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Sports Plays Of The Day 1-31

After a miserable 2-5 night dropped my tally to 44-31-3 I have a full slate of games for today.

In the NHL


Take the Sharks at home vs the Blackhawks

In the NBA


Take the Wizards -2.5 at home vs the Raptors

golden state

Take Golden State -9.5 at home vs the Suns.



Take Davidson -4 at St Joseph’s


Take Evansville -6 at Drake


Take Pacific -3 at home vs Loyola Marymount

unc wilmington

Take UNC Wilmington -1 at Drexel


Take Eastern Illinois -3.5 at home vs SIU Edwardsville

south dakota state

Take South Dakota State -9 at home vs Denver


Take Wyoming -13 at home vs Nevada


Take Wofford -7 at home vs Mercer


Take Cal Davis -3 at home vs Cal Poly

sac st 3

Take Sacramento State -2.5 at home vs Montana


Take Portland State -6.5 at home vs Montana State


Sports Blog 1-30




Marshawn Lynch has embarrassed the NFL this whole week.  He shows up for the media sessions because he was told he has to be but he doesn’t answer any questions.  Instead he just said the same line over and over again.  I don’t want to get fined.  If the league is going to force him to be there and not answer questions then why bother.  Lynch does not understand that the NFL Is so profitable because of the media platforms it’s on now.  You would think he would use these platforms to publicize his charity work with kids in his home town.  Lynch won’t ever get it and if this keeps him out of the hall of fame it would be unfortunate but lt’s his own doing.  Now the NFL said he is possibly facing a fine for wearing his own hat which sold out immediately at 33 dollars a pop. Make no mistake about it the NFL wants their cut for the hat.   As unfair as you might think It is but if Lynch played in the CFL nobody would know who he is.  NFL in their usual response lately “We are not dealing with this until after the super bowl”.

goodell selig

Where has the leadership gone in our two biggest sports, Baseball & Football.  The chaos these two sports are in now in my opinion has as much to do with the leaders of the sports.   Bud Selig who recently stepped down basically saw the tradition and history and pureness of baseball evaporate as he made his fellow owners(Bud is a former owner who gave his team to his daughter) a lot of money.  Roger Goodell just only cares about making money.  That is clearly obvious.  David Stern handed the NBA to Adam Silver in pretty good shape.  So we thought.  The Donald Sterling scandal could have blown up but Silver squashed that as quickly and legally as he could.  In fact as we found out Sterling was the way he was for a long time and basically was ignored.  Gary Bettman is the first official commissioner of the NHL and has the hardest job of them all.  He had to try to make a sport that was largely Canadian and European into an American sport.  He has done a good job in that.  As good as he can.  But let’s look at Selig.  When I think about his tenure I will think about steroids and PED’s.  The game is no longer pure.  The records that were set during his tenure are questionable.  We will always wonder if that player was clean or juicing.  The Hall Of Fame is questionable too.  All of this because Selig and the other owners looked the other way and chose to make money instead of keeping the game pure.  Goodell too has made the owners a ton of money.  Along the way his players are totally out of control and the appearance and in some ways the facts show that he has no control of anything.  From Ray RIce to Adrian Peterson to the Patriots and to Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman.  Goodell looks bad in every way from every angle.


This could be a dangerous game the Yankees are playing with Alex Rodriguez.  First AROD wanted to apologize to the Yankees and he was denied that opportunity until the Yanks are ready I guess.  That is kind of a childish approach to take.  I know AROD was looking to sue the Yankees and said some things about their doctors and other stuff.  But can you really blame him.  He was going to get suspended and lose a lot of money, money the Yanks were off the hook for by the way.  The Yankees didn’t back him.  That was obvious.  They backed Jason Giambi but not AROD.  I know AROD can be a problem and his body was breaking down.  The Yankees showed no loyalty to this player.  They created this beast too.  When AROD resigned with the Yanks they were the only team who can afford him.  Everyone knew the whispers about his steroid use.  Just like Giambi before him the Yanks didn’t care as long as he produced on the field.  Once that went away he was useless just an overpaid piece of meat.  It was the Yankee who put the millions of dollars incentive clauses in the contract that they now want to void.  Too bad Brian Cashman.  Your the ones who put those clauses in.  You have to eat it now.  But more importantly with how bad the Yankee offense was last year you should be hoping AROD comes back and is 75 percent of what he once was.


