1981Mount Rushmore Of Movies

Clash Of The Titans–One of my all time favorite movies about the Greek gods and the Roman times.  You all know the story of how Zues played Laurence Olivier impregnates Danae who was imprisioned by her own father King Acrisius.  Once he finds out he sends his daughter and new born son Perseus out to sea in a wooden coffin.  Zeus gets angry and kills Acrisus and has Poseidon “Unleash the Kraken to destroy Argos.  As Perseus played by Harry Hamlin grows into a man in Seriphos, Calibos who is the son of the sea goddess Thetis is set to marry Princess Andromeda who is heir to the rich city of Joppa.  But Calibos has angered the gods by reducing the Wells Of The Moons to swamps and has hunted and destroyed nearly all of Zeus’s flying horses except for Pegasus.  As punishment Zeus turns him into a hideous monster effectively ending his engagement to the Princess.  From here we know the story.  Thetis drops Perseus in Joppa where he hears of Andromeda’s tale and wins her hand in marriage.  Thetis throws a curse down on Joppa where Andromeda will be sacrificed to the Kraken to save Joppa.  But Perseus who was showered with gifts from Zeus embarks on a journey to get the head of Medusa who can kill the Kraken.

Besides Olivier and Hamlin Burgess Meredith plays Ammon who is a true friend and ally to Perseus.  Ursula Andress plays Aphrodite and Maggie Smith plays Thetis.  This was a classic adventure movie and it’s too bad they had to remake it.
History Of The World–This movie was from the comedic genius Mel Brooks and looks into some of the most historic times in the History of The World.  From the Stone Age to the Old Testament, to the Roman Empire to the Spanish Inquistion to the French Revolution Brooks slap stick comedy with a whole bunch of brilliant actors makes this movie funny and enjoyable.  To Moses getting robbed as he parted the sea to the Ceasar’s Main Room to the Cavemen discovering music this movie has it all and will be a classic for years to come.  Of course Brooks teased us with a sequel as Sir Walter Raleigh was beheaded in the Tower of London before he had a chance to start the second volume.
WIth Orson Welles as the narrator there was no shortage of star power.  With Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Gregory Hines, Sid Caesar, Bea Arthur, Paul Mazursky, Hugh Hefner, Barry Levinson, Ron Carey, Art Metrano, Jackie Mason and many more.  Seems like everyone had a cameo or bit part in this historical movie.
Raiders Of The Lost Ark-The latest blockbuster in the decade of Harrison Ford.  This was his decade as seemingly he was in a high profile and successful movie every year this decade.  With Raiders it launched a second iconic franchise for Ford as he portrayed Indiana Jones.  In fact this franchise was renewed in 2008 when a then 66 year old Ford came back to play the famous Dr. Jones.  Ford at one time had 5 of the highest grossing movies of all time.  To put that into prospective and how popular those movies were it would be like the same person starring in the same superheroes movies all the time but Ford would have drawn more money than any of them if those movies came out now.  In the series Indiana Jones is a archaeologist who searches for famous treasures while fighting off the rival and bad guys who want to make money off these treasures.  Armed with only a whip and his wits and with George Lucas’s magic these movies are still popular today.  
On Golden Pond–Although I have never seen this movie it did have 10 Oscar nominations with a all time cast.  It is deserving of being on this list as another movie that is still talked about today.  With Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, Katherine Hepburn and Dabney Coleman this movie which was originally a play was received with high praise before hitting the theaters.  Perhaps I should go see it.
Notes from 1981.  Halloween 2 came out and picked up where the first one left off.  Not as good as the first movie but still a very good horror film.  We also had the second straight movie with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in Neighbors.  Kurt Russell escaped from NY and we had alot of Body Heat.  Jason appeared as the killer in Friday the 13th Part 2.  We had an American Werewolf in London, Burt Reynolds continued his run of money makers with the Cannonball Run and Sharkey’s Machine and Ringo Starr played a Caveman.  Jim Henson brought his creations to the big screen in the Great Muppet Caper.  The Postman Rang Twice and there was Pennies From Heaven, Reds and Stripes.  

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