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Sports PLays Of The Day

After a brutal day of going 1-6 to drop my profit to 50 leprechauns I am back with 6 NFL picks and a couple of MLB picks.  Let’s start with the NFL.

Last week no one thought the Vikings would lose at home to the Bills.  This week we have the same scenario with another AFC East team.  But the Jags are coming off a bad loss and will be angry.  They will pound on the Jets golden boy QB and win this game easily.  Lay the 7.5 on the Jags over the Jets.

In two words.  C J Beathard.  Chargers two losses are against two unbeaten teams.  Lay the 10 on the bolts at home vs the Niners

This is more of a bet against Fitz Magic and the Buccaneers.  The cracks started last Monday night and continue today against a  better defense.  Khalil Mack has been dominant as a Bear.  Lay the 3 on the Bears at home vs the Bucs

Can’t see the Pats losing 3 straight and also can’t see the Dolphins go 4-0.  Only question is will the Pats cover the 6.5.  This is one of those convincing win days that we see the Pats have over the years.  Lay the 6.5 on the Patriots over the Dolphins

I like the over of 52.5.  Saints Defense has been no existent this year.  The Giants might have found something.  Yeah the Saints are different outside of the dome.  But I can see both teams score in the 30’s today.

With the Atlanta offense clicking and their defense so banged up I do see a very high scoring game here between the Falcons and the Bengals.  Take the over of 53.

Kudos for MLB for having all games start at the same time today just so the drama is kept.  We have 4 teams playing for the division.  With all 4 in the playoffs there is a little less drama.  But winning the division keeps you away from the one and done wild card game.

This would be my one sure fire lock.  The Tigers are playing out the string.  The other games are big rivalries and the Nats I feel will play hard.  Take the Brew Crew to beat the Tigers at home.

And the Cubbies will beat the Cardinals who won’t lay down and just because I want to see a one game playoff tomorrow.  Take the Cubs at home over the Cardinals

The Nats will play this one hard.  Although Scherzer should pitch today and he is not.  Very disappointing.  The Rocks have been not and win this one at home vs the Nationals

So that leaves one more team to make a second one game playoff tomorrow.  Not so fast Lee Corso

If you don’t think the Giants will go all out to derail the Dodgers from winning the division your not paying attention.  The Giants beat the Dodgers in SF.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After going 2-0-1 on Thursday to up my total to plus 300 bulls I have 7 NCAA Football plays today.

buffalo bulls


The Black Knights took Georgia to overtime last week.  Buffalo will have better success against the triple option offense Army uses.  Lay the 7.5 on Buffalo at home vs Army.


The Longhorns have burned me plenty of times.   But they might have finally turned the corner.  Lay the 8.5 on Texas on the road against Kansas State.


This is a classic let down game.  No one gave a damn about Old Dominion football before last week where they shocked Virginia Tech.  That won’t happen this week.  Lay the 7 on East Carolina at home vs ODU



Michigan has been scoring alot of points lately.  Jim Harbaugh can’t afford to take the foot off the pedals with an early season loss. Northwestern isn’t any good and may keep this close until the Wolverines blow it open late.  Lay the 14.5 on Michigan on the road at Northwestern

new mexico

Liberty’s 2 losses were blow outs and the Lobos play better competition.  Lay the 7 on New Mexico at home vs Liberty

notre dame

The Irish are missing a key offensive player but the Cardinal is coming off an emotional road conference win where they should have lost and now are flying cross country to play another prime time game.  If ND has found a QB they could be in the playoff hunt.  Lay the 5 on the Irish at home vs Stanford


This is more of anti Rutgers pick.  It is possible they won’t win another game the rest of the year.  I am worried about the spread especially with the Hoosiers on the road.  But what the heck.  Lay the 16.5 on Indiana over the Scarlet Knights

Sports Blog 9-28

dolphins 72 dolphins

What do the 1972 Miami Dolphins do?  You know how Nick Buoniconti pops the champagne when the last undefeated team in the NFL loses.  He and his teammates actually root for it.  This will never happen but if the Dolphins are 8-0 will they root against their own franchise team?


San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

Jimmy G what the hell are you doing?  Just go out of bounds.  Didn’t you learn anything from playing behind Tom Brady all these years?



Speaking of the 49ers what is the NFL thinking about now having the Niners in so many prime time games with Bobby Beathard’s grandson quarterbacking that team.  Can they flex those games out?


My god can it get any lower for Rutgers?  They were home dogs against Buffalo from the MAAC conference, a conference they really should be in and not where they do not belong in the Big Ten.  But Buffalo blew them off the field by halftime.


Did Notre Dame find a QB or is this fools gold again?  One can hope they won’t go undefeated only to get blown off the field in a playoff game.



