be the Rumble winner.

Prediction: Brock.  But it would be amazing if Finn won the strap.


This match will end the card unless there is something so special planned for the men’s match that they would have no choice to end the card with the men’s match.  Last year they deserved to close the show because the women earned it, their match was better than the men’s match and because of Ronda.  This year I am not so sure.  Right now only 23 names have been announced and no legends so far.  Everybody expects Becky to win this after losing to Asuka earlier in the night.  Might they throw a curveball and have someone else win?  As of right now I don’t see anyone other than Charlotte and Becky winning this.  I hope I am surprised.

Prediction: The legend of Becky continues to grow.


This one is a little tougher to predict and for that reason I think the show ends with this match as we continued to get teased with the name of Kenny Omega.  I don’t expect to see him sign with the WWE but what if Trips convinced his daddy to give him obscene money and have him win the Rumble and put Brock out to pasture at Mania.  Would Omega be able to turn that down.  It’s wishful thinking but that is the kind of move that will jump start the year and the road to Wrestlemania.  This would be so out of character for the WWE to make this kind of move so I don’t expect to see it.  With only 20 or so people announced for the match the only other surprise entry that would get me going would be the return of CM Punk who would also most likely be promised to win the match.  If Roman came back for this match I would be happy to see him and know that he is getting better but unless he is returning full time I don’t want to see him in the match.  Give it to an up and coming NXTer.  So unlike the Women’s match where I expect the winner to not be announced as in the match until her music hits during the match in Becky I do as of right now expect the winner of the men’s match to already be announced as in the match.

Prediction: Drew Mcintyre is my first choice and Seth Rollins is my second choice.  But would love to be super surprised with a Kenny Omega entry and victory

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