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1980 Movies Mount Rushmore

I recently heard Craig Carton say he was asked to put together his Mount RUshmore of 1980’s movies.  I don’t usually agree with him but he was right in saying that is impossible to do because of the number of cult classics as well as just pure great movies in that decade.  So what I will do in a new weekly segment is have a new Mount Rushmore post for a variety of different topics.  I will start with 1980’s movies starting with 1980 and do each year.  I will also move onto other areas.  Thanks Carton.  You just inspired me to put this together.


The 80’s was a great decade.  Alot of great sports, great fads and great movies.  When I looked up the list of all the movies made in 1980 that is American movies made I saw some interestng stuff.  Some movies that are worth mentioning but not on the Mount Rushmore list.  I will list those out later and also give you some notes and tidbits.  So my 1980 Movies Mount Rushmore list in no specific order is:



  1. Caddyshack.  The first cult classic comedy of the 1980’s.  This movie still plays well now in 2015.  With some of the greatest comedic actors in our history all at the top of their game.  Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight butt heads throughout this movie.  Chevy Chase was into his peak as a comedic actor.  Even Danny O’Keefe was good in this role.  But stealing the show was Bill Murray’s portrayal of iconic grounds keeper Karl Spangler who is one of the best movie characters of all time.


Raging Bull

  1. Raging Bull.  Robert DeNiro playing Middleweight boxer Jake LaMotta was spot on.  All the way to the weight gain.  His movie partner brother Joe Pesci was also brilliant playing what else Jake’s brother.  Cathy Moriarty played the beautiful Vicki LaMotta and captured the pain and anguish of being married to such a violent, jealous and abusive man.  Of course Frank Vincent is never far behind DeNiro and Pesci as he played Salvy.


The Shining

  1.  The Shining.  Jack Nicholson quite possibly at his psychotic best in this movie.  There wasn’t really much to this plot  other than Nicholson playing writer Jack Torrance who goes to a secluded ski lodge to write a book as he takes a job as the care taker while the lodge is closed for 5 months.  Built on a ancient native American burial ground we find out this place is haunted.  The previous caretaker killed his family.  Torrance’s young son starts to see things like the elevator full of blood and uses mental powers to bring back the chef Halloran to try to save them.  This movie gets stranger and scarier as it goes along.  From the ghosts and the little girls to room 237 to REDRUM.  Shelley Duvall plays the wife of Torrance who at the end of the movie escape with their son while they leave Jack who tried to kill them to freeze in the hedge maze.



  1.  Nine To Five.  Although I am not a huge fan of this movie it did spin off into a TV show and a Broadway show and launched careers.  it is still wildly popular today which is the definition of a cult classic movie.  The movie stars Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman.  Parton was launched into the mainstream after this movie came out.  Fonda and Tomlin are both well respected actors as is Coleman who portrays that boss we all love to hate ho gets his in the end.  Again I am not a huge fan of this movie but it is beloved and has made careers of those associated with it.


Notes.  This was the year the very first Friday the 13th movie came out where Jason’s mother was the killer.  The Empire Strikes Back also came out and was the highest grossing movie of the year.  As pat of the most successful movie franchise of all time Empire was probably the least favorite of the original Episodes 4-6 but that does not mean it wa not a great movie.  We also saw some of the greatest comedic duos on the ig screen.  We had the original Blues Brothers of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi and in  Stir Crazy we had RIchard Pryor and Gene WIlder.  George Burns was in Oh God Book II, Robin Williams was Popeye with Duvall as his Olive Oil.  The original Airplane also was a 1980 Movie.  Clint Eastwood was in Any Which Way You Can.  For the kids from this year we had Brooke Shields in the Blue Lagoon.  Already with Star Wars under hsi belt this becam the decade of Harrison Ford as you will see in the future years as Ford was the dominant figure of the 80’s at one time having 5 of the top grossing movies of all time.  We also had the second installment of Smokey and the Bandit starring Burt Reynolds.  Goldie Hawn was Private Benjamin which also spawned  TV Series.  The Coal Miners’s Daughter which is a biopic about Loretta Lynn starring Sissy Spacek in the title role also was released in 1980.



The Mess Of The Mets: Who Is To Blame?

