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College Football Power Rankings 10-30-14

As we head into November here are my rankings of the top 10 college football teams.

miss st

1.  Mississippi State.  No change here from last week.  Should beat Arkansas this week.  They still have their 2 biggest tests to come in November.


2.  Florida State.  No change here also.  Road game vs Louisville.  Can be a tough game.  Probably wins out unless Jaemis gets suspended.


3.  Alabama.  Up one from last week.  The Crimson Tide seem to have righted the ship a bit here.  But 3 brutal games stand between them and the SEC championship game.


4.  Auburn.  Up one from last week.  Brutal road game at Ole Miss this week.  2 more brutal road games are on the horizon too.


5.  Notre Dame.  Up one from last week.  Will beat Navy soundly this week and needs to win out to be in the top 4.


6.  Oregon.  Up one from last week.  Biggest nemesis Stanford comes to Eugene this week.  Should win but needs to shore up their defense.


7.  Michigan State.  Up one from last week.  Ohio State didn’t play so well in a win.  Overall a bad last week for the Big Ten.  On bye this week preparing for showdown at home vs the Buckeyes.

Ole Miss

8.  Ole Miss.  Down from 3 last week.  Losing at LSU derailed the train a bit.  After this week the schedule lightens up til the Egg Bowl.  Man these SEC West teams beat each other up.


9.  TCU.  Not ranked last week.  Now is the class of the Big 12.


10.  Georgia.  Not ranked last week.  Auburn is left on the schedule.  Should beat Florida this week.  Kentucky can be a challenge. If they win out they could be the only SEC team in the playoffs.



Sports Blog 10-30

Wow what a game 7.  There is one main story but there are several other thing to point out.

Madison Bumgarner.  The best pitching performance in the world series ever.  Just amazing.  The Giants will have to pay him more than Lincecum turned down.  Did someone say cha ching.  Wow he is not a free agent for a couple of years.  Yikes.

Bruce Bochy is now a hall of fame manager.

Pablo Sandoval.  The Kung Fu Panda is an under rated player.  The Giants must resign him.

Hunter Pence was involved in all the scoring rallies.  Very under rated and overlooked player.

Ned Yost almost in tears after the game in the interview room.

Was Alex Gordon busting it out of the box right away or did he turn the jets on when he saw the ball drop.  As the play stands he would have been nailed at the plate however it would have been ironic if he was called safe cause Posey was blocking the plate.

Tip your hat to the Royals.  No one expected them to get here and they never will again.

Royal fans going crazy for the ESPN cameras after the game 7 loss.

I wonder what George Brett was thinking last night during the ninth inning.  Eventually you will think Herrera and Davis want to close themselves and I can’t imagine Holland makes any money.

Does anyone find it strange that the Redskins after winning 2 straight games with Colt McCoy would start RG3 this week with a buy next week.  Why not give him 2 more weeks to get more healthy.  Or is Daniel Snyder afraid that McCoy will lead the team to a third straight win vs a beatable Vikings team cause he desperately wants RG3 to be his guy.  I am not saying McCoy is the guy just saying.

So Tony Romo is a game time decision next week.  Why did he even go back into the game and how much of that was Jerry’s influence.

It’s going to be a long year in Laker land.

Alex Rodriguez is officially off suspension.  And now becomes the biggest drawing card in the Bronx.

The first NCAA football playoff rankings came out today.  Mississippi State and FSU and Auburn had the first 3 spots.  The 4th spot went to Ole Miss over Alabama.  Despite losing this past Saturday night Ole Miss gets the # 4 spot because of a head to head victory over Bama.  This weekend is littered with big time matchups that will further rock the standings such as # 3 Auburn vs # 4 Ole Miss.




Sports Blog 10-28

What a sports weekend as so much happened good and bad.  There was an upset in college football.  The NFL is taking shape and as the World Series is winding down the NHL is already is full force with the NBA beginning this week.

We have to start off on a very sad note.  Oscar Tavares the very young and extremely talented outfielder for the St Louis Cardinals died in a car crash Sunday with his girlfriend in his native Domenican Republic.  Oscar was a very promising player and the best prospect in the Cardinals organization.  Bigsportsfanandmore give out most sincere condolences to both the families of Oscar and his girlfriend and to the entire St Louis Cardinal organization.