Tiger Woods is back?  Tiger won his first tournament in a very long time.  So is he back?  Some will argue that until he wins a major he won’t be officially back.  But man that crowd was drawn to Tiger like no other golfer in the modern era.


david wright

Only the Mets can make this nice gesture for David Wright into something that draws attention to him.  Not only did Wright have to beg the Mets to get his day do the Mets really have to say he won’t play in a game that means something to other teams.  Way to get the attention off Wright.



I don’t know about you but the Rams offense looks scary good.  And their defense has yet to start playing


Typical Miami Hurricanes.  Blowing out the lowly North Carolina Tar Heels and strutting about with the turnover chain.  Despite getting embarrassed by LSU in a stand alone game Sunday night during Labor Day Weekend.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After Monday night’s win I am up 200 rams going into tonight where I have 3 plays all at 50 units each


Normally after a horrible game for a good team I would jump on them the next week.  But for the Vikings the week is short and they are playing against the undefeated Rams in LA.  I look for another bad game for Cousins and co.  Take the Rams minus the 7 at home vs the Vikings


This isn’t basketball it’s football.  And while I think Miami is over rated and a bully team they should be able to blast North Carolina at home.  Lay the 18 on the U at home vs the Tar Heels


Rockies need to keep winning period.  The Phillies look done and have not cared now for a couple of weeks.  Take the Rockies at home against the Phillis

NFL Week 3 One Liners


Bills—What an upset.  And totally dominated the Vikings in Minnesota.

Dolphins—3-0 start against so so competition.

Jets—Were they prepared for Baker or not.  Adams mouth finally got him into trouble.

Patriots—Second straight loss this time to a pupil.  Are the Pats now officially in decline?


Bengals—Are the Bengals for real?

Browns—Should be 3-0.  Let the Baker era begin.

Steelers—Much needed win Monday night.

Ravens—Best team in the AFC North?


Colts—Could have beaten the defending champs.  Intersting Luck was pulled on the last second hail mary.

Jaguars—Brutal divisional loss after dominating the Pats the week before.

Texans—Is the clock ticking on Coach O’Brien?

Titans—Huge road win in Jacksonville.


Broncos—Big game coming up against the Chiefs.

Chargers—2 losses are against undefeated teams.

Chiefs—Mahomes looks unstoppable.

Raiders—Going to be a long year for Chuckie.


Cowboys—Looked bad again.

Eagles—Wentz was rusty but Philly still won.

Giants—Losing Engram will hurt.  But got a glimpse of what this offense could do.

Redskins—Nice start behind Alex Smith.


Bears—Macking with Khalil Mack.

Lions—Patricia beats his mentor for first win.

Packers—Second straight week with very questionable roughing the passer penalty.

Vikings—Reward after brutal loss is a short week and visit to the LA Rams.


Buccaneers—Fitzmagic starting to run out?

Falcons—Season is heading down in a hurry.

Panthers—Solid team if they stay healthy.

Saints—Defense must get better.  Big test this week vs the Giants


49ers—Oh Jimmy G.  What are you doing.  It’s prime time for Beathards grand son.

Cardinals—Finally playing Rosen.

Rams—Can coast to a division title.  But they want home field.
Seahawks—Let the rebuild begin.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After going 4 and 4 yesterday I am still at plus 50 goalposts.  Busy day today with 6 NFL games and 6 MLB  games.  So let’s get started.  50 goalposts each


The spread is high.  But after a tie last week and with a rookie QB coming in the Vikes take it out on Josh Allen and the Bills.

Lay the 16.5 on the Vikes at home vs the Bills.


Can’t see the Bengals starting 3-0 especially with a road win.  Not a huge Cam Newton fan but the Panthers win with defense.

Lay the 3 on the Panthers at home vs the Bungles


Each week Luck gets better and better.  Overall the Colts have work to do.  But the Eagles are finding out it’s hard to repeat and you will get every one’s A game each week.  Wentz returns but he will be rusty.

Take the Colts getting 7 on the road to at least cover in Philly.


After a really bad loss the Pats always rebound with a big win.  Even though they are playing in the Patricia dome Uncle Bill will school his old pupil who will wait another week to get his first win.

Lay the 7 on the Pats on the road in Detroit.


I admit this is more of an anti Dallas pick.  Please don’t be fooled by their performance last week.  Seattle is in decline but guts out a home win today for their first win.

Lay the 1.5 on the Hawks at home vs the Cowgirls


No Fournette no problem.  Mariotta is out and the Jags won’t celebrate their big win vs NE last week.  This team wants home field advantage and won’t take any game for granted.  This one could get ugly.

Lay the 9 with the Jags at home vs the Titans.