You have to give it to Richard Sherman.  Bob Kraft was right.  He really knows how to market himself.  Now there is a chance that he will miss the Super Bowl if his girlfriend goes into labor.  She is due February 12th.  This is something that shouldn’t even be a story.  It only is because Sherman chose to make it pubic.  Granted both the Super Bowl and the birth of your child are very rare experiences that don’t happen too many times in your life.  Sherman has marketed himself brilliantly and has most importantly backed it up on the field.  He escaped Compton and was smart enough to graduate from Stanford.  So he is obviously vey intelligent.  His brash and cocky ways got him the spotlight but just like this story about his unborn child he always tries to show the other side of him.  He even has people calling his unborn son little petey.  There is never a dull moment when Richard Sherman is around.

How Good Is Russell Wilson?

russell Wilson 1

How good is Russell WIlson?  That is a question that is going to be debated and dissected for a long time.  Especially with a sure 100 million dollar contract on the horizon.  The same contract that will cause Seattle to lose some of their core players.  After all everyone wants to get paid right.  Does this mean these players are elite?  Elite is a word that Seahawk fans feel Wilson is.  But what is an elite QB?  Or something close to that level and is WIlson on that level?

Let’s take the 4 qb’s from the final four, Wilson, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers.  If any of the other 3 would suffer a season ending injury would their teams keep winning?  The answer is no.  Other QB’s who make big money fall into that category.  Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Big Ben and Drew Brees.  Take Joe Flacco.  He got a big contract based on his playoff performances and his flawless run to the Super Bowl a few seasons ago.  Flacco is average at best in the regular season but elevates his team in the playoffs.  Also the offense is built around their performances specifically.  They are option 1 and their teams can’t win games if they don’t perform.

Russell Wilson is not the most important person on his offense.  The team is not built around his skills.  That team comes and goes with Marshawn Lynch and the defense.  Just look at the NFC Conference Championship game vs the Packers.  Lynch was shut down for most of the game.  WIlson was asked to win that game and he played miserably.  He didn’t play well until Lynch opened up the offense.  Now Wilson is a fine QB.  He really knows how to manage a game well.  But he is not a carry the team kind of QB like the other guys above are.  Even at Wisconsin where they are a running team with their 300 pound offensive line and big bruising running backs.

I am not saying Wilson is a useless player.  He is no Trent Dilfer who’s only job was to not lose the game.  But as he is heading to his second straight Super Bowl which happened to be the easiest and luckiest path I have ever seen he is in line for a huge pay day.  Even if his stats don’t add up to other top QB’s.  Seahawk fans will point to the same stat over and over again.  His record against other great QB’s and some other stat category made up to justify his greatness.  And Seattle has to pay him his money.  They have no choice.  And it will cost them some key players.

The game got away from Seattle against Green Bay.  Wilson had 4 picks.  Some were his fault and some weren’t.  Some throws were awful.  If Seattle didn’t have the great defense they have that game is a blowout in the first half.  There is no disputing that.  Wilson is not as bad as he was in that game.  But he is not a QB you can say we are throwing the ball 40 times a game and everything we do as an offense relies on his success.  He is not that kind of player.  Seahawk fans understandably love him and if I was a Seahawk fan I would love him too.

I recently debated a Cowboy fan whether you would rather have Romo or Wilson.  He said he would rather have Wilson.  I found myself in the surreal position of defending Romo.  This is a QB I have put down and destroyed because of his lack of presence in big games and his vintage Romo turnover moments.  But if you put Romo on the Seahawks with the way that defense plays and the Beast Mode Mojo of Lynch he won’t have to win games on his own. It was my contention that Wilson would have less success with the Cowboys than Romo did even though Dez Bryant and Jason Witten are on the field.  But I can put a lot of QBs on the Seahawks and they would win just like Wilson.  Simply because Wilson is not the reason why Seattle wins.  We have seen in NY Rex Ryan take a mediocre QB like Mark Sanchass to two AFC Conference Championship games on the back of a good defense and running game.  Does Wilson make plays yes.  Does he make plays with his legs yes.  Is he a nice guy and a endearing clean cut figure who can effectively be the face of his franchise yes.  Is he ELITE no.

This is not a put down and trash Wilson story.  As a Seahawk fan told me that Wilson is elite and should be ranked ahead of Andrew Luck because Wilson has won a Super Bowl well there you go.  Are Trent Dilfer, Jay Schroeder, Doug Williams and Brad Johnson elite quarterbacks because they won Super Bowls?  Is Eli Manning an elite QB?  He won 2 Super Bowls and played exceptionally well in both Super Bowl runs where the Giants won every game except one on the road.  Is Dan Marino not elite because he never won?  That is my point.