Once again the see saw of the Mets season has shifted down as they are now in a 6 game losing streak.  The two stoppers in the rotation gave up 3 runs in 16 innings pitched as the Mets continue to struggle to score runs and now doubt is creeping in again.  So who is to blame now?  I say there is plenty of blame to spread around.  Let’s examine this for a bit.

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Sports Blog 6-24

Sports Blog 6-24
Didn’t you used to be CC Sabathia.
I said it back in April and I will say it again.  The Yankees greatest accomplishment this year will be ending the Mets 11 game winning streak.
Another day another wasted performance by a Mets pitcher.
I would be very disappointed if the Mets don’t honor the memory of Darryl Hamilton with an armband. Not because he was a great player or even one of the greatest in Mets history.  But he was a respected and well liked player by the fan base who do remember him.  The Mets don’t often get these things right.
After MLB rightfully so destroyed 60 million all star ballots The AL leaders are starting to look like they should.  Almost.  MLB is no doubt too late in looking into this disgrace.  Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera are now leading their respective positions which is what should be happening.  That still leaves way too many Kansas City Royals as starters.  It is arguable that none should be voted as starters.  Nelson Cruz, Josh Donaldson and Jose Altuve are closing in on the leads in their positions removing 3 more un deserving Royals.  I can live with Alcides Escobar and Salvador Perez as starters.  But Perez should not set the record for votes by a player.  Not when Stephen Vogt has over 5 million less votes despite being a better player.  I also feel like there shouldn’t be any Royal outfielders starting.  But it appears they will get 2 with Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon getting the nod.  When it is all said and done that leaves 4 Royal players starting the All Star game which is too much.  On one hand I hear what Royal fans are saying.  We are voting for our players.  That is the difference between a home town fan and a knowledgable fan of the game.  Look at the National League starters.  They are just about who should be there.  Royal fans say go out and vote for your players like we do.  On the other hand and this is jointly MLB’s fault too.  You can’t allow an email address to vote 35 times.  Hell I have 10 email addresses I can use which would be 350 votes by one person.  That is a joke.
WWE brought back Tough Enough last night on the USA Network.  I must say I like this version better.  It is not a pre taped show from a couple of months ago.   The fans control who stays and goes.  Hulk Hogan was great as a judge.  Daniel Bryan needs something to do right now.  I am kind of surprised Paige is a judge.  But since we are talking about one night a week that is fine.  Chris Jericho is the host and leads you right into the postgame  show on the WWE Network hosted by the Miz who is perfect to be involved in this.

The Dark Knight Or The Jokers

It is only mid June and already the Mets have had a full season. The last of their vaunted pitching prospects is set to hit Citi Field later this month completing the centerpiece of the turnaround built directly on the backs of the embarrassment of riches in these young arms. In fact by 2017 you could see a rotation of Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Zach Wheeler. So as Matz appears headed to the Big Apple and with the Mets currently in first place a half game over the struggling Washington Nationals why is their such an uproar.

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Sports Blog 6-23



So there are only 3 players in MLB to be a part of one of the most prestigious clubs in all of sports.  That is the 3000 hits and 600 home runs club.  Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and this Scarlet Lettered player.  In fact he has also joined another even more exclusive club with his 2000th RBI joining Aaron.  And to put this into even more astronomical place with 40 more runs scored he joins Aaron as the only two players in MLB history to have 600 Homers, 2000 RBI’s, 3000 Hits and 2000 Runs Scored.  That is incredible.  I am talking about none other than Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez.  Think about that.  And because of PED’s he won’t get into the hall of fame despite the fact that you would think he is clean now at 40 years old batting .281 with 14 homers and 40 RBI’s.  Let’s go a step further.  The pitcher with the most strikeouts in MLB history and the hitter with the most Homeruns in MLB history both are not going into the hall of fame for the same reason as AROD.

Pete Rose


Is that was not bad enough for MLB now they have to deal with this Pete Rose situation.  I find it more than a coincidence that now that he is starting to get involved in MLB activities the report becomes public that he bet on is own team while playing, something he has consistently denied.  The court of public opinion has already spoken without seeing a shred of evidence.  And you have to figure MLB knew about this when the report was sealed.  if this is true how could anyone be surprised he did this.  A gambler is a gambler.  I just find it strange that this comes out now.


terry collins

Let’s see what creative way Terry Collins can screw up tonight’s game.  Or better yet how much more futile the Mets bats can be.

