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RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

Bigsportsfanandmoreblog want to wish our most sincere sorrow to the family of Roderick Toombs aka Rowdy Roddy Piper for his passing today at the age of 61.

Before there was Miz TV or The Body Shop or the Barber Shop or the Snake Pit or The Brother Love Show or The Dirt Sheet or The VIP Lounge or The Cutting Edge or the Heartbreak Hotel or the Highlight Reel or Carlito’s Cabana or The Funeral Parlor or you get the point there was Piper’s Pit.  Old school wrestling fans remember this show which started back in the 80’s and usually lasted between 2-3 minutes long.  Piper who was a rule breaker at the time would insult the fan favorites and stir the pot often not letting them talk.  The show was edgy and racist and physical and funny and Piper was the muse for it all.  His brilliant mic work paved the way for other shows in wrestling.  Nothing can ever top the “Hot Rod’s” show.

Let’s not forget his in ring performance which was always under rated.  Hot Rod knew how to stir up the crowd and was always a better bad guy than a good guy.  He was a true main eventer who can pack the buildings with the best of them.

As I was watching the clips below I always think that Piper did not get the credit he was due for bringing Wrestling to the mainstream.  Hulk Hogan was the first one clearly.  But the whole Rock N Wrestling angle with Cyndi Lauper put wrestling on MTV and in the spotlight igniting Lauper’s career and with Hogan it launched wrestling as we know it today.

Roddy you were one of the greats.













Sports Blog 7-31

So the New York Mess are at it again.  If you thought Wednesday night’s fiasco was bad did you check out Thursday’s debacle.  First off the field we have Mike Francesa saying the Mets are talking to two teams for a major bat.   One is being widely reported as Jay Bruce for Zach Wheeler and please god don’t make this deal.  The second one is not known but as we were told it is not Yeonis Cespedes.  In addition the Mets denied rumors the Carlos Gomez trade was nixed because the Brewers didn’t want to pony up some cash but instead Sandy Alderson insisted it was because the doctors found issues with his hips.  To give this more legs Gomez was dealt to the Astros last night and I guess they had no issues with his hips.  More on this in a minute.

Secondly the Mets blow a 7-1 lead when Bobby Parnell gives up a grand slam in the 7th inning to make the game 7-5.  Then with 2 outs and 1 strike in the top of the ninth inning the umpires call for a rain delay which is the most ridiculous time I have ever seen a rain delay happen.  I live in NY so i know the weather got really bad.  Typical Mets they blow the lead and are now trailing by 1 run when the skies open up again and 2 hours later they finally lose a heart breaking game as only the Mets can.

Now back to point 1.  Does anyone really believe the Mets when they say the Gomez trade was called off because of his hips.  No one believed this before he was traded to the Astros.  Certainly no one is going to believe this now.  Alderson and Fred Coupon don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt here.  Everything is about money to the Coupons.  I know doctors don’t agree but this is shameful.  I remember years ago when Vladimer Guerrero wanted to come to the Mets and they said he has a bad back and didn’t sign him and he went on to have great years with the Angels.  So my fellow Met fans I am sorry to say this but I think we have all the help we are going to get.  This team is not going to add a big bat.  MLB please investigate this team and force the Coupons to sell like you made Frank McCourt sell the Dodgers a few years ago.

Point 2.  I know Jeurys Familia has been good this year despite his recent struggles and Bobby Parnell now has been crap the last 2 times he has pitched.  What Alderson needs to do right now is to look at the 9th inning of yesterday’s game and see what Justin Upton and Craig Kimbrel can do for his team.  Take Brandon Nimmo, Zach Wheeler and I am sure the Padres can find 2 other prospects they like for Upton and Kimbrel.  Upton goes to left field and Michael Conforto goes to Triple AAA.  Sorry but the kid looks a little overmatched.  You can’t tell me the Mets have to get a center fielder so Conforto can stay in the majors even if he isn’t hitting.  The bullpen is now Tyler Clippard, Familia and Kimbrel.  Yeah I can go to war with that.  As for Upton the door is open to sign him long term.  Bartolo’s 10 million comes off the books next year and Cuddyer’s salary is low enough that he can be dealt.  There is your 15 million or whatever it will take to sign Upton.  As for Kimbrel’s money this deal will be enough to put butts in the seats and get the Mets to the playoffs.

