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Sports Blog 8-23

It’s been a while so there is aot to get to.


So this unsurmountable Yankee 7 game lead is now a half game deficit for the second time this month.  After that losing streak the Yanks got hot but still could not shake the Bluejays who are now in first place again.  Both lineups can hit but sorry Yankee fans the Jays have the better starting rotation with durable starters.  The Yanks have the better bullpen but 3 out of the 5 starters in the Yankees rotation can wind up out for the year at any moment’s notice.

I won’t get into this ridiculous retiring of numbers the Yankees do.  And no one who is not a fan of the Yanks should say anything about it either.  That is their business.  One day when they are using symbols instead of numbers maybe they will learn.


The roller coaster Mets season continues.  After getting swept at home by the Pirates losing 2 extra inning games and one game that was tied late in the game he Mets go on the road and have a great 4-1 start now go to Philly and face a team that has played well in the second half.  With a 5 game lead and the return of David Wright this week and Steven Matz soon there after do you think the Mets are going to blow this lead.  They face a majority of under .500 teams the rest of the way and the Nats 6 more times including ending the season at Citi Field.  But there is problems here still. The offense still has too many days when they do nothing.  Thor can’t pitch on the road and the bullpen outside of Familia and Clippard is not dependable.


Kudos to Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett otherwise known as Stardust and the Cosmic King for doing the job to Stephen Amell.  Great job for seeing the bigger picture.

What the hell WWE are you doing with this Jon Stewart angle.  Just ridiculous.  I didn’t think it was possible to make Seth Rollins title reign more of a joke that it already was.

To make things worse they give us a screwjob ending for the Undertaker/Lesnar match.  Taker tapped out.  The ref didn’t see it but the bell was rung.  Taker recovered hit a low ball and made Lesnar pass out.  We all know there was going to be a Taker/Lesnar 3 but still give us a better ending.

Packers 4

Huge loss for the Packers.  If Jordy Nelson is out for the year that puts a serious crimp in the Super Bowl hopes for the Packers and will further continue the debate about how many pre season games should be played.

Tony Stewart

I am a little late about this but can the family of Kevin Ward Jr. please go away.  Yes I feel for your loss.  Losing a son at 20 years old is tragic.  Tony Stewart was exonerated in a court of law in under one hour of deliberations.  Depending on who you talk to some say he is guilty and some say he is innocent and no one can prove any of this.  But let’s face the facts.  Your son was high and got out of his race car during a race and was walking around a race track at night.  If your son had stayed in his car he would still be alive today.



Sports Plays Of The Day 8-16

After a 3-4 day dropped me to 30-22 I have 6 plays today all home teams.  Sorry no logos

Take the Mets & the Dark Knight vs the Pirates

Take the Jays vs the Yankees

Take the Braves vs the DBacks

Take the Cardinals vs the Brewers

Take the Rockies vs the Padres

Take the Orioles vs the A’s

Sports Plays of The Day 8-15

AFter a bad 2-4 day dropped me to 27-18 I have 7 selections for today.


Mets get back on track with Niese at home ve the Pirates.


Big game for the Jays after a tough loss last night.  Estrada has been good for a while now.  Take the Jays at home v s the Yankees.


KC behind Cueto beat the Angels in KC.


Take the Rockies at home vs the Padres


Take the Rays behind Chris Archer in Texas


Take the Cubbies in a Chitown showdown at the Whitesox


Take the Orioles at home vs the A’s

Sports Plays Of The Day 8-14

Yesterday was a superb day going 3-0.  I will not count the A’s pick since CBS Sportsline was listing Sonny Gray as the starting pitcher and that is who I wanted to take not Jessie Chavez.  So I am now at 25-14 going into tonight

Let’s keep rolling with Big Sexy and the Mets at home vs the Pirates

The Jays win again behind David Price at home vs the Yanks

This is what you pay ace pitchers for to end losing streaks.  Take Max Scherzer and the Nats in San Francisco.

Take the Astros at home vs the reeling Tigers

Take the Royals at home vs the Angels

Take the Rockies at home vs the Padres.

Sports Plays Of The Day 8-13

After another successful night going 4-2 I now stand at 22-14.  I have 4 plays for today.

Thor for Four. Noah finishes up the 4 game sweep for the Mets at home vs the Rockies

The Jays cool off just for one day as they get ready for the Yanks this weekend.  Take Sonny Gray and the A’s in Toronto

Cubs need to beat bad teams and the Brew Crew are just that.  Cubs at home vs the Brewers

Take Frankie Liriano and the Pirates in St Louis

Sports Plays Of The Day 8-12

After going 3-4 on Sunday to lower me to 18-12 on they season I am back today with 6 selections

deGrom hasn’t been himself the last 2 starts.  Mets win big tonight.

The Nationals need a win bad tonight but face Kershaw in Dodgertown.  Take the Dodgers

Not to pile up on the Yankees but I don’t trust CC.  The Indians win again tonight

The Padres win at home vs the Reds

The Cubs win at home vs the Brewers

The Angels win at the Chisox

Sports Plays of The Day 8-9

After going 3-2 to improve t 15-8 I have 7 selections for today.


It’s all about winning road series for the Mets.  They rebound and take the rubber game at Tampa.


Toronto finishes off the sweep in NY against the Yankees.

Cubs 2

Take the Cubs at home with Arieta against the Giants


Take the Padres at home vs the Phillies in possibly my roto swan song with Andrew Cashner


Take the O’s at the LA Angels to creep up even more to the Yankees.


Take the Braves and Shelby Miller at home vs the Marlins


Take the A’s at home ve the Astros

Sports Picks Of The Day 8-8

After a 3-2 day on 8-6 I am back tonight with more picks.


Take Thor and the Mets to keep rolling.

Rockies 4

Thins aren’t right in the Nation’s capital.  Take the Rockies again today.



The Redbirds keep rolling in Milwaukee.


Orioles have a chance to pick up a game on the Yanks tonight in Los Angeles.  Take the O’s.



Take the Royals over the Whitesox.

Sports Plays Of The Day 8-6

After a 5-2 day improved me to 9-4 today I have these selections.

Redsox 2

Sabathia is brutal.  Boston pounds him in NY.  Take the Bosox

dodgers 2

Philly has been hot but Grienke tames them in Philly.  Take the Dodgers in Philly.


The Jays keep rolling at home vs the Twins.


Stros stop the bleeding in Oakland.

Arizona Diamondbacks


Something ain’t right in DC.  Take the Dbacks over the Nats.

Sports Plays Of The Day 8-5

If not for the brutal Atlanta Braves bullpen I might have had a 5-1 day but I will settle for 4-2.  For today:



Mets are rolling and the Dark Knight is on the bump today in Miami.  Take the Mets


Take Kazmir and the Stros at Texas.


Take the Redbirds and Carlos Martinez against the Reds


Take Cueto and the Royals at Detroit


I think the Jays will get streaky now and keep on winning at home vs the Twins


The O’s have to start to get it going now tonight at Oakland

Redsox 2

I think the Yankee prospect gets smacked around tonight.  Take the Bosox in NY