1984 Mount Rushmore Of Movies

In a year that had several cult classic movies I have narrowed this down to my top 4 in no order.


  1. Amadeus–Tom Hulce nails his role as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who is one of the if not the best composer in the history of our world.  F Murray Abraham is also great as Antonio Salieri, I highly advise you to see this movie if you haven’t already.


  1. The Natural.  Might be the greatest baseball movie ever made.  if not it’s in the top 3.  The cast is hall of fame caliber with Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs our lead character.  This trio of female supporting actresses Barbara Hershey, Glenn Close and Kim Basinger all are instrumental in telling this story.  With Wilford Brimley playing Hobbs’ manager, Michael Madsen as the player fatally killed while crashing through the wall giving Hobbs his chance, Robert Prosky as the evil minded judge and last but not least Robert Duvall who plays the nosy sports writer looking for a story these actors all gave an A plus performance.

Red Dawn

  1. Red Dawn–When the Russians and Cubans invade a small California town a group of kids fell into the woods and try to overtake the captors.  The young hollywood cast is a who’s who of young talent.  With Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C Thomas Howell and Jennifer Grey hollywood’s brightest young stars were on display.


  1. The Terminator–The birth of a hugely successful franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed by James Cameron was an instant classic movie.  Very smartly done with Linda Hamilton as the target to be terminated.  The seeds were sown for many more movies over the next 30 years.  Arnie had the classic line “I’ll be Back.”

Notes–Tom Hanks had his Bachelor Party and also fell in love with fish.  Eddie Murphy both shined with Beverly Hills Cop and signed with Best Defense.  We had Friday the 13th part 4 and t yet another blockbuster by Harrison Ford in the sequel to Raiders Of The Lost Ark in “Indiana Jones And The temple Of Doom.  We had Ghost Busters, Johnny Dangerously, Gremlins and Ralph Macchio was the Karate Kid.  Kevin Bacon got Footloose, Drew Barrymoore started fires and Chuck Norris was Missing In Action.  We had the original Police Academy and we all had a Nightmare On Elm Street, and Michael Douglass and Kathleen Turner were Romancing The Stone.  We had a Revenge Of The Nerds and another Star Trek movie and Prince gave us Purple Rain.  Mickey Rourke was the Pope Of Greenwich Village and let’s not forget Molly RIngwald’s birthday in  Sixteen Candles.

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