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Michael Pineda

Ok so I get that alot of pitchers use pine tar for a better grip and this does not affect the flight of the ball when pitched.  But it is in the rules.  It’s not an unwritten rule as some have suggested.  More on that later.  But if this is done by so many other pitchers then why haven’t we seen evidence of this before.  Pineda was not singled out.  He was caught 2 weeks ago and no one blew the whistle on him.  But twice against the same team.  Come on.  Hey Joe Girardi if this is common among pitchers then why didn’t either you or Tony Pena both former catchers have a discussion with this guy about where to put the illegal substance.  Hey Al Leiter and David Cone just because alot of pitchers use this illegal substance that does not mean Pineda can stick it in Boston’s face and say fuck you now blow the whsitle on me.  Hey Susan Waldman the biggest Yankee schill disgrace there was don’t blame Farrell and claim he opened a can of worms.  I have been watching baseball for years and I have never seen pine tar so obvious like Pineda has.  Do you mean to tell me that no camera in the last 5 years have seen this.  Even the other biggest Yankee schill disgrace Michael Kay said it was wrong. He broke the rules.  The bigger issue is Pineda and how can you be so stupid to get caught knowing you are being watched.

Unwritten rules my ass.  The rule is clear as day saying it is illegal.  What is the un written rule.  An unwritten rule is about stealing a base when your team is up by 9 runs or some big amount or breaking up a no hitter with a bunt in the late innings of a 5-0 game etc.  If your saying Farrell is wrong for having Pineda checked when some of his own guys do it.  Ok good point.  But they let it go once and now Farrell has to blow the whistle.  Papi and Farrell both said it after the first time it happened.  We know it goes on.  But don’t put it in our faces like that.

Again Waldman and John Sterling proved they know nothing abotu Baseball.  Joe Girardi said he won’t start checking pitchers including Boston pitchers unless the substance is noticable.  There is the unwritten rule you 2 hacks.  And thanks for speaking for Girardi.  Girardi a former catcher is as smart as they come and knows full well Pineda was wrong.

Matt Harvey

It’s amazing how much play this has received.  So he has a picture of him giving the middle finger.  The nonsense I have heard about this is ridiculous.  To suggest that Matt Harvey is ruining his career like Doc and Darryl is just ludicrous.  People this is who Matt Harvey is.  This is his personality.  I don’t want him to be Tom Seaver or Doc Gooden or Derek Jeter.  I want him to be Matt Harvey.  I want him to be the same brash, cocky and arragant kid that got him to this level.  Typical Mets want him to change.  They did the same thing with Jose Reyes.  Opposing teams hated that he danced around and cheered.  But that was who Reyes is.  The guys on his team loved him and wanted him to be himself.

Donald Sterling

What a story we have here with many layers.  Firstly whether you think his rights were violated or not by his girlfriend is not the issue. This is not a legal situation in a court of law.  This is the court of public opinion and his faith was sealed the second the tapes became public.  If you own a professional sports franchise with the majority of it’s players are African American you can’t make these comments under any circumstances.  Let’s go through some of the backlash with the major players.

Adam Silver.  He was firm and decisive and dropped the hammer down to the absolute max.  More importantly he probably manipulated the owners to get this guy out of the league.  If you had an owner on the fence before Silver’s announcement they shouldn’t be on the fence now.  Silver’s popularity right now is immense and he did what he had to do for the good of his sport, his prominent players the fans and for money.  But still above all this was the right thing to do.

NBA Owners.  They should take the biggest brunt of this.  After all as Reverend Herm Edwards said they let him in the club.  Sterling is the longest tenured owner in the league or was.  None of the current owners had anything to do with him getting approval to be an owner.  Yet still they knew he was a bad guy and allowed him to continue being an owner probably because him and his team were a non factor for so long and he never embarrassed the NBA.  Hey I live in NY and never heard about the stuff he did or that he is a slum lord.   Now Adam Silver has the owners in a corner because of his comments about already having the majority of the votes to get him out and based on what all the players are saying and the fact that sponsors are pulling out does not help the fact now.

Mark Jackson.  Some of the other stuff coming out is posturing.  I have no doubt that Mark Jackson was deeply affended by the remarks.  But to tell Clipper Nation to boycott Game 5 only helps his team.  So because of this the Clippers should lose a home game in a very competitive playoff series when they earned the home court advantage over the Warriors.  Boo on you Mark Jackson.

Doc Rivers & The Clippers.  This might sound insensitive here.  But Rivers and CP3, both of you are paid very handsomely by a man who is a racist.  I am not supporting Sterling here cause he had to go.  But supposedly alot of people knew he was a bad guy and your taking his money.  Maybe you didn’t know.  CP3 even though he was traded there could have opted out and signed somewhere else and Rivers could have stopped the trade.  Just saying. But I do support Silver’s decision because this man has to go.

NAACP.  You guys already gave him an award and were set to give him a lifetime achievement award too.  My god.  How has this guy fooled everyone for so long.  How does a slum lord get awards from the NAACP.


Yankee Fans

This is the reason why I hate Yankee fans.  They are totally clueless, obnoxious, disgusting, un knowledgeable front running fans.  Not all of them but a good number of them are.  I do know some great Yankee fans.  To call Robinson Cano a sell out because he took more money is just a mis carriage of justice.  Especially when your own team won championships by out spending other teams for their own players.  Make no mistake about it.  95 percent of pro athletes will always go for the most money and then say “It has always been my dream to be a Yankee” with tears in their eyes.  What a load of shit that is.  As a paying fan you have the right to boo any player you want.  Boo Cano because he is an opposing player and not because he took more money.  This guy was a great Yankee.  he played every day. He won a world series with the Yankees.  He deserved a little more respect.  And the Yankees couldhave given him a video tribute too.  I guess the Yanks don’t like that they got a taste of their own medicine here.  If anyone thinks Tanaka signed with the Yankees because he always wanted to be a yankee then I got a bridge to sell you.  They offered the most money.