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Sports Plays Of The Day

After another brutal day  going 3-10 which includes 0-3 in Best Bets I am now down to minus 700 Brady’s.

It’s time to be bold and go for broke.

I am laying 700 Brady’s on the Pats tonight in Buffalo laying the 13.5 on the road.


Sports Plays Of The Day

After an 8-3 day I improved to -300 Sunday fundays which would have been more if my Best Bet’s came in I am back with another slew of picks for today.

The Bears have lost their last two games.  Oddly both were against AFC East teams.  It won’t be 3 today.  I like the Da Bears to rebound today against the New York Darnolds.  Lay the 9 with the Bears at home.

This is a crazy pick but I love the Niners today laying 1.5 at Arizona.  For no specific reason.

I think as Luck keeps playing the offense will get better and better.  Hilton back is huge.  Oakland is in so much disarray right now. So lay the 3 on the Colts in Oakland.

I am not a big Seahawk fan.  I think Patricia has done a good job righting this ship after a bad start.  Lay the 3 on the Lions at home against the Seahawks

I admit I don’t know if any of these teams are for real.  You would think the Panthers are the bet after last week’s miracle win in Philly and they are playing at home too.  But I like the Ravens again laying 2.5 on the road in Carolina.

I like the over in this game.  It’s in NY.  The weather is ok.  The Giants just traded two starting defensive players.  The over is only 44 so it’s not too high.

BEST BETS 1-2.  I have 3 BEST BETS for today.

After two tough losses in a row I think the Bengals will break out big time at home today against the Bucs.  Lay the 3.5 on the Bengals.

You need to ride this team until they prove some team can stop them.  So the spread will be high at 9.5.  Andy Reid knows this team can’t let up with the Patriots on their heels.

Lay the 9.5 on the chiefs to beat the Broncos in Arrowhead.

This is a high over at 53.  I expect alot of points in this game.  Saints are rolling and the Vikings offense is starting to kick in.

On The Ice

Take the Canes at home against the Islanders.  Just because it’s a system pick.

On The DIamond

I want to see a game 6 but I am not confident in this pick.  Especially the way Price has been pitching.

On the Hardwood

Oh a trip to NYC is nice.  Blowing out the locals is expected.  Take the DUBS -10.5 against the Brooklyn Nets

Since I won’t know Westbrooks status before the game starts I am taking the suns plus the 12.5 in Oklahoma City.

NCAA Rankings

Anther week goes by and there is some movement on the back end of the top 10.  But the top 4 remain the same.  This coming weekend has some huge matchups that will determine alot of what happens going further.


Last week # 1.  Everyone is playing in their world.  They play LSU this week.  Bama running the table ensures only one team from the SEC makes the playoffs


Last week #3.  I will bump Clemson up from 3 because of their dominance of a not vintage Florida State.  I will judge Clemson and ND by their victories of common opponents should both be undefeated by the end of the season.


Last Week #2.  Hard to drop the Irish.  The score does not indicate how dominate ND was against Navy.  It was 27-0 at half and ND could have scored at will.  Let’s not embarrass a service academy.  But ND needs some convincing wins down the stretch.


Last Week #4.  Keeping LSU at 4 for one more week despite not playing.  They play Alabama in Death Valley this coming week in for them an elimination game.


Last Week #5.  Michigan stay at # 5 this week.  The Wolverines control their own destiny.  Don’t over look Penn State while waiting for the big game against OSU in November.


Last Week #6.  Despite soundly beating a top ten team I am not moving up Georgia.  The Bulldogs also control their own destiny but have to beat upstart Kentucky in Lexington this week before dreaming of playing Alabama in the SEC championship.


Last Week Un Ranked.  WIth Texas losing Oklahoma now is back in the playoff picture.  A one loss Oklahoma team as the Big 12 champion might not get in but they need to handle their own business before entering that discussion.


Last Week #9.  I feel bad for UCF.  They still have no shot at the playoffs.  They need to get some power 5 teams on their schedule.  How Applachian State was ranked going into this week (will drop now that they lost)without a big win just a crushing loss to Penn State and no one else from the American Athletic Conference is ranked is a joke.


Last Week #7.  I am dropping them because something seems off.  And Purdue just lost their 4 game this past week.


Last Week Un Ranked.  Welcome to the top ten WIldcats.  Sorry but after Georgia beats you this coming week you will never be here again.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After another hiatus I am back but my figure is minus 500 zips.  I clearly have work to do.  So as you know each game is 50 zips and I am introducing my Best Bet picks which are worth 100 zips.  It’s a pretty light week in college football but I found some games I like.

At 3-3 I like the Zips at home to cover the spread against Central Michigan.  The Chippewas are 0-3 on the road with all losses by over 10 points.  Lay the 5 on Akron.