Clearly Seattle is perfectly built and each players strengths are exploited and each weakness is hidden.  Give them credit for making great draft picks especially late in the draft.  They had done it a few years now.  But I would just like to see how good Wilson would be if he had to throw the ball as much as Andrew Luck does?

On Monday Seattle and Wilson could be celebrating back to back championships and whatever I say or think won’t matter to him or any other Seahawk fan or player.  But one day and that day is coming sooner and sooner Wilson will have to be the guy who is the reason Seattle wins.

Sports Plays Of The Day 1-30

After going 7-4 last night to up the tally to 42-26-3 I have 7 plays today

In the NBA


Take the Rockets -6.5 at Boston

golden state

Take Golden State -10 at Utah


Take Chicago plus 7 at Phoenix



Take Dartmouth -1.5 at Pennsylvania


Take Monmouth -3.5 at Fairfield

western illinois

Take Western Illinois plus 1.5 at home vs IUPUI

kent state

Take Kent State plus 4 at Buffalo

Sports Plays Of The Day 1-29

At 35-22-3 I have 11 plays for tonight.  All in college basketball.


Take Dayton -1.5 at UMASS

mid tenn st

Take Middle Tennessee State -1 at Texas San Antonio

ga southern

Take Georgia Southern -9 at home vs Appalachian State

louis laf

Take Louisiana Lafayette -6 at Southern Alabama

la monroe

Take Louisiana Monroe -1.5 at Troy


Take UTEP plus 11.5 at home vs UAB


Take Hawaii -1 at CS Northridge

st mary

Take St Mary’s -13 at home vs Loyola Marymount

e tenn st

Take East Tennessee State -4 at Furman


Take Wofford -8 at UNC Greensboro

sac st 3

Take Sacramento State -10.5 at home vs Montana State.

MLB Free Agents

There are a lot of pretty good free agents left in MLB.  Enough to out together a pretty decent team.












Sports Plays Of The Day 1-28

Sports Plays Of The Day 1-28

After 4-1 night to get back on the winning track I have 6 plays for tonight.  My record stands at 34-19-3

In the NBA


Take the Raptors -6.5 at home against Sacramento

In NCAA Hoops

James Madison

Take James Madison -7 at home vs Delaware


Take Northeastern -6 at Drexel

south dakota state

Take South Dakota State -10.5 at home vs Nebraska Omaha

Northern Iowa

Take Northern Iowa -7.5 at Southern Illinois

air force

Take Air Force -8 at San Jose State

Sports Blog 1-27

Sports Blog 1-27

How bad is the NFL right now.  There is so much chaos going on right now and the biggest media week of the year is not even half over.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has completely lost control of this league.

Deflate Gate won’t go away nor should it.  Even if you think it’s ridiculous and doesn’t mean anything or if your just plain tired of the subject like me it needs to be resolved.  The NFL does not want to resolve this either until after the Super Bowl.  They can’t suspend Brady for this game if he is found liable.  And we all know this will get blamed on some poor equipment worker.

How Marshawn Lynch gets away with this is just a joke.  During media day his answer to every question is I am only here because I don’t want to get fined.  I would fine him hard just for that.

Richard Sherman saying the Patriots get away with everything because of the friendship between owner Robert Kraft and Goodell.  No one says a ward about it.  No fines from the NFL.

Bob Kraft says the NFL owes the Patriots an apology. That is amazing.  The Pats get caught cheating again and they demand an apology.

Tom Brady got his feelings hurt.

Bill Belichick gave this scientific explanation that Bill Nye the Science guy refutes.

I thought that Dallas Cowgirl fan was the dumbest person in the world to sue the NFL for the Cowboys losing the game to the Packers.  Now Baltimore fan Scott Latshaw might be the dumbest person In the world.  He has a petition to play the AFC Championship game over without the Patriots but with the Ravens playing the Colts  Hey dummy do you realize this will never happen.  The Super Bowl is 5 days away.  Even if the Super Bowl was 2 weeks away you got no chance of winning that petition.  We should have a petition to prevent people like Latshaw from starting stupid petitions.

But I am glad to see some good old fashioned trash talking now.  Lane saying Gronk is no big deal when he won’t even be guarding him.  Doug Baldwin who said he is bringing sunblock to Revis Island.  Baldwin is about to embarrass himself.

It’s amazing how Ray Lewis can continue to open his mouth and say dumb stuff.

Sports Plays Of The Day 1-27

After going 1-2 to drop my record to 30-18-3.  I have 5 plays for this week.


