1982 Mount Rushmore Of Movies

This year saw 4 of the most iconic movies in American history.  The rest are iconic in their own right.  But these 4 movies have been seen many times over and are still wildly popular today.  It was also the year of the sequel as many movies returned to continue their stories.



This Steven Spielberg classic just might be the most loved and widely recognized family movie of all time.  It made a star of Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore especially.  I don’t thik there is a sole on Earth who was alive in the 80’s or 90’s to have not watched this movie.  Spielberg did not release this movie on VCR to video stores right away.  The story of a boy who befriends an alien who is trying to find his way home.  The love Eliot has for this alien and the desire he has to protect him and get him home makes this movie what it is.



The story of Daddy Warbucks who adopts Little Orphan Annie.  The iconic movie with the red headed freckled girl and the millionaire who saves her from the orphanage.  This converted musical has a hall of fame cast with Bernadette Peters, Carol Burnett, Tim Curry and Albert Finney as Daddy Warbucks.



Dustin Hoffman at his best playing a woman acting on a soap opera because he can’t find work as a man.


An Officer And A Gentleman

Richard Gere as the marine, Louis Gossett Jr who brilliantly plays the drill sergeant and Debra Winger who plays Gere’s girlfriend who is desperately looking for love.  The story was great.  The acting was even better.  Gere became a star.



Notes.  This was the year Eddie Murphy officially became a star in 48 Hours.  Harrison Ford continued his run with the Blade Runner.  Richard Pryor was the Toy.  Sean Penn was Jeff Spicoli in the cult classic Fast Times Of Ridgemont High.  Sly overcame the death of manager Mickey and became best friends with Apollo Creed in Rocky 3.  The original cult classic Bob Clarke’s Porky’s came out.  We had the Fonz in Night Shift and Dolly Parton has the Best Whore House in Texas.  Goldie Hawn and Burt Reynolds were Best Friends.  We had sequels to Airplane and Amityville and Death Wish and Star Trek.  Jim Henson brought out the Dark Crystal.  We had the third installment of the Friday the 13th series.  Grease had their own sequel without John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.  We also had Halloween 3 which had nothing to do with the original story and no Michael Myers.  We had the original Poltergeist and the laughable and lovable comedy The Last American Virgin.  There was also Tron, The World According To Garp and we had the birth of Rambo in First Blood.

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