P Diddy

As for P Diddy I am dying to see what this supposed video shows.  Why is he always around when bad stuff happens.  I will wait to see the facts.  But why is Diddy even on campus.  His presence can only hurt his son.


The NBA draft is this week and for the first time in a long while there seems to be alot of juice.  The Lakers who are desperate to make a big splash may trade the # 2 pick or make a huge trade.  If they can somehow get DeMarcus Cousins without giving up that pick that will be amazing.  The Knicks are reportedly looking to trade down plus pick up a player.  A move like that if it backfires will set the Knicks back a few years.

brock lesnar

Glad to see Brock Lesnar back.  Not glad to see the continuation of this stupid and played out authority angle.  I fully expect Brock to crush Seth Rollins at Battleground next month.  WWE is going all out to make Brock bigger than he is now.


So tired of the Bella’s winning matches.  At least Alicia Fox is now in the top level of the Divas division where she belongs.  Where is Natty though?


Sports Blog 6-15

Sports Blog 6-15

Lebron 3

So Lebron gets a triple double 40-14-11 and even shoots a decent 15-34.  Has 5 more assists than his whole team combined.  Has more than one third of his teams total rebounds and plays 45 minutes with only 2 turnovers and you tell me where and when Jordan played a game this good in the playoffs.  Yet the Cavs lost and are on the brink of elimination and the Jordan people will get on Lebron for not willing his team to win.  This is perhaps the finest Lebron has played taking a team of role players into the finals.  With no Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving you knew it would be tough to win but if this series goes 7 games you may actually the best player in the sport will his team to win.  Afterall if the shots don’t fall for a jump shooting team like the Warriors then the Cavs have a realistic shot in a potential game 7.
Hey didn’t you used to be Rickie Weeks that the Mariners just designated for assignment.  Weeks is not a bad player to take a flier out on.  Are you listening Sandy Alderson.  Give the M’s a call and see what it would take to bring him over.  Shoot I would even take a chance on Dustin Ackley.  I know that big deal is not out there right now.  But Sandy show me you have a pulse and at least inquire about Weeks.
gatorsfsu 2
So there is a report that student athletes at Florida and Florida State are less likely to get prosecuted for crimes than regular students at the same school.  Really?  FLorida also has harbored the most players arrested since 2000.  Really?  It figures.  Urban Meyer who was the head coach for alot of those Gator teams would give a lamp scholarship if he could play.  Jimbo FIsher proved last year that he is both dillusional and does not care about anything but winning the way he talked about his players specifically Jaemis Winston.
Now you can officially get on the Mets.  This whole Dillon Gee situation is partly their fault.  He should have been traded in the off season.  But Alderson may have been asking for too much for him.  You can’t tell me there was no market for Gee.  Now we come to the season and Gee has been bounced around pretty good.  Gee has not helped himself by the way he has pitched and his refusal to make one start in the minors while the Mets try to clear up this log jam.  Now his value is zero and the Mets won’t get anything for him as they designated him for assignment today.  It is Steven Matz time now.


DFA Trade.  mets trade Gee to the Mariners for Weeks


bella cena

It’s good to be Mrs Cena.  Not only does the WWE always have John on top.  But now his main squeeze can’t lose the strap either.

Sports Blog 6-13

 Sports Blog 6-13

notre dame 2bc

So Notre Dame is going to play Boston College in a football game this November in Fenway Park.  The twist is that both teams are sharing the same sidelines.  Wonder how that will work out.  Notre Dame needs to stop trying to be creative with this Shamrock Series and figure out how to win games and recruit better.  Do you think Brian Kelly wishes he would have bolted to the NFL after he brought the Irish to the national championship game.  He might have missed his NFL window.