But my fellow Met fans if the Coupons are penny pinching now what is going to happen when these pitchers need to get signed long term.  Very scary thought.

As for the rest of the MLB happenings the Bluejays trading for David Price is major.  That is a game changer and I don’t think they are done yet.  And for Yankee fans who think this race is over you better go out and get some arms.  I don’t think Michael Pineda pitches again this season.  Ivan Nova is hurt again.  Masahiro Tanaka is a Tommy John Surgery waiting to happen.  And you can;t keep scoring 10 runs a game.  Baseball does not work that way.  This race is not over.  The Pirates made a solid move by getting Joakim Soria.  The Dodgers made some solid moves by bringing in good arms.  The Cardinals all but admitted they are worried about Matt Holiday by over paying for Brandon Moss.  The Giants picked up Mike Leake.  As the deadline approaches today I wonder who is going next.  Several big names are still on the block.

It’s a good thing that Leonard Williams fell into the laps of the Jets.  Sheldon RIchardson what the hell are you thinking about.  Not only have you already been suspended for 4 games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.  But now you were arrested for speeding and resisting arrest.  The car smelled of pot and there was a semi automatic weapon in the car as well as a minor.  This is not the way to get a long term contract out of a team.

The Giants admit to not knowing how many fingers JPP has.

Jet fans for some reason want to spend money to annoy the Patriots with a banner flying over their practice field.  This is why you don’t beat them.

JJ Watt has a 99 rating on the Madden game.

Stephen Jackson has let it be known to the Cowboys that he is available.  Dallas better do something at RB.

The Giants are about to sign James Jones.  Very good low risk signing.  Signing Jake Long would be a coo.  Healthy or not it is a no brainer.  If the stars fall right that could be a huge pickup.

Typical Mets

Last night was a normal night for me.  Well aside from my wife’s birthday.  So after seeing the Padres jump all over Big Sexy Bartolo Colon I got take out from my wife’s favorite restaurant.  So as we ate dinner around 8:15 and I planned the rest of my night which was to be quick since I was to wake up at 2:30 the next morning for work I figured all that would happen is the normal scurrying around.

As I put on the Mets game to check the score I hear Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen talking about a potential trade they Mets might be making.  While they were not naming players except for Wilmer Flores I quickly checked social media to see what was going on.  Carlos Gomez to the Mets for Wilmer Flores and Zach Wheeler.  While I was upset to see Wheeler in this trade I did understand the thinking from Sandy Alderson’s side.  He is not helping us this year and seeing how Matt Harvey has not fully returned to form we are looking at 2017 the earliest and more likely 2018 before we see the real Wheeler again.

For those who are questioning why the Brewers would be going after a pitcher coming off TJS I give you this.  How often is one team right when they say we have 5 top prospect pitchers that we feel are all going to be great pitchers.  From Wheeler to Harvey to Noah Syndergaard to Steven Matz to Rafael Montero all except Montero have shown the hype was true. Jacob deGrom does not count since he was the huge surprise.  I have been saying for a month now that if I was a GM I would be looking for Montero in a deal since I felt he would be the most expendable pitcher.  The Mets have been dead on predicting all these pitchers which is extremely rare.  So I am not surprised Wheeler was in a deal.  After all he is still young, TJS has a pretty good success rate and Wheeler can be controlled contractually.

Not to discount Flores here. I think he can be a serviceable to good player if he could hit 20 homers playing second base.  But for Met fans to say I would rather wait til Brandon Nimmo can join rookie Michael Conforto(who struck out 3 times last night) and Juan Lagares are finally patrolling the outfield let me say this.  No organization is ever right on all players in their system.  It just can’t happen.  Do you want a better outfielder then package Wheeler and Nimmo.  The fact that Met fans think a power hitter is needed is also silly.  The Mets need a quality bat.  Period.