I saw 2 endings to games on Saturday and Sunday that really blew my mind.  You would think coaches know how to instruct their players what to do.  You would think the players know what to do.  But both man I couldn’t believe it.

First down the stretch of the Ole Miss/LSU game.  LSU had just taken the lead 10-7 and Ole Miss was driving down for a game tying field goal.  The field goal was no chip shot and it was a freshman kicker but still.  That is the higher percentage play.  Ole Miss had their field goal unit on the field to attempt a 42 yarder but got called for delay of game.  An inexcusable penalty at that point in the game.  The offense quickly went back on the field.  There was enough time for a quick sideline route and the field goal attempt.  LSU calls timeout and Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze discussed the next play with quarterback Bo Wallace.  What Wallace did was throw a ball down the sidelines which was picked off ending the game.  That was horrible communication and execution.  Wallace can’t throw an interception there I don’t care what he saw or read.  Freeze must make sure his QB does not get any ideas like that otherwise put the kid on the field and try a field goal.

This next one is ever worse.  The Falcons having squandering almost all of a 21 point lead to the Lions in London are trying to run the clock out with a 2 point lead.  Falcons coach Mike Smith calls for a safe wide receiver screen to arguably his best skill position player in Julio Jones.  Jones catches the pass and weaves his way around the defense for a first down.  The game appears to be over as the Lions have one time out left.  On second down and long and with the Lions having no timeouts remaining the Falcons get called for a holding penalty on a play that gains nothing.  Huge break for the Lions as they correctly decline the penalty which sets up third and long and the clock is stopped because of the penalty.  Smith calls for the same wide receiver screen to Jones who drops the ball.  Clock stops and the Lions have new life.  The Lions drive down the field and appear to be setting up for a field goal.  They too get called for a delay of game penalty.  Which would have been un excusable except for the kick was no good.  With the second chance 5 yards back Matt Prater hits it and we go home.  And of course Arthur Blank is on the field.

The funny thing today in New York was John “The” Idzik’s press conference of which he rambled for about 20 minutes about how good the players and coaches are and how everything is going to be alright yadda yadda yadda.  My god was he layed into by all media outlets.  Mike Francesa killed him.  I can’t wait to hear Craig Carton and Joe Benigno tomorrow.  This organization is a joke.  No way around it.  Rex Ryan actually said he thinks Geno Smith will be a good QB some day.

Someone get those Steeler uniforms and burn them.  They are hideous.

Jimbo FIsher what do you have to say now that another one of your good Samaritan Seminole is in trouble.  We’ll suspend him from Spring practice.

While on FSU it would be a huge bomb if the Jets draft jaemis Winston.  What a perfect spot for this fine upstanding person.  There is no accountability in Florham Park and the players can do what they want.  Jaemis will fit right in.

Dallas is terribly dysfunctional and if Romo is out then the season is over.  Romo will always be one hit away from retirement.  Jerry Jones actually on the field talking to Jason Garrett.  What a joke.  Jerry can’t help himself.

Kudos to the Redskins for winning a game most didn’t expect them to win.  Even though it didn’t happen Romo technically turned into Vintage Romo with 2 turnovers on the same drive.

What team is going to blow Rutgers out this week.

How many more apologies will Michigan take from Brady Hoke.  Still if they knock off Ohio State would they consider keeping him.

Sunday there was live NFL football from 9:30 AM right through 11PM.  Wow.  Hey college football games start at noon on Saturday and play through midnight.  Throw in game 5 of the World Series and it was a very nice sports Sunday.

When will these players ever learn.  Lamarr Houston becomes another in a long line of players who get hurt celebrating something they are paid to do and is their responsibility.  Hey Lamarr it’s your job to sack the quarterback.  Why dance afterwards especially when your team is getting blown off the field.  I just don’t get it.  You got your sportscenter highlight.

Say what you want about JJ Watt but he is exactly right for what he did.  This is the NFL and it’s a man’s game.  Zach Mettenberger I know you were excited and pumped up for your first NFL start and you should be.  But selfies of your hair styles. Really.  You needed to worry more about the monster named JJ Watt instead of another stupid self promoting stunt.  Kudos to you JJ.  Welcome to the show kid.