Jordan lebron

Why does everything Lebron does or doesn’t do on the court have to be compared to Jordan?  These are the Jordan supporters bringing this up.  The Lebron people won’t go down that road.  Oh Jordan would never be tired or worn out during a game.  Or Jordan would always close the game out.  Oh Jordan would always hit that last shot.  Let’s make this clear.  Lebron has to wear many more hats than Jordan ever did.  Jordan never had to bring the ball up or rebound or guard the opposing team’s best offensive player.  His job was to score and close out the game which he did better than anyone else ever.  But would Jordan ever have a game where he drove to the hole and repeatedly never got the foul call.   So Lebron has his team in a best 2 out of 3 with 2 road games to win a championship.  This is something Jordan never had to face.  Never was his team an underdog in the finals like Lebron’s Cav’s are.  A Cleveland championship elevates Lebron to a level Jordan could never touch.  But somehow you feel if they lose the Jordan supporters will have a field day.  The statement is not can Jordan do what Lebron does on a nightly basis.  We know he didn’t have to.  But he can’t get credit for it either.  We have never seen Jordan do it so how will we ever know.


You would think the Mets are in last place with all the negativity talked about this team.  At press time they are currently a game and a half in first place and yes this is aided by a 11 game winning streak in early April and the bad play of the Washington Nationals.  This despite their best offensive player still on the shelf since mid April and with their emerging star catcher just coming off the IR.  Not to mention a slew of other injuries to key players on this team.  The manager has to go and Alderson needs to bring in players and some players have to play better and get healthy.  All of which may be  true but through it all this team is hanging around the race and just maybe once all the pieces are finally in place this team will take off.  But dear god please don’t trade for Aramis Ramirez.  Making mid season trades has never ever been a bright spot for the Mets.  Outside of trading for Mike Piazza what other trades have worked out.


Three Biggest Surprise Teams In MLB


With all those high draft picks finally hitting the majors this team took the step no one ever saw not even the Astros themselves.  They may be only a starting pitcher or two away from being a legit contender for years to come.  As we saw in the draft they took more top offensive talent.


The thinking is that this team will come back to Earth during the second half but give them credit for playing this well with a bunch of young players.  When the Twins were making the playoffs they always seemed to lack the personnel to get to the next level despite having a quality old school manager in Ron Gardenhire.  Even if the bottom falls out there are players to build on.


Recently this team lost back to back World Series.  Their embattled coach resigned.  Key players left via free agency or got injured.  But somehow this team has played well recently taking advantage on the bad play of the teams expected to win the division.  The Rangers still have a pretty good farm system.  If you look at the AL West it’s like it was turned upside down from what was expected to what is actually happening

Three Biggest Disappointing Teams In MLB


I put Cleveland on this list because  I needed a third team and I actually thought they would be over .500 this year.  Corey Kluber has not pitched like an ace which is part of the problem.  Tito Francona is as respected a manager as you will find.  But things just have not come together.  They are only 7 games out of first but are trailing two teams that are superior to them.


The Mariners had a good season last year. Nelson Cruz was added to the mix and with the good arms they have in their rotation and bullpen it’s a mystery why this team can’t put it together.  Picked by many to win the AL pennant this team is in 4th place and going no where.  Trumbo was just added to help the struggling offense.  Robinson Cano has not been what the M’s thought they were buying.


Injuries and bad defense has plagued this team early on.  Yet their division is so bad they figured to still be in first.  if not for an 11 game win streak by the Mets in April they might be in first instead of 1.5 games out.  You have to figure at some point they will put things together.  The Nats were a World Series favorite by many experts and still can turn this around.  But perhaps they are staring at the tail lights of the wrong team who when they are going correct can match pitching with them.

I am going to end this blog by saying what a joke the MLB All Star Voting has now become.  The league must take this out of the fans hands now or do something to lessen the value of the fan voting.  There is no way the Royals deserve 7 starters in this game.  Hosmer over Miggy.  Moustakas over Donaldson.  Escobar over iglesias, Morales over Cruz, Cain and Gordon starting.  There should not be one Royal in the OF when you have Trout, Brantley, Jones, Bautista and Reddick.  Perez over Vogt but this one won’t bother me as much.  Obviously the Royal fans who have the worst case of little man complex I have ever seen are stuffing the boxes or other fans are not voting.  I don’t see the latter as the NL starting lineup is fine.  MLB must do something to stop this especially since world series home field advantage is at stake.