The Golden Knights have been good this year.  At 5-2 with losses at Duke and to OKlahoma in overtime I like them to win out right on the road against a good Eastern Michigan team.  And they are getting a point too.  Take the point on Army on the road at Eastern Michigan.

The Tar Heels have been very bad this year.  The Cavs are undefeated at home. Lay the 9 on Virginia at home to beat North Carolina.

The Cougars offense sparked when they inserted a true freshman QB against Hawaii 2 weeks ago.  After a bye week he should be even better.  Although Northern Illinois is a pretty good team I am laying the 6.5 on BYU at home.

The Monarchs have been riding that major upset of Virginia Tech for weeks now losing 3 straight games until the beat Western Kentucky last week.  The Blue Raiders are a better team.  Even though they are on the road Middle Tennessee will win laying the 4.5 at Old Dominion.

The Hilltopers have been bad this year at 1-6.  Despite being 0 and 3 at home all 3 losses were by 3 points.  They have been in most of their games this season but I just like the Panthers to keep rolling.

BEST BET PICK FIU -3.5 on the road against Western Kentucky

While UCF gets the headlines that allows the Bulls to fly under the radar.  They also are undefeated at 7-0.  The Cougars at 6-1 have better wins on their resume with a loss at Texas Tech sprinkled in.  I just think this game will be closer than the oddsmakers think.

BEST BET PICK UCF getting 9 at Houston

Last week the Bearcats absolutely gifted a win to Temple with a slew of mistakes.  Thus ruining their undefeated season.  I expect them to come out big today against the Mustangs.

BEST BET PICK Cincinnatti laying 9 on the road at SMU.

On the ICE

Take the Leafs at home against the Jets

Take the Coyotes at home against the Lightning


Not sure who wins this game but I like the Over at 8 runs.

NFL Week 7 One Liners

Bills—Team is well coached but headed toward a top 5 pick.

Dolphins—Brock can’t make it two in a row.

Jets—Brutal loss calms down the Jets fans.

Patriots—Always finds a way to win.


Bengals—I think the Chiefs just scored another touchdown on that defense.

Browns—Another tough loss.  All part of the process for Baker.

Ravens—Just a brutal loss.

Steelers—Move into first place on their bye week.


Colts—Please get some talent around Luck.

Jaguars—Trade for Eli and save your season.

Texans—Amazingly they are in first place.

Titans—Vrabel makes a bonehead decision.


Broncos—Beat up the lowly Cardinals.

Chargers—Got a gift in London.

Chiefs—Their offense won’t be stopped.

Raiders—Let the fire sale begin.


Cowboys—Just got robbed by the Raiders.

Eagles—How did they lose that game.

Giants—Is this rock bottom.

Redskins—In first place of this crappy division.


Bears—Need to win this week badly.

Lions—To be 3-3 after how they looked after opening day is a miracle.

Packers—Getting healthy.  Will need all weapons against the Rams.

Vikings—In first place and they have not hit their stride yet.


Buccaneers—Have played bad this year and are still 3 and 3.

Falcons—Beating up the bad teams.

Panthers—Huge comeback in Philly.

Saints—Saints-Rams will be a fun game to watch.


49ers—A healthy Jimmy G and McKinnon along with a top 5 draft pick.

Cardinals—Leftwich just needs to build with Rosen/Johnson/Kirk.

Rams—Back to dominating after a couple of close games.

Seahawks—Still hanging around the playoff picture.

Sports Plays Of The Day

Yesterday was  brutal and I am now down to -400 bolts.

Let me get my early game in first.  Then stay tuned for the rest.

Take the Chargers -6.5 in London against the Titans.  Although you never know which Titans team will show up.  I just think this Chargers team is different.

Philly is rolling now.  Panthers are just not that good.  Lay the 5 on the Eagles at home vs the Panthers

Bucs are terrible and in dis array.  Browns will re bound from an awful game last week.  Take the 3.5 on Cleveland in Tampa Bay

It’s time for the Jets to get sent back to earth.  Minnesota is by no means the team they were last year but they are getting closer.  Lay the 3.5 on the Vikings in NY.

Can the Jaguars possibly be any worse than they were last week.  This team was a super bowl pick. Time to act like it. Lay the 3.5 at home vs the Texans.

Cowgirls are over rated.  Skins are not so great either but will win a home game and they are under dogs.  Take the 1 point on Washington against the Cowgirls.

Who are the Lions to be a road favorite in Miami or anywhere.  Take the 3 points with the Dolphins an home.

A few more late entries

Go with a prime time parlay tonight.  Love the Chiefs at home coming off a loss.  No one has been able to slow down the Chiefs offense.  Problem is their defense is not very good.  Take the Chiefs -6 over the Bengals and the over of 56.5.