Peyton Manning is a perfectionist.  We know that.  Home field advantage is just what it is supposed to be.  The fans react to what is going on around them including the scoreboard.  There is no reason why Manning at home needs to quiet down his own crowd so his lineman can hear the signals.  This guy who put stuff on the jumbotron probably didn’t realize what he was doing and that is the Broncos organization’s fault.  Or perhaps the jumbotron operator needs to have common sense.  Maybe Manning could have addressed it internally instead of on national TV.  No one will ever say Manning is not a nice guy.  There has never been any evidence of that.  But your right Peyton.  It’s called home field advantage.

I hate when the owner comes out of the box and walks the sidelines.  Jerry Jones had a conversation with Jason Garrett last night.  Arthur Blank is another one who does this.  At least Mark Cuban sits in the front row in jeans and a t shirt like regular fans.  But Mr. Blank you are correct for your recent remarks.  You are paying your players a lot of money.  Blowing 21 point leads is not acceptable.  Especially with how badly the Falcons played the last 2 minutes of that game.



College Football Plays Of The Day

After a 1-3 week I have 6 games I like this week. i

Take Minnesota -3.5 @ Illinois.  A road favorite is always tough to take but Minnesota is a better team than Illinois.  Plus they had a close call last week.  Look for a rebound game this week.

Take Nebraska -21 at home vs Rutgers.  This again is more of an anti Rutgers pick.  This team does not belong in the Big Ten.  Kyle Flood is delusional if he thinks Rutgers can play with anybody in the country.

Take Oklahoma State at home vs WVU.  This game is now pick em.  WVO comes in off a high of knocking Baylor from the ranks of the unbeaten.  Ok State can still score and look for a home team victory.

Take TCU minus 23 at home over T Tech.  TCU has been a quality team for a few years now.  They could be the class of the Big 12.  So look for a big statement win today.

Take Ohio State -14 at Happy Valley.  PSU has struggled this year barely beating Rutgers and losing to Michigan.  Meanwhile Urban Meyer has his offense clicking and look for another big effort today.

Take Nevada -3 @ Hawaii.  Normally I don’t like teams going to Hawaii to play.  But Nevada is just a much better team than Hawaii.

How The SEC Does Not Make The Playoffs

I am going to paint a scenario where the SEC gets shut out of the first ever NCAA college football playoffs.  SEC fans think it’s their divine right to have one of their own in every championship game.  But now 4 teams make the playoffs.  So these same SEC fans can say the opposite and paint a picture where all 4 teams are from the SEC.  Realistically that won’t happen.

Now only one team can say they are SEC champions.  If the argument is that how can a team not win it’s conference get into the playoffs what is the Notre Dame argument.  If ND runs the table they will be in the playoffs.  SEC fans can say ND didn’t win a conference so how are they in over a team from the SEC the best conference despite having one loss.  Does the loser of the SEC championship team which could be either one of these 2 current undefeated teams Mississippi State or Ole Miss make it in the playoffs.  Despite losing the last game they played in.  Normally if you lose the last week or even late in the season your in trouble as you don’t have any games left to build your ranking back up.

Or do the SEC teams just pick each other off every week making it difficult to have multiple one loss teams.  The normal power 4 teams are Alabama, LSU, Auburn and Georgia.  But now you have MSU and Ole Miss having big seasons.  Also let’s not forget the absence of computer rankings which always helped the SEC especially in strength of schedule.  We have real people picking these teams so that makes it more likely that SEC gets shut out with only the most 2 teams selected.

I am going to paint a scenario where it’s possible the SEC gets shut out of the playoffs.  Now a lot of things have to happen and  I wouldn’t bet on every single outcome of the games I will highlight below happening but it is extremely possible.  Florida State is the real wild card here as well.  If Jaemis Winston stays on the field FSU should win out.  But what happens if Winston gets suspended for a game or two and FSU loses both.  Does the committee take that into consideration knowing he will be active for the playoffs.  It’s not like he would be an injured player who is questionable to return.