So as I came to grips with the trade I started making out lineups with Gomez leading off and if Wright comes back I said to myself this is not bad and the Mets can win with this providing these players perform.  Curtis Granderson finally moves down in the lineup to 5th providing some protection to Lucas Duda.  Travis D’Arnaud is coming back again from injury and the depth of this lineup is real good. I even had no problems with Juan Uribe playing third every day and Daniel Murphy playing second every day and Kelly Johnson and Ruben Tejada platooning short.

Then the strange events unfolded.  Only in Met land would this ever happen.  As we live in this time of social media this trade was reported as a done deal.  Everyone in the stands knew about it except for some of the players in the dugout as well as manager Terry Collins.  He never received a phone call about this.  Flores I guess was told by the fans he was traded and was even given a standing ovation by the crowd as he batted in the last of the 7th inning.  Keith Hernandez was touched by this. But both wondered why Collins still had him in the game.  He didn’t know.  To see Flores cry on the field and in the dugout was hard to watch.  Some may say when Collins finally realized what was going on he should have pulled him form the game which he didn’t do til the last inning.

So as I was hoping to go to sleep early I stayed up and wanted to see what would happen once the game was over.  Every media outlet had reported the trade as a done deal.  The Mets post game show crew was talking about the new potential Mets lineup with Gomez in it.  Collins’ press conference was classic.  He didn’t know.  There wasn’t a phone call to him to say we got a deal going on and pull Flores.  As he stated I am trying to win a ball game so what do you expect me to do.  He didn’t blame the media or Mets management.  He just said it’s an unfortunate situation.

As for Flores Collins stated he has been a Met his whole career and does not want to leave the organization.  He is a young man and these players are not robots they are human beings with emotions.  When one reporter said Jacob Wheeler instead of Zach Wheeler and apoligized for getting his Wheelers mixed up he said I wish we traded Jacob Wheeler.

Then as i slowly nodded off and woke up shortly after I hear the trade is not done and is not going to happen in Sandy Alderson’s words.  Huh.  What just happened here?  Why is this trade now off?

As I woke up at 2:30 this morning and took a shower and checked my tablet on the train I saw reportedly the Mets doctors found a problem with the hips of Gomez and nixed the trade.  Now we know the Mets doctors are always correct lol.  But this is typical Mets here.

My guess is that Alderson saw the fan reactions to this trade and made up this story to back out of it.  Not that I believe the Mets care what the fans want but I have seen more people not like this deal than like it.  Does anyone really doubt the Mets backed out of this trade because of fan reaction?  It is certainly a possibility.

As for the trade I like it now and next year.  But probably will hate it in 3 or 4 years.  You have to give up quality to get quality.  And most Met fans think like that annoying guy in your fantasy pool who wants to trade you his bottom dweller players for a top player.  Now these same fans want Yoenis Cespedes or Carlos Gonzalez or players of that level.  Are you prepared to offer more then Wheeler?  Because that is what it will take to get players of that caliber.

Sports Blog


MLB Trading Deadline Notes

The Mets made an unexpected and strong trade by bringing in Tyler Clippard to be the 8th inning pitcher.  Now the Mets have effectively made this a 7 inning game with the greatness of their starting lineup.  And this move coupled with the trade made over the weekend have improved the Mets alot while not moving any significant asset.  With Travis d’Arnaud starting a rehab assignment and hopefully by trading for one more quality bat the Mets may be ready to roll.  Assuming another bat is brought in David Wright would become gravy if he returns.  With the below trade of Troy Tulowitzki for Jose Reyes it is amazing to me to hear Met fans saying how come we were not in on this.  The Mets don’t have a Reyes to trade to the Rockies.  The acquisition of Clippard is more important now that jenrry Mejia has been suspended for 162 games.


The Angels acquired Shane Victorino for nothing basically.  This is a good battle tested, intangible player who will fit right in with the Angels.  Also in 2 more deals David Dejesus and David Murphy were brought in for marginal prospects.  The Angels brought in 3 quality players for nothing.