In the NBA


Take the Raptors -3.5 at Indiana

IN NCAA Basketball


Take Eastern Michigan -4.5 at home vs Ohio


Take Evansville -6.5 at home vs Indiana State


Take Wyoming -1.5 at Utah St.


Take UNLV -3.5 at Nevada


Last night was the Royal Rumble pay per view which is the official kickoff on the road to Wrestlemania.  The Royal Rumble match s very entertaining but the 3 way match for the strap stole the show.  The other matches were just fillers and no disrespect to the performers were of no real interest to me.

Brock Lesnar successfully defended his title against John Cena and Seth Rollins.  This match was amazing as all 3 wrestlers brought it.  Brock was the fan favorite in Philly if you can believe that.  The spots in this match were amazing.  I never thought Brock would lose this match but they actually made him bigger as Cena and Rollins really pounded him and out of no where he sprung back into the match and won.  Cena gave him 3 straight attitude adjustments and Rollins splashed him through the table at ringside.  Cena and Rollins couldn’t finish each other off and allowed Brock to retain the title and presumably headline WrestleMania

The Royal Rumble match has always been one of my favorite matches of all time.  The winner of course is a star or a competitor on the verge of being a star.  But there is always a surprise entry or two.  Usually a superstar coming off an injury or a returning star.  The big surprise of the match is how early Daniel Bryan was eliminated.  Naturally he is the sentimental favorite since he never lost the title.  How can you have a wrestler coming off neck surgery and put him in the ring with Brock Lesnar.  Brock will toss him around like a rag doll.  The WWE did a bad job if this was even their intent to hide the fact that Rusev was hiding under the ring and came out when Roman Reigns thought he won the rumble.  The Big Show and Kane working together until they tried to eliminate each other.  Bray Wyatt was awesome in this match as was Rusev.  Welcome back to the WWE Bubba Ray Dudley.  Will Devon be far behind?  The WWE tag team division sure needs the boost.

Now for the juicy part.  Roman Reigns wins the Rumble twice.  The bell rang when he eliminated The Big Show and Kane only no one was fooled as we knew Rusev was hiding.  When Show and Kane went into the ring and beat down Reigns I don’t think anyone wanted to see Rusev pick the bones.  The Rock comes out to save the day.  Even he couldn’t save Reigns from the boos as he eliminated Rusev to win the rumble.

Now for the aftermath.  Brock vs Reigns at Wrestlmania.  Brock somehow is getting cheers and of course Heyman is golden on the mic for him.  The fans clearly want Daniel Bryan in this match.  Me I don’t care because I don’t believe DB can beat him and can he really be in a one on one match with Brock throwing him around?  And what about Mr Money In The Bank who’s briefcase is set to expire around Mania time.  Does the WWE relent and make this a fatal four way elimination match?  Yeah you would be taking DB and Rollins out of other matches but this could be a 40 minute match.  You keep all guys fresh.  You stay away from another three way match in the main event like last year’s Mania.  I know Brock is leaving soon and Heyman basically sang the praises of Reigns’ Samoan family so can he turn on Brock and be the mouthpiece for Roman?  We all agree Roman’s mic skills are not great and his in ring package is limited.  You basically turn Reigns bad I guess and have him feud with Seth and DB after Mania.

The above would make sense since it is clear Cena won’t be in that match and is primed to fight Rusev at mania.  But that match has already been announced for Fast Lane Pay-per-view in February.  Does that mean we won’t have an elimination chamber match?  Will the Undertaker fight at Mania.  It sure looks like Sting is fighting HHH.  Does Taker have a real opponent?  Bray Wyatt would be logical.  I guess the Ascension fights the USO’s.  We still have lots of top guys looking for matches like Luke Harper, Eric Rowan, Big Show, Kane, Dolph Ziggler Ambrose, Orton, Ryback etc.

My proposed matches for Mania

Brock vs Reigns.  I still think this is going to get changed to include at least Rollins.

Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

Sting vs HHH

Rollins vs Orton

Cena vs Rusev

USO’s vs Ascension.  I can only hope the Dudleys reform and get into this match

Golddust vs Stardst

We still have the Andre the Giant Battle Royal which will include Kane, Ambrose, Big Show, Ryback, Cesaro, Rowan, Harper, Dolph, and all the others who are not fighting.

Ambrose and Dolph may do double duty in a different match.

Daniel Bryan will be in a singles match as well.  I don’t know where his story is going from here.  Bryan/Ambrose is a hell of a match.

Nicki Bella I assume will defend her title and I could see any of the following in the match Naomi, Natayla, Paige, AJ Lee or Charlotte.