I am going to focus on the 6 SEC teams I mentioned above with Florida State, Notre Dame and also Oregon and Michigan State.  My scenario consists of all 4 non SEC teams running the table which is certainly possible.  The Seminoles will be undefeated and automatic assuming Winston stays on the field.  Oregon which will have avenged an early season loss to finish with one loss.  The Irish which would have only the road loss to the undefeated defending champions in a game where they were the better team and should have won.  Plus with 2 road games left vs Arizona State and USC those are victories to give them more prestige.  Michigan State who’s only loss would be at Oregon in September.  The game was close at half time and the Spartans would have a victory over Ohio State.  Clearly these 4 are the teams in my scenario that make the playoffs.

Now for the SEC teams

Mississippi State currently undefeated and ranked # 1 in the country.  With road games against Alabama and Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl those are 2 games they could lose and I will say they lose both.

Ole Miss also undefeated and ranked # 3 in the country.  With a road game today vs LSU and 2 home games vs Auburn and Miss State.  A LSU win would jump start my prediction but still there are 2 tough games on the horizon.

Alabama with one loss and ranked # 4 in the country.  They go to LSU and play both Miss State and Auburn at home.  My scenario has Bama winning all 3 games but losing in the SEC championship game to Georgia

Auburn also with one loss and ranked # 5 in the country.  With 3 brutal road games left against Miss St Georgia and Alabama I have them winning all except the Alabama game.

Georgia only has a road game at Auburn which I have as a loss but they will go to and win the SEC championship game.

LSU already with 2 losses is done but can play spoiler which is what I need them to do.

What you need to remember is the SEC has a championship game with Georgia most likely one team in the game and there opponent could be any number of 4 teams.  To summarize above Miss St and Ole Miss lose 2 regular season games.  Bama with a loss already loses their second in the SEC championship game.  Auburn with one loss loses to Bama for it’s second loss.  Georgia loses to Auburn for its second loss but wins the SEC championship game.  That gives all SEC teams 2 losses.  And is starts today with LSU defeating Ole Miss.  Should Ole Miss win then I would need LSU to give Alabama their second loss with Ole Miss getting their second loss in the SEC championship game.

Now the selection committee will be sitting on 5 2 loss SEC teams which probably are all ranked in the top 15.  Florida State which is undefeated and one loss Notre Dame, Michigan State and Oregon.  We could be sitting on a rematch in the championship game and I am not sure anyone wants that.  But would the committee really shut out the SEC when by overall record the 4 teams above have better ones.  3 of those teams would be conference champions and one Notre Dame does not have a conference but they are Notre Dame.  Is this unrealistic.  I say no.  Improbable maybe.  I would have correctly picked the outcome of about 30 or more games here.  So I should go to Vegas and lay some bets.  But this is something I would love to see happen only to see what the fallout is.  A lot has to happen and history tells us there will be upsets along the way.  Which then as someone who hates the SEC I will come up with a second theory or scenario.

The first rankings come out this coming week.  This should be a fun month and a half.

Sports Blog 10-21

Hey Mike Tomlin.  What are you doing throwing the ball twice when running the ball could have killed the clock.  Texans might have scored if they recovered that onside kick.  Especially after you got a gift at the end of the first half.  Which leads me to

Hey Bill OBrien.  Your QB is not good.  You just blew a 13 point lead in seconds.  The momentum had changed at 17-13.  Run the ball and go into the locker room and catch your breath.  Good old Ryan Fitzpatrick gave away another 7 points.

Hey Brian Kelly enough about the pass interference call.  I think it was bogus too but get your team to win all its remaining games and you will be in the playoffs.  I don’t think many teams want to play this team now.

Hey John Idzik too little too late.  while I agree this is a no brainer move it can backfire big time.  You still haven’t proven your a competent GM.  Be a Jet, Act like a Jet, Play like a Jet.  What the hell does that mean.

Hey Rex Ryan does everyone have to fit in your clubhouse only to find out a year later that player was a problem.  This is going to be another diva WR who is a headache.

Hey Jimbo Fisher.  Yeah you’ll punish Jaemis if it needs to be done.  That ship has sailed sir.  Winning games is more important than character.  To be fair a lot of coaches are the same way.  Your paid to win games.  But please stop talking about the high character and dignity of your program and QB when we all know it’s not true.  Can’t some one high up in that university get him to shut up.