Take the Ducks at home over the Sabres

NCAA Rankings

After last weeks shakeup I have the same teams in the top ten just the order has changed.  Lots of football to be played but one big piece fell.  So here we are.


Last week #1.  Another dominant performance.  No other team should get a 1st place vote.


Last week #2.  Even though they were idle I see no reason to move them down.  Although you could make a case for the # 3 team to move ahead of ND.  Ohio State’s loss directly benefits the Irish more than any other team.


Last week 4. Clemson moves up to the spot vacated by OSU’s loss.  You could make the case for them being #2.


Last Week 5.  Nov 3rd LSU is playing for its potential spot in the playoffs at home vs Bama.


Last week 7.  Big jump for the Wolverines.  Setting up a winner take all game vs OSU in November.


Last week 6.  Georgia had a much needed bye week to re group.  The bulldogs play the Gators in basically an elimination game this coming week.


Last week 3.  Huge loss by the Buckeyes this week.  Could have made a case if they were undefeated and lost the game to Michigan to get into the playoffs.  Now it’s winner take all.


Last week 8.  Favorable schedule down the stretch.  Probably needs a few teams to lose like ND.


Last week 9.  I really feel for them.  Cincinnatti losing yesterday hurts them.  Also this is not a vintage Navy team.  Realistically no shot at the playoffs.


Last week 10.  Elimination game this coming week against Georgia.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After last Sunday’s disaster I took a hiatus and now am back with 11 picks as try to dig myself out of my hole of minus 150 wildcats.  And that is where I will start.

My weekly pick against the Scarlet Knights.  This is the last time you could realistically see them cover this season.  Also this is the lowest underdog spread they will have for the rest of the season.  Take Northwestern – the 20.5 at Rutgers.

I like to ride this team cause they are a very good football team.  The spread is low as the Bulls are on the road.  Lay the 1 on Buffalo on the road at Toledo.

Some will say this is a let down game but when you already have one loss and your in the SEC you know every game is big.  Lay the 7 on LSU at home against Miss St.

UCONN is so bad and plays no defense.  I know the spread is high but if UCONN does not score this will be an easy cover for USF.  Lay the 32.5 at home on USF against UCONN.

I told you last week that UCF is ripe to get picked off and last week was the game.  But they survived and it will carry them along to a big win this week.  Lay the 21.5 on UCF on the road against East Carolina.

This might be one of those games where OSU just lights it up against a okay Purdue team.  The spread is not big either.  Lay the 13 on the Buckeyes in Purdue.

You always get concerned betting on undefeated teams.  But I think this game will be easy for the Bearcats.  Lay the 3.5 on Cincinnatti on the road at Temple.

This game could be one of those man we need to blow someone out games for the Nittany Lions.  Lay the 14 on Penn State on the road in Indiana

Bonus NCAA Pick

There will be no defense played in this game period.  I like the Over of 73 for the Coastal Carolina and UMASS game.

I like the Oilers at home vs the Predators

I picked the Brewers to win the series so I have to pick the Brewers to win game 7.  I like the Brew Crew at home to win vs the Dodgers.


NFL Week 6 One Liners

Bills—Tough break with Allen.  Season is now a waste.

Dolphins—Brock Osweiler.  Go figure.

Jets—Combined record of opponents in games won 5-12.

Patriots—We have seen this game before from the Pats.


Bengals—Real tough home loss.

Browns—Baker now seeing the down side of being a rookie QB.

Ravens—Dominant defensive performance against the Titans.

Steelers—Huge win as they brace for the conclusion of the Bell story.


Colts—Can you please get Luck some talent to work with.

Jaguars—Best defense in the NFL?  HAHA.

Texans—Nate Peterman gifts them a win.

Titans—Titans need to put their last game into the toilet.


Broncos—Elway already scouting the college quarterbacks.

Chargers—Wait til Bosa comes back.

Chiefs—If only this defense would play a little better.

Raiders—Is there a fire sale starting?


Cowboys—Where did that performance come from?

Eagles—Playing the Giants is the best medicine.

Giants—The Eli era needs to end now.

Redskins—Next 5 games are all very winnable.


Bears—Championship teams don’t lose games like that.

Lions—Will drown now that the black and blue division is back.

Packers—Rodgers does it again.

Vikings—Still looking for a signature performance but good to win back to back games.


Buccaneers—Who will be the next head coach in Tampa?

Falcons—Almost blew the game.  Have shot to win 2 in a row on Monday night.

Panthers—Just an over rated team.

Saints—Tough road game in Baltimore on Sunday.

49ers—Are playing hard with a backup QB.

Cardinals—Just getting Rosen much needed experience.

Rams—Wasn’t pretty again but still won.  Gurley is an absolute beast.

Seahawks—Will beat bad teams.  Won’t beat good teams.