Now for baseball.  As I stated yesterday its hard to predict who will be playing to win or not.  In my 6 games 4 are playing for something.  So let’s start with those teams.

Orioles phils

Both the Yanks and Braves won yesterday to clinch playoff berths.  In the Braves case they won the division and will be on cruise control the next week so I like the Phillies today. I feel the Yanks celebrated too much especially since the A’s won’t go away.  As important as home field is in that wild card game I think Buck pulls out all the stops to win this one.

So Orioles on the road vs the Yankees

Phillies on the road vs the Braves

astros a's

Astros have a comfortable lead in the division but want to close this out.  Most likely they won’t  blow a 3.5 game lead in 8 days.  But still they want to finish strong.  A’s who will be in the playoffs are chasing both the Yanks and the Astros and this team keeps winning.

Take the Astros at home against the Angels

Take the A’s at home vs the Twins


I actually think it means alot to Steven Matz to finish the season strong.  Nats are heading towards a possible quick rebuild in the off season.

Take the Mets on the road in Washington


Was there ever a team that did more with less.  Snell has had an incredible year.  Potential Cy Young at stake with his last couple of starts.  Jays are playing out the string.

Take the Rays at home in Toronto


Sports Plays Of The Day

After last night’s win I am up 50 anchors.

I have 5 College plays today and will mix in a couple of MLB games too.  50 anchors on all.


Navy is so difficult to play against because of their offense.  But Navy has been a good team for a long time now.  Lay the 6 on the road at SMU


People are high on the Mountaineers this year.  They have a big time offense.  They are a really good home team too.   Lay the 16.5 at home against Kansas State


I really don’t see any way Army keeps this game close.  Oklahoma has more talent with their backups.  This one gets ugly especially at Norman.  Lay the 31 against Army


I like UNC today as a road under dog getting 7.5 at UMASS.  This is more of an anti UMASS pick than anything.  And that half point could be big in this bet.  Take UNC Charlotte and the 7.5 on the road.


This pick is definitely an anti Rutgers pick.  But I do think Buffalo is a quality team.  They are a road favorite which scares me a bit but Rutgers has been terrible and may be inspired to play a team in a lesser conference.  Rutgers should be in this conference and not the Big Ten.  Lay the 6 on the road with Buffalo

For Baseball it’s hard to pick games where neither team has anything to play for.  So I am picking 3 games where teams have something to play for


Braves are looking to close out the division.  Phillies have crashed and burned big time.  I know Arrieta is a good pitcher but Folty has had a great season.  Take the Braves at home against the Phillies


Talk about a team that has steamrolled lately.  A’s still are looking to get a home game in the wild card round and will push the Yankees right to the end.  Take the A’s at home over the Twins


Admittedly this is an anti Yankee pick.  I know the Orioles are done and Showalter might be out at the end of the season.  I don’t like Yankee starter Lance Lynn.  The Yankees are not crisp right now.  Their bullpen is a mess too.  And the Orioles would love to win a game or two this weekend.  Take the Orioles to win in the bronx against the Yankees.

NFL Week 2 One Liners


One Liners For The NFL Week 2

Bills—Having a player retire at half time is new.

Dolphins—2-0 start.  One win against a backup QB and the other against a rookie

Jets—It’s not so easy when your opponent actually competes against you

Patriots—Should we be worried about the PATS


Bengals—Record does not matter.  Lewis needs playoff wins

Browns—Very competitive 2 straight weeks

Ravens—Jumping off the Ravens bandwagon already

Steelers—Should be 0-2.  Defense is atrocious


Colts—Luck is back

Jaguars—As good as they played I still was fearful of a NE comeback

Texans—Watson needs to shake off the rust

Titans—Big win without their QB


Broncos—Big comeback win against the Raiders

Chargers—September wins are rare for the Chargers

Chiefs—It’s like a track meet with all the speed they have

Raiders—Let one get away.  Going to be a long season for Chuckie


Cowboys—Don’t let Sunday night fool you.  This team is still not good

Eagles—It’s hard to repeat.  Philly is finding that out now.

Giants—Disaster waiting to happen

Redskins—After nice win, brutal loss


Bears—Macking a new identity

Lions—Belichick Bowl could get ugly again on National TV

Packers—if Rodgers has to sit down they need to win all his starts.

Vikings—When your kicker blows a game vs the Packers you find a high priced new kicker


Bucs—When will Winston play again this year

Falcons—Will they ever recover from that blown Super Bowl

Panthers—Newton takes another vicious hit

Saints—Should have lose to believeland


49ers—When the hunter becomes the hunted

Cardinals—Just play Rosen now

Rams—Looking un stoppable

Seahawks—Sold out making Wilson the face of the franchise