Hey Florida State University.  I remember the whole Peter Warrick/Lavernius Coles incident from years ago.  Both did the same crime.  Coles was cut off and Warrick was saved because he was the better player.  Ole Lavernius for the last laugh for he was a better NFL player by far.

Hey Jarrod Dyson any predictions on the World Series or will you wait til the Royals are up 2-0 to say the Royals will win the series.  How about actually becoming a starter then opening your mouth.

Hey Pete Carroll glad to see some bad times for you.  The way you left USC like a rat in the night shows the world who you really are.  Then actually saying you had no idea what was going on at USC.  Yeah right.

Hey Craig Carton you constantly prove on a daily basis why your a moron. The Jets are not capable of running a dishwasher let alone the table of 9 remaining games.

Hey Jon Gruden to describe jadeveon Clowney as a disappointment is a little far fetched.  If he had been playing and didn’t do anything then you could say that.

Hey Florida Gator fans stop being so spoiled and support your team.  If your coach is that bad make your feeling known.  The Gators have won a lot and were a power house for years.  Don’t be spoiled brats.

Hey Mike Pettine how long before Johnny Football gets his first start.

Hey Jason Garrett is your plan to wear down your fragile Running Back shaving years off his career and blowing up your season in December?



NFL Top 10 Power Rankings

As week 7 comes to an end it’s time to start ranking the NFL teams.  As we all know this list has a way of changing week to week especially now that the NFC is completely wide open.  So let’s get right to it.

1.  Denver Broncos–Peyton Manning still looks great but the big difference is Denver’s defense is better than last year.

2.  Indianapolis Colts–Andrew Luck is already in the top 5 of quarterbacks in the league.  But if their defense is going to play this well Denver better look out.

3.  New England Patriots–The demise of this team was a bit pre mature.  I still don’t like their defense but they always seem to have one playoff game in Gillette Stadium and if Bellichick ever gets that defense in the right direction then this team is going to be tough to beat.

4.  Philadelphia Eagles–I am still not sure Chip Kelly’s offense will work in the long run.  But this team is balanced.  Darren Sproles makes a big difference.

5.  Dallas Cowboys–At 6-1 they have to make this list.  I still don’t believe in them.  They are going to run Demarco into the ground.  Tony Romo is a choker and Jason Garrett has not done anything in big spots.  Not to mention the big mouth owner who can’t help himself.  Dallas has choked and collapsed so many times they need to prove they can win.

6.  Arizona Cardinals–Surprise they are the first and only team from the NFC West to make the top 10.  And it is well deserved.  This team won 10 games last year and is on pace for more this year.  They still have all their division games left and SF will eventually get healthy but for now the Red Birds are in the drivers seat.

7.  Detroit Lions–With a 5-2 record you would think that is the most surprising thing about the Lions season so far.  But the fact that they have done this with their defense and also with Megatron hurt and not a factor is even more surprisingly.  This is a team that the NFC needs to take notice of.

8.  Green Bay Packers–Discount Double Check King says to the cheese head nation to calm down.  Boy was he right.  That offense is clicking big time.  Even if their defense is just playing good they are one game behind the Cards from having home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  No one wants to go to Lambeau in January.

9.  Baltimore Ravens–Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl MVP so at 5-2 they get the ninth spot.  Steve Smith has been a great addition.  Even the defense is playing better than expected.  The division has become a two team race with the Bengals.  But man is Flacco on his game.

10.  San Diego Chargers–Mike McCoy has led the reemergence of Philip Rivers and the Chargers.  Still they need to beat the big teams like Denver to show us they are a true contender.

Conspicious by their absence.

Seattle-Seahawks–Finding out how hard it is to repeat when every one wants to beat you and maybe your not as hungry to win as you were the year before.

San Francisco 49ers–Theoretically they will be better once they get healthy especially defensively.  But for now 4-3 does not make this list.

Cincinnatti Bengals–Their offense can’t only be about EJ Green.



College Football Rankings 10-19

With this being the first year of a 4 team playoff system College Football is wild and crazy this year.  Unbeaten teams have fallen and only a few are left.  Several key games are still left which will change the rankings and the 4 teams picked for the first ever playoff.  Here is my rankings:

1. Mississippi State–Their resume is too good to ignore.  But they have 2 brutal road games at Alabama and Ole Miss also the potential SEC Championship game.  A loss is very possible in their future and depending on when that loss comes It will impact their playoff hopes.

2.  Florida State–The defending champs always find a way to win.  But can they keep having these close calls?  They were out played against Notre Dame but still managed to win.  A loss will knock them out of the playoffs for good since their remaining schedule is very weak.  Also beware of Jaemis Winston.  Great player on the field.  But an absolute jerk off the field.  One more mistake can get his suspended.

3.  Ole Miss–They won their signature game already against Alabama.  The remaining schedule looks favorable with home games vs Auburn and the Egg Bowl.  At LSU is their last road test.  The SEC is tough especially with the conference championship game.  Just like Miss St if they are going to lose a game when will it be and is their time to move back up in the standings.

4.  Alabama–As much as I hate to put them here they are probably the best of the 1 loss teams.  A second loss should eliminate them.  I don’t care how good the conference is.  There are still several one loss teams who play in power conferences that should get in over a 2 loss Bama team including Florida State if they should stub their toe.  But Bama has Miss St and Auburn still on the schedule.

5.  Auburn–Their loss was to the number one ranked team so they get the 5 spot in my rankings.  I feel very secure in saying they won’t be in the top ten by season’s end.  With 3 of the most brutal road games on the schedule against Ole Miss, Georgia and Bama man that’s hard to deal with.  if they ever run the table now that would be some feat.

6.  Notre Dame–A lot of people hate ND.  But their loss was to the second ranked defending champion Seminoles.  They don’t have a signature win but they did out play FSU and deserve to be considered among the best teams in the country.  2 losses would eliminate them and they have 2 tough road games still left at Arizona State and USC.

7.  Oregon–The Michigan State win is still going to carry water with me.  The loss to Arizona doesn’t look so bad anymore.  Oregon can and probably should run the table here and that will put them in the playoffs.  A second loss would be fatal.

8.  Michigan State–Their only loss was to Oregon.  They still have Ohio State and Michigan on the schedule.  Maybe Michigan straightens themselves out by then but it is a rivalry game and we have seen stranger things.  I do expect the winner of the MSU/OSU game to win the conference with one loss and that could put them in the playoffs.

9.  Kansas State–Their loss was to Auburn.  2 brutal road games left vs TCU and Baylor.  The knock against K State is that they can’t score enough to beat these high scoring teams.  Bill Snyder’s teams won’t beat them selves and they were 9-0 a couple of years back before losing their first game.  It will be hard to stay with one loss

10.   Ohio State–I have them as number 10 because Urban Meyer had to break in a new QB.  If Braxton Miller did not get hurt they beat Virginia Tech.  However a brutal November schedule awaits them.  With trips to MSU and Minnesota plus the home game vs Michigan that is 3 tough games.  Urban Meyer knows how to win these games.

Honorable Mention

Georgia–They have a very favorable remaining schedule with Florida and Auburn at home.  The only road game is at Kentucky and the SEC Championship game.  Losing Todd Gurley has not hurt this team.  This team can easily run the table all the way to the championship game but a most formidable opponent would be awaiting them.

TCU–Rebounded nicely after that crushing loss to Baylor.  The Kansas State game is at home.  The rest of the conference is down.  The trip to Morgantown to face West Virginia can be tricky.  They too can run the table.

Baylor–After that great comeback win vs TCU they lost a tough one to WV.  I watched that game and there was so many penalties called in fact I felt Baylor got the bad end of the whistles.  Baylor has tough games left.  At Oklahoma won’t be easy. OK State and K State are both at home.

Playoff Predictions

Ok.  The most we can have is two undefeated teams after the Egg Bowl is played Thanksgiving weekend.  Of course both those teams can lose before we get to that game.  I think they both lose a game before then.  I also think FSU could lose a game in Jaemis Winston gets in trouble again.  If he plays then I expect them to keep winning.  But who can really predict that.  I say it is 50/50 he stays out of trouble.  So my top 4 looks like this

1.  FSU if Jaemis does not get suspended

2.  Oregon will run the table and get into the playoffs

3.  Notre Dame will also run the table and get into the playoffs.

4.  Here comes the hard part.  I believe no one will be undefeated in the SEC Conference.  I can actually see the winner having 2 losses.  Now does the committee pick a 2 loss SEC team over a one loss Big Ten team especially if it is Michigan State who lost to Oregon who could be in the playoffs.  if MSU is selected and depending on the seeding we could be looking at 2 rematches which I am sure  no one wants to see.  Especially the MSU/Oregon game.  And of course that would mean no SEC team gets in which we know won’t happen.  But it is very possible all these SEC teams can have 2 losses including Georgia.  Does a 2 loss SEC team get in over a one loss ND or Oregon or Michigan State?

That is the question.  I think Bama with 1 loss will play Georgia with 2 losses in the SEC Championship game with the Dawgs winning that game to ensure all SEC teams have 2 losses.  My 4th pick is going to be Michigan State and we will then hear the SEC cry about strength of schedule.


College Football Roundup 10-19

Let’s jump right into the big game.  Notre Dame vs Florida State.  The pic play.  Was it the right call or not.  Well it is a penalty.  It also is a play every team runs.  It is also a play that is not usually called for a penalty.  ND ran the same play in the first quarter and nothing was called.  FSU complained about it and in the 4th quarter with the game on the line now it’s a penalty.  A play like that should either be a penalty all the time or not.  Anyway it was a great game.  Easily the best game of the year.  What we learned is that Notre Dame is good and has players and is ready to compete at the top level.  ND has the games left on the schedule that if they ran the table they could be in the final four.  What we also learned is that FSU will be the champs until they are dethroned.  They did find a way to win and despite how much of a jerk he is off the field Jaemis Winston is a really good football player.  What we also now know and confirmed that FSU is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Winston on the field no matter what he does because he is the team.  Jimbo Fisher may be a good coach but he made a jackass of himself last night talking about the class and respect and dignity his QB shows off the field.  That is a disgrace.  Winston better behave the rest of the year and he will turn pro after this year because he has to now.  The second Fisher praised his character he has now put the nail in his coffin.

Did I really hear what Rutgers Head Coach Kyle Flood said after the Ohio State debacle yesterday.  He said “If we play our game we can compete with any team in the country.”  Are you serious Coach Flood.  That has to be the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard in my entire life.  They are 5-2 and won’t win another game the rest of the year.  Rutgers just does not belong in the Big Ten.  They could never win the Big Least conference even after it was scaled down when West Virginia left.   This program which is still riding that Louisville win on Thursday night a long time ago during the Greg Schiano era.  They have done nothing as a program to be considered among the best in the country.  And one other thing.  The Michigan win does not mean anything except for the beat down that UM will give them once they get their program straightened out.  I have never seen a crowd storm the field after beating a 2-3 team.  Rutgers likes to call themselves new York’s team.  That is a joke.  They will never be New York’s team.  They will never ever be big time either.

What demise of Alabama.  They layed the smack down on Texas A & M yesterday.  Alabama will always have players and always have a great team.  Sometimes you can’t win by 21 every week. But this was a much needed blowout to get Bama back on the playoff radar.  They still have work to do.

The game between Baylor and West Virginia featured 32 penalties.  Really.  That is such a joke.  What happened to letting the kids play.  I was watching a lot of that game and some of those calls didn’t have to be made.  Baylor got flagged for a lot of pass interference penalties that WVU did not get called for doing the same thing.  350 yards in penalties for both teams combined is a bit much.

While we are on the subject of penalties FOX very brilliantly hired Mike Pereira to discuss all reviews for the NFL games.  They also use him for college games too.  As we all know this is a copycat league.  So when CBS hired Mike Carey to do the same thing I thought cool.  This will work.  NOT.  CBS goes to Mike Carey after the ruling which is too late.  Pereira gives his opinion before the ruling.  There was a play yesterday when a Baylor offensive player decked a WVU defender knocking him out cold and springing his player for a touchdown.  The flag came out and they disqualified the player and took back the touchdown.  Thankfully NCAA has a review process for these type of plays.  Pereira came out and said the call was bad because the hit was legal and went on to say football is a violent game and injuries happen and what is the player supposed to do.  He put his shoulder into his chest.  The call was overturned and the player was not ejected.  Pereira as usual was spot on.