The Rockies finally moved Tulowitzki and got back Jose Reyes and 3 prospect pitchers.  I see the Rockies end.  I am not sure what the Jays are thinking.  Tulo is better than Reyes.  But the Jays need pitching and just moved a big chip to get Tulo.  Now the Rockies can maybe take Reyes and flip him to another team for maybe 3 more prospects making the ultimate get for Tulo 6 prospects.  Possibly.

The Nationals got Jonathan Papelbon to be either a 8th inning or 9th inning guy.

The Royals struck again.  After adding Johnny Cueto they now added Ben Zobrist.

Jenrry Mejia what the hell are you thinking.  Suspended twice in the same season for the same substance.  Please Mets release this guy.

Brandon Marshall tweets from his sister’s wedding in Jamaica and is pleading his case for when he fails the drug test because of all the weed being smoked there with none by him.  Are we supposed to believe that Brandon.  Looks like the zoo is still in session for the Jets.

So surprisingly the NFL upheld Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension.  Brady may fight it.  But Tom you cheated.  Take the suspension and let’s all move on.

How come the NFL always has to have something negative to talk about.  Look at this Summer.  2 players blew off fingers playing with fireworks on the 4th of July.  Deflate Gate won’t go away.  Marshall all but admitted he is going to fail a drug test.  Now this rule the hall of fame has about not letting a family member make a speech in lieu of a deceased inductee.  This will be a story right up until that induction day.  Jeez how much more drama can the NFL have.

I can’t understand why John Cena gets so much hate thrown  his way.  Could it be that he is the real face of the WWE.  Could it be that he gets to go home to the hot Nikki Bella.  Could it be that his gimmick and persona rub you the wrong way.  What he did last night on Raw was incredible.  His nose was smashed for a good 10 minutes and he fought through the match.  Regardless of the outcome cause the WWE has a reason for every outcome whether we agree with it or not what John did was bad ass tough.  Now he is not the only WWE Superstar to fight through an injury to finish the match with a bad injury.  Mick Foley did.  Sabu was always messed up in his matches.  Triple tore a muscle off the bone is his leg and he finished the match although in a reduced role.  He was put in the Walls Of Jericho which had to be like death.  But still last night was a night to celebrate Cena’s toughness.

On the subject of the WWE.  They are now in the mainstream sports arena.  ESPN and Fox Sports are going to report on all issues now.  Cena’s performance was mentioned.  Dusty Rhodes’ death was covered.  And of course the Hulk Hogan incident.  And let me say this to Stephen A Smith.  Just shut up.  I am not talking about what you said about Hogan.  Hulk needs to take his medicine.  But to come out and say the whole WWE is filled with racism is way off base.  Wrestling is not a real sport.  We all know that.  The winners of each match are all predetermined.  The storylines are made up.  So is much of the interviews and commentary.  WWE has writers who handle the interviews and just what each superstar is going to say.  You can’t call it fake then all of a sudden say but that part is real.  Smith mentioned when Jesse Ventura called Tito Santana chico and called his finishing move the flying burrito.  Or when Vince McMahon used the N word in an angle with Booker T.  Hey Smith the term angle is just like a part of a TV show or a movie.  They are all acting.  It’s an act.  So if everyone white person who uses the N word in a movie c racist?  I think not dumbass.



Mount Rushmore Movies 1983

1983 Mount Rushmore Movies


This year was chock full of great movies.  Narrowing it down was hard not because there was so many classic movies but because there wasn’t 4 classic ones.  Just a year with a lot of great movies.


Return Of The Jedi.

The most anticipated Trilogy to come out ever extending the decade of Harrison Ford’s brilliance to yet another year.  What we though was the last of this series was only the beginning as we found out years later.



Say Hello To My Little Friend.  Al Pacino was brilliant as Tony Montana which created yet another cult classic movie.  Drugs Sex and Salsa.

trading places

Trading Places.

Eddie Murphy had his second straight blockbuster as he and Dan Aykroyd traded places.  Brilliantly smart comedy also starring Jamie Lee Curtis.  Classic lines and classic performances as Aykroyd showed his range as a bankable actor.

NL Vacation


Probably the height of Chevy Chase’s brilliance.  Fletch may be a bit better.  There was 3 sequels that went from acceptable to bad.  Plus the remake out this year with Rusty taking his family to Wally World.  But the original Vacation was classic.  Cousin Eddie played brilliantly by Randy Quaid was a nice side kick to Chase’s Clark.



Notes.  Sean Penn and Esai Morales were Bad Boys.  Tom Cruise broke out with “All The Right Moves” and “Risky Business.”  Rodney Dangerfield and Joe Pesci made Easy Money.  National Lampoons had Class and we met Cujo the killer dog and Christine the killer car.  John Travolta Stayed Alive.  Matthew Broderick almost started a War while playing a video game.  Peter Billingsley shot his eye out in “A Christmas Story.”  We also had a Big Chill with a huge list of household names, The Black Stallion should not have returned as well as Porky’s.  We had Jennifer Beals strut her stuff in Flashdance, Jaws came out in 3D, Burt Reynolds continued to crank out less than stellar comedies and Richa Pryor was in Superman 3.  And another movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

Sports Blog 7-25

There is alot going on right now in the sports world.  With so much news flying around where do we begin.

Let’s start with MLB.

With the trade deadline looming in about a week the Mets finally made a move.  It was not splashy or significant to solve their offensive problems as they only acquired older fringe players.  But in Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson they represent upgrades for the Mets.  That is the sad part.  What is even more sadder is that one Met fan started a U Fund Me campaign to raise money so the Mets can bring in a bat.  Obviously this was meant as a joke at the expense of the Coupon family.  But it does show a real problem within the organization.  This was a move that should have been made at least one month ago.  For the Mets to be in the biggest market in the country and have their own network how can their payroll be so low.  Perhaps as it was suggested in several articles recently that they are using Met money to pay off personal debts.  This would be ridiculous of this ownership.  MLB supposedly is monitoring this situation but they do nothing about it.  Hopefully for Met fans they force them to sell like they did with the then Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.  Good lord Met fans hope there is another move on the way.

If Jon Niese was going to pitch like that he should have just stayed away.

Reggie what are you doing arguing with a fan at the HOF election weekend in Cooperstown.

Scott Kazmir already impacted the Astros with his performance last night.  Maybe he will resign with his home town team.  His contract was fairly reasonable.

There are several big game changing players on the market right now.  These players can certainly change the outcome of some of these races.  Last year’s trading deadline was extremely wild.  This year’s appears to be just as wild.  As stated before there are several impact players available.  

Hey I haven’t heard any Yankee fan in months say we don’t want AROD.  Have you.  This is typical of the front running, obnoxious and holier than thou Yankee fans.  If AROD was hitting like this when he was suspended the fans and the organization would have supported him.

The big news out of the WWE is the firing of Hulk Hogan due to comments he made 8 years ago about african americans. Obviously he didn’t know he was being recorded and no one knows the state of mind he was in especially with the subject being about his daughter’s music career of which he personally funded for a few years.  No matter how old the comments are Hogan needs to be punished and with the WWE finally getting main stream recognition with ESPN they have no choice to take down the one wrestler who put them on the map in the first place.  ESPN routinely fires people who make racist or sexist comments except for Stephen A Smith.  Not saying it is a black thing because Harold Reynolds was fired for his comments years ago.  if you can’t talk in the privacy of your own home or where ever Hogan was then where can you talk.  The bottom line is just don’t say anything like that period brotha!

The other 2 big things from the WWE is the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar rematch at Summer Slam.  This is the first time the deadman is working a match other than Mania in the same year in a while.  I hope his body can hold up when Brock throws him around.  The other thing is the legitimacy of the Diva’s division finally.  WWE has long since stopped parading females out who are not very good wrestlers and instead have put real wrestling back with the latest infusion of NXT Divas.  Good job.  Now just get Natty in that angle.  Please.

So the NFL won’t let Junior Seau’s daughter give an induction speech for her father because of some silly rule they put in probably because of the recent deaths of NFL players.  Despite what the HOF says they are joined at the hip with the NFL and are so scared of someone blaming concussions for the death of former players they have this silly rule now.  Grow up NFL.  You got bigger problems than this.  You can’t keep players off the police blotter as we seem to have bad news on a weekly basis.  Now you have players blowing off fingers with fireworks for god sake.  The NFL can be so petty at times.

Then you have Dez Bryant who is not happy with his speed rating in John Madden’s new video game.  Seriously.  Is this what is on your mind right now.  Is this what is important to you.  My god get a clue Dez Bryant.

As for the Lakers.  What a bad offseason they had aside from their draft.  And good for them.  Seriously.  There is no quick fix for this team.  There is no bandaid.  There is no way they would have signed enough quality players to make the playoffs in a stacked conference.  So back to the lottery they go and get a third building block player after Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell.  Too bad for Kobe Bryant.  He will retire never getting to the playoffs again.  It does serve him right for taking max money when he clearly had no business doing so.

I haven’t touched on this before and I will say my peace now and never bring it up again.  What ESPN did with the ESPY’s and Bruce Jenner(always will be Bruce to me) was an absolute disgrace.  He didn’t deserve the Arthur Ashe award and a small part of me thinks he did this for publicity and money which is the Kardashian way.  Before you kill me if him getting this award helps people who are trans gender then yes it was worth it.  And if he is doing his TV show for the same reason then great.  But he would really have my respect if he donated the proceeds from his show to charity and not make a dime off it.

1982 Mount Rushmore Of Movies

This year saw 4 of the most iconic movies in American history.  The rest are iconic in their own right.  But these 4 movies have been seen many times over and are still wildly popular today.  It was also the year of the sequel as many movies returned to continue their stories.



This Steven Spielberg classic just might be the most loved and widely recognized family movie of all time.  It made a star of Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore especially.  I don’t thik there is a sole on Earth who was alive in the 80’s or 90’s to have not watched this movie.  Spielberg did not release this movie on VCR to video stores right away.  The story of a boy who befriends an alien who is trying to find his way home.  The love Eliot has for this alien and the desire he has to protect him and get him home makes this movie what it is.



The story of Daddy Warbucks who adopts Little Orphan Annie.  The iconic movie with the red headed freckled girl and the millionaire who saves her from the orphanage.  This converted musical has a hall of fame cast with Bernadette Peters, Carol Burnett, Tim Curry and Albert Finney as Daddy Warbucks.



Dustin Hoffman at his best playing a woman acting on a soap opera because he can’t find work as a man.


An Officer And A Gentleman

Richard Gere as the marine, Louis Gossett Jr who brilliantly plays the drill sergeant and Debra Winger who plays Gere’s girlfriend who is desperately looking for love.  The story was great.  The acting was even better.  Gere became a star.



Notes.  This was the year Eddie Murphy officially became a star in 48 Hours.  Harrison Ford continued his run with the Blade Runner.  Richard Pryor was the Toy.  Sean Penn was Jeff Spicoli in the cult classic Fast Times Of Ridgemont High.  Sly overcame the death of manager Mickey and became best friends with Apollo Creed in Rocky 3.  The original cult classic Bob Clarke’s Porky’s came out.  We had the Fonz in Night Shift and Dolly Parton has the Best Whore House in Texas.  Goldie Hawn and Burt Reynolds were Best Friends.  We had sequels to Airplane and Amityville and Death Wish and Star Trek.  Jim Henson brought out the Dark Crystal.  We had the third installment of the Friday the 13th series.  Grease had their own sequel without John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.  We also had Halloween 3 which had nothing to do with the original story and no Michael Myers.  We had the original Poltergeist and the laughable and lovable comedy The Last American Virgin.  There was also Tron, The World According To Garp and we had the birth of Rambo